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Updated on November 1, 2014

Flipping quickly through the pages
Adventure, excitement, I want more
I need to know what happens next
Always something new to find
At the library I sit, enthralled
By stories from another life

This is the best day of my life
Written in bold and all caps in its pages
By the forces of nature I am enthralled
Rocks and fossils, look, there’s more
Brachiopods in micrite, a wondrous find
Perhaps a gleaming emerald next

Running ahead to what comes next
Never seen a sight like this in my life
Through large metal binoculars I find
A picture to immortalize in scrapbook pages
Elephants, zebras, rhinos, and more
The exotic animals have me enthralled

By the music I am enthralled
Not even thinking about what song is next
Always coming back for more
Yesterday, Let It Be, A Day In The Life
I look for my sheet music pages
To recreate the joy I find

While I write my words I find
That the colors keep me enthralled
Creating worlds from blank white pages
Lines from one side to the next
Bits and pieces of a life
Fitting together, becoming more

When I’m older, I’ll do more
Always new pursuits to find
Exploration will drive my life
So many wonders to keep me enthralled
Never fearing what comes next
As I’m turning through the pages

Flