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Enough With The Vampire Stories Already: 76 Nights

Updated on November 12, 2015

Series One

Chapter One

Night 1:

I was there. No need to explore. I had been there plenty of times. By this time, I had the territory memorized. It was mesmerizing indeed. Lived there too long. Or maybe not long enough. Long enough to know the difference. The difference between right and wrong. Good and evil. Destiny, fate, laughter, tears. Breathed in the crisp September air. Interrupted by...What was that? On second thought; a bit of exploring sounds good. Who else is there? Someone. Someone here with me?

Crunch...slide...tic toc...slide...crunch...slide...tic toc...(stops)

What. What was that? Lord, help me. Sounds like a needle being dragged across a vinyl record. Stop playing. What do I do now? I must close. I can tarry here no longer.

You’ve been here before.


“Hey you, wake up!”

“Huh?” I stuttered and scrambled to get to my feet. “Pete.” I saw my younger brother standing before me. I glanced down realizing I slept in my clothes again.

“You’re taking me to school today.”

“Do I ‘ave a choice?” I sighed and pulled my backpack over my shoulders.

“No. Mum would have your neck.”

“Come on, sweetie, let’s go.” I urged him gently.

“Don’t call me that.” He nearly stumbled on loose shoelaces. No appreciation at all.

“Mum will ‘ave your neck if you’re late.”

“Have.” He tried to correct me.



“Ja.” I smiled and ruffled his hair. “Come on, Pete. What’d you do without a sister?”

Pete groaned and combed his hair with his fingers. “Celebrate.” I laughed and pushed Pete playfully.

Night 2:

Back at home. Packed for a long night out. I was not sure where that evening was going to take me. The door slammed shut behind me. Damn. Looked around. Okay. Started moving again. Ahh, pure soothing rain. Felt as if something so pure was showering its innocence on me. Nice. Treading further; risk a little more adventure now. Stepped back. You’re hesitating, Meg. Oh stop it. That’s enough. Keep going. Huhhh, what was that?

Crunch (dried leaves)...drag...stalls...drag...crunch...stops...

I turned abruptly. My hair caught in my eyelashes. What now? I see him. You? Again?


Night 31: Halloween

“Meg, why can’t I come with you?”


“Where you go every night.”

“Because it’s dark.”

“Oh come on. I’m almost nine.”


“Meg! Come on.”

“Stop!” I scolded my brother harshly.

Pete squinted at me. “You look old.”

“Shut up.” I shoved my cold hands into torn pockets.

An airy sound in the wind. Miss it. Miss it this night. Miss it.

Meg hoped Pete hadn’t heard the voice.

“Curious.” Said Pete slowly. “Let’s go!”

“Damn it.” I said under my breath.

Pete ran bravely and hastily ahead of me. “Slow down, Pete.” I called loudly to him. Pete didn’t stop. I picked up to a jogging pace. A blood-curdling scream. “PETE! Oh god!” I sprinted across the street to the age old forest. “No! PETE! PETE! Leave him ALONE! Pete!” I race to the bottom of the hill. “PETE!” I squealed and finding myself knocked over by a strong moist wind. Just before things got incoherent, I noticed Pete lying motionless on the ground only a few feet away. Everything went dark.


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