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English - an Exigent Language!

Updated on November 14, 2017
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A Budding writer from India who has just developed from pens to texts. Thoughts are priceless and If not delivered becomes unworthy!


In this hectic environment, there are two things that describe you. One is your effective communication skills and the other is your technical skills. I am a guy who believes in the fact that "No English No world, Know English Know world!". So I'm going to deal about the importance of English language in the following passage.

Why is it English?

You may be a brainy guy or a technical miracle maker, But can you introduce yourself to an Interviewer without a grammatical error in about ten sentences? Can you explain your project without an error in english? This is the first step that is noted on an interview. You are judged by your language. You could expose your talents only if you are provided with certain opportunities and english language paves way for your opportunity.

The reason why we have selected english is that it has been spoken in more than 100 countries in the world and the best way to select the effective language is by knowing the popularity of that particular language. English is a comfortable language in which tenses help you to decrease tension. The more we enjoy the less is the difficulty of this language. Also people speak english in different ways in different parts of the world. Even though, there is a difference in their slang and pronunciation the content or the meaning of the subject can be easily understood by the listener. I'm not trying to say english is the best language in the world instead I'm saying it is the preceded language which people prefer for communicating with others around the world.

Another interesting fact about english is that, primitivity of the language. We know that english is not a primitive language but it sounds interesting to hear when the monkeys in planet of the apes and aliens in independence day 2 speak english too. Many say that "english is just a language but not knowledge". Of course english is just a language, but a unique language by which you can convey your sentence by just knowing the proper words. ”I” is the shortest sentence which is often used and ”No” is the second shortest word in english, but one of the hardest to say.

Apart from these, There are some characteristics of english to which no other languages can compete. The main characteristics for this stride of english language areas under:

1) Receptiveness

2) Heterogeneousness

3) Simplicity of Inflexion

4) Fixed Word Order


The first outstanding characteristic of english language is receptiveness. This is regarded as extra-ordinary feature of the language. It has accepted and adopted words from Asian, European, African, Indian, Japanese, Chinese and other languages. English has kept open-door policy of accepting words from classical languages like Latin, Greek and Sanskrit.


Heterogeneousness means mixed form or the lack of purity. English language contains words from so many other languages that it has become the most mixed language. Original words from other languages have crept into english. Some words have retained their original meanings and some words have changed their meanings. The spellings and pronunciations have also changed. E.g. The word ‘Tur’ from French has become ‘Tower' in modern english.

Simplicity of Inflexion:

The next important characteristic of english is its simple Inflexion. Inflexion means that it can indicate the relationship of words into a sentence with only the minimum of change in their shapes. Ex: India – Indian.

Fixed word order:

Another characteristic of english language is its fixed word order. This arrangement becomes necessary for proper relationship of the words in a sentence, and to avoid ambiguity. The place of each word in a sentence decides its relationship to others which makes the language an interesting one. The relativity of a language forms the family of words and it is made possible in english language.


Knowledge matters only if you know to deliver it. In case of english, knowledge remains a second factor because the attractiveness of the language ranks first. People can be inspired easily by the twisted use of english language. And a person who knows to inspire others is valued a lot in this society.

So, effective english leads to effective impression, effective impression leads to effective skills, effective skills leads to effective environment and what else do you want for an effective human being?

“The Art of Communication is the language of leadership and the Heart of Communication is English Obviously.”

© 2017 Nived


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