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End of the Tunnel

Updated on May 18, 2011

“Never cut a tree down in the wintertime nor make a negative decision in the low time and never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass and the spring will come.”

I was a hardworking young man who gained fame because of my innovations but sometime in my life, I became a victim of uncertainty, I chose to tag it uncertainty because I never expected to see myself fall so low and what people would easily consider a fall from grace to grass.

It was a busy Monday morning and I was busy with the normal warehouse check when I was notified by my secretary that there were customers looking for me, I got to my office and saw a well dressed gentleman perhaps in his mid twenties so I greeted him and after cordial introduction and minor greetings, I asked him what he wanted then he told me that there was two containers filled with industrial chemicals his brother shipped from China but the goods were not selling so he wanted to seek my help as a marker.

All he wanted was for me to help him dispose these chemicals and as a matter of fact he handed me a sheet of paper which had a list of the chemicals in the container.

» Acetic Acid
» Agro Chemicals
» Caustic Soda Flakes
» Ceramic Chemical
» Chemical Intermediates
» Coating Chemicals

“They are used in the printing industry but first I must access them and know their qualities then we talk business”.

He also gave me the shipping documents and from the custom clearance paper, the containers were cleared two months back so we agreed that I will inspect the products the next day. At exactly 2pm the next day, we met at the site where the containers were lying and in his company were two younger boys who he said were his younger siblings, I later had a study of the containers and realized that all the chemicals were intact so I took samples of few of them for evaluation and within three days, it was confirmed that they were genuine chemicals but what baffled me was why he was unable to have sold them.

We later agreed that I will take 20% of the proceeds which was valued at Hundred thousand dollars so we moved the containers to my warehouse but during the offloading process, we realized that there was a big metallic box at the extreme end of the container and covered with drums of chemicals so upon opening the box, we discovered bundles of black rapped papers in money shape and inside the box was a piece of paper in English language, another sheet of paper in Chinese language and a red colored bottle. The note in English was a surprise to all as it read thus:


The long detailed instruction in the note showed that the rapped bundles of black notes were stained money and a total of twenty million Dollars. “Wonders shall never end” I thought.

I was perplexed at this discovery but we finally offloaded all two containers and I later went into serious discussion with the boys about the discovery and we later called the brother in China and told him about the discovery which he admitted not knowing about but asked us to wait for a while so that he will make a call and get back to us.

After about twenty minutes, he called back and told us that the box belonged to Mr Zing,a Chinese government official, that he secretly deposited the box into the container and after a long deliberation with him, it became obvious that Mr Zing stole the money from the Chinese minting and printing firm.

I was then offered 20% of the total sum of money in the box if I should help in cleaning the money and also deposit it into an account and transfer the balance to Mr Zing. To me this is serious business and it never dawned on me that the venture I was about to go into would be a road to uncertainty.

We took the box to my house and followed the instruction in the note and to my greatest surprise, we cleaned a total of four thousand dollars before the bottle containing the chemical for cleaning exploded which we were made to understand happened because of the long period of time, it stayed under heat and subsequent exposure to air which was my own fault.

The money we cleaned were original money and this motivated me to see to the success of this business. The search for where to buy the cleaning chemical became a big problem but after one week, we were told of a company in the UK which sold a similar one and we needed one hundred liters of it and a liter was sold at the cost of five thousand pounds so we need a total of Five hundred thousand pounds to get business done.

I reached an agreement with Mr Zing over the phone for a 30% share of the money instead of the initial 20% if I should provide part of the money so with the money I was able to borrow from my banker and most of my shares and properties which I gave away, I was able to come up with three hundred thousand pounds. To me, it was a wise investment and like the agreement never to ever let anyone know about the business because of Mr Zing’s reputation in his country, I kept it away from my attorney and close associates. My new business partners were the four brothers and Mr Zing.

Arrangements were made after I transferred the money into an account in the UK and an agent of the company whom I purchased his airfare flew down and delivered the two gallons of 'Osmopotalitintic X0’D chemical'. “A name so strange to my imagination”.

We scheduled to meet the next day to round up the cleaning of the papers but none of the brothers showed up at the stipulated time and a call to their phones was not answered, in fact the phones were all off, I called our contacts in China and all phones were dead and after seven hours of no contacts, I decided to go on with the cleaning alone but to my surprise, nothing was working, the papers were not reacting like the initial ones we cleaned and with a confused mind, I drove to the site were I first met the boys but to my surprise, the site was nothing compared to what it was the first day I visited there, the people I met there told me that they knew no one called Mike neither do they know Frank nor John. It did not occurred to me that there was fire on the mountain until the fifth day of this drama when I decided to seek help from a close friend.

What! He shouted; after my long emotional explanation

“You have been duped” he screamed.

