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End of days [the battle bet light and darkness]

Updated on July 31, 2011

the words of the Dark mage are in BOLD, the believer's words are in Italic

The dark Mage:

There is darkness in every wavering soul

And darkness will prevail in the bodies un-whole

Hear my chanting demi-gods of outlasting anarchy

Follow my voice in the name of seductive treachery

To the burning fire of raging hatred hand me your heart

So I can feed it to my craving demon, watching it tear it apart

Rising from the circle of damnation the carcass of a dozen warrior

The Hebi [snake] of hell eyes of acid fire almighty with power and superior

Feel the cosmic energy of the universe swell with every dark mage’s verse

And watch the light of the angels’ descendants in the dying air disperse

And the goblet of fire with the virgin’s blood will immerse the world in darkness

Making the hearts of people sink with thirst for every sin, driving them to madness

Watch the sweet dreams of demolition give birth to Armageddon

As every Hypocritical pure priest’s soul is taken over by its residing demon

Worshipers of fire, of the dark ways yield to me

Let me cast my spell to unleash your power and set it free

Run around engraving darkens in every heart

Prying off the good, feeding and tearing it apart

Ascend descend rise and fall, my vicious warrior

For aside from the army of Hades, there ain’t anything superior

The will of Faith

There is nothing to fear even when the night is pitch black with faith in your heart

Darkness, heart-dominating might descend but the light of faith will tear it apart

Its power will shine and resonate within the hearts of believers that don’t waver

Those indulging themselves in the rivers of humility knowledge and prayer

God will grant his soldiers power to defeat the excruciating dark

And the battle of days will ignite the heavens and earth in a spark

Yet God’s glory, Almighty will shine beyond heaven and earth

For all believers, he is the creator the granter of life and breath

Don’t kill yourself, for God has granted you the gift of life

Don’t fall prey to the temptations of seeking another man’s wife

Yet when we all in the pitfall of our weakness, God with his will grants us forgiveness

And instead of darkness, tranquility sets it bring balance to the raging emotions of madness

The End of days:

The light you speak of is a weak candle facing the hurricane of temptation

And so you still believe in heaven, religion leads to evil there’s no salvation

Drenched in sin every man will walk this walk of shame

But Hades offers a life created of nothing but flame

Every heart is darkness in itself, evil mixed with blood

For even Noah’s people who sinned drowned in the flood

The reign of darkness is upon us, embrace it or feel my wrath

For the light of faith will no more shine to show you the path

The Wisdom:

With life and death comes wisdom yet God created all in absolute harmony

There is hope even when the sky is pitch black, no salvation in blasphemy

And by God’s glorious will life will be saved, it is only a test of faith for all

And at the end each person is weighed, by his deeds determined to rise or fall

Have no fear my child, The Glory of God will wash away the night

Bringing everything to balance, setting straight the wrong from the right

Man should have faith and seek redemption

Fighting against the devil’s temptations

The Charge/ Accusation :

Weak words suited for those losing the battle, who depend only on prayer

Do you think anyone would save the believes from Armageddon’s massacre?

Who will aid you when faith denies you victory?

For you weak people are shackled living in Hisotry

If Satan was denied heaven because of his pride and that was his sin

His sin seeps into all our hearts, sinking sanity, bringing the world to a spin


Religion is no toy to play with, A real believer has no fear

A believer with a heart sinking with conviction, crystal clear

Will rise above the tests by God’s will seeking eternal salvation

And those who disbelieve will be cast into hell’s eternal damnation

A world of Glass:

You speak of a world of glass old fool

When infact you believers as just his tool

To yield and be tested to a threshold

Claiming to find in religion a stronghold

The Quest:

Today my lost friend you mock my faith yet tomorrow

When judgment day comes don’t blame me for the sorrow

You chose your path of darkness I chose to chase the staircase to heaven

To kneel and pray to the Lord creator, Almighty of the heaven, layers of seven

In the name of Allah, the Glorious the most Gracious most Merciful

Guide my heart towards eternal good, leading a life more meaningful and blissful


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    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 6 years ago from Lebanon

      Ghozt I couldn't agree more! Due to the stereotype lots of people mark the religion and anhyone who follows it :/ yet perhaps one day people would learn to break these stereotypes and keep an open mind and remember that there are bad followers in all religions, it is not only exclusive to Islam.

      thank you for the comment, it was a relief to see that someone still has a big heart to accept all religions :)

      Best Regards :)


    • Ghozt profile image

      Ghozt 6 years ago from Nowhere

      Everytime I hear or read verses from the Koran it is a wonderful read. It is very sad the religion has been given a bad name because of a few followers.

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 6 years ago from Lebanon

      Ghozt :) thank you so much, and the " In the name of Allah, the Glorious the most Gracious most Merciful" is the verse we read on every soura in the Koran :D glad you liked it:D

      Thank you for keeping an open mind :D

    • Ghozt profile image

      Ghozt 6 years ago from Nowhere

      Very beautiful and deep. Is this from the Koran?