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English is king of all the languages

Updated on April 3, 2015

Love all languages


Easy to speech children’s and old men

Superior than others

Easy to speak

Speed to write

And sweet words

For long and short sentences

Likes so many readers

Likes all writers

It’s in not only in one country

But also all over in world

Useful for teaching

Benefit for talking,

From this language

Round up any ware any time

Language old and gold

Language pure and holy

Easy to speech children’s and old men

Very interest to learn

Necessity from this language

To higher education

In talking lucks like gentleman

In this liking

don't forget your mother language

In their honey sweet

Cannot compare between two

Believe on it

Don’t miss

Read and talk well


Fast fresh language

Long life language

English so sweet

I like English colour

She dance in English

I sing in English

Her love in English

I kiss in English

Every thing in English…

Whole life in English

World runs with English

No one language,

Can not comfort to this language

It is from British

Increased world wide

No death

Live long...Long

Computers internet

Run by English... More software

Doctors and PhD’s

Lawyers and engineers are used English books

In olden days no English

In lot of countries

When if they ruled countries

Improved the language day by day…developed

It is first in competition

Other than other languages

I love my country

I love my mother

I love my language

But I like English

Grammar is as like as rain bow

Writing horse riding

In some time feels difficulty in understanding

But after butter come in it

I can read from the sun rise to sun set

For more ideas in my brain,

With out strain with out bore


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