Those guys are international fraud stars, global fraud syndicate that parades all over the globe and from all that he helped me gathered, it became clear like the morning sunshine that I fell victim to fraud stars. “Three hundred thousand pounds gone, a total of three hundred and forty five thousand pounds gone!”

What betrayed me? My instincts, my desires, I am a fool indeed. And how do I pay back the bank?

So many things kept striking me minute by minute and after four months of emotional depression and a collapse of my business, the bank came knocking, my shares are all gone and my only means to put food on the table for my family was to sell our two cars, my marriage was about to collapse because my wife could not stand the heat then one day I decided to end it all and there was only one means to achieve that. SUICIDE!

I just have to end my life than face this mess I got myself into, the police could not trace any of the fraudsters, all the documents signed during the transaction were fraudulent so my decision in this time of uncertainty was the best for me. I had fallen and beyond repair.

The bank took over my house when I could not pay back the loan but in as much as suicidal thoughts came calling in my mind every day, I am this kind of a man who cannot even hurt a fellow man so hurting myself left me confused as I watched my wife walk away from my life.

Now with no money and no life, depression took its toil on me but like a miracle in disguise, I found solace in alcohol which helped me fought my depression and quenched my suicidal thoughts. I later became a heavy drunk who sleeps even on the street because all my friends deserted me, my son then 15years followed my wife because Daddy is a failure.

Now four years and no destiny.

I was even drunk when I saw her but there was a star shining on her forehead but as I came closer, I realized that it was one of those Jehovah witness activist and their pamphlet was the last thing I needed but I didn’t know what happened to me.

Was it a force or a spirit?

I stretched my hand and collected the pamphlet from her but I walked a short distance and wanted to throw it away, then the heading stroke me like a bolt of lighting.


“What fucking storm”? I thought but found myself took a seat by the corner of the road and began to read the tiny prints, each word in the pamphlet lifted a block out from my heart and I realized that I was crying by time I got to the last statement;

“There is light at the end of the tunnel”

Yes there is light and from where I sat, I saw a big tunnel facing me and as I stood to walk,I realized that I had just a short distance to get to the other end of the tunnel, there was fug everywhere and a sensation of cold all over me then I saw a man gladdened on white, his face was sparkling and he wore a crown; he said to me “It is over now”.

Then I realized that I was crying along the street but it was not a busy street and there were few passersby though some that passed me, knew that the drunken man was confused as usual but I took a step back and walked straight to the girl, luckily for me, she was still there handing out her powerful books and pamphlets, I asked her to pray for me which she agreed then held my hand and said a short prayer but I felt a kind of relief when she said:

“Lift his burdens out Jesus and renew your steadfast love within him”

Amen I shouted then she invited me to come to the church perhaps that was the greatest decision a drunk can make because that very evening when I got to the church was the beginning of the real me, the me which has been hiding for long.I was taken into rehabilitation by a group of devotes who visited me every single day for the four months I spent on rehab, the girl, that same Angel never passed a day without bringing me food.

I was later given a place to stay and a job as a cleaner in the church but you see, God has his own way and for me, his way was radical, I had been searching for myself even before I fell victim to the fraudsters, I knew that there was something special about me and helping others was what I love doing perhaps that was why I fell for the three little boys but maybe I am wrong, it was God’s own way to get me because it happened to Job but in a different way.

I always pray for the forgiveness of those who duped me because without them, I wouldn’t have discovered who I am. To God be the glory because I later became a Pastor, thanks for the support I got from my brethren and later my wife came knocking but as she fell on her knees begging for forgiveness, I fell towards her and kissed her for allowing me the space to know Jehovah.

You see, most us give up when they are almost at the end of the tunnel, believe me you can fall no matter who you are but you can never fall beyond repair and there is always light at the end of every tunnel but what I have learned in life is to always treat the less fortunate with compassion because by so doing, I will always help them like Sister Margret Richardson helped me expand my strengths.

“Open your heart to the heartbroken”


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    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      8 years ago from Nigeria

      maravallie...glad you got the point cos it sounds so true but it is never the truth and always tell someone because that is their trick.IT IS CONFIDENTIAL!

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      thanks for the warning bro

    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      8 years ago from Nigeria

      Good fruits do not ripe in summer..thanks for your support pmccray!

    • pmccray profile image


      8 years ago from Utah

      This is an excellent warning: "If it seems to good to be true, it is."

    • Rossimobis profile imageAUTHOR

      Chibuzo Melvin Mobis 

      8 years ago from Nigeria

      One love bro Micky,told my colleague that my mentor Micky Dee will be the first to comment about this story and it happened so i can see the sunshine...

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 

      8 years ago

      Nice story Rossi. Don't cut that tree down with the sap down. The storm is over!


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