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"Enjoy the Walk" by Eric Wayne Flynn

Updated on October 21, 2013

"Enjoy the Walk"

I enjoy my walk

Petals adorn the street

Footsteps of the past echo off of my heels

A passer bye in their thoughts, petrified as some sticks are

Looks to the ground but dreams of the sky

Two women sell pieces of themselves on a lawn

Machines scream with engines mean, they remind me of my rank

I enjoy my walk

No reds, yellows or greens to flash the rules

My cadence pure rhythm for me to dance

Leaves fall clinging to me, I let them ride

Oil stains, rocks and used cancer sticks, confetti, no more petals grace the grey

I enjoy my walk

Fielding questions of routes once traveled

I assure the surveyor that their path is good

A green umbrella appears over my head

Selfish thing to steal my sun

I breathe in acknowledging the gift

It's ribbon only removed a few years ago

I enjoy my walk

On and on i press

On and on this test

I pledge to do my best

Lumped and bruised as the rest

I enjoy my walk


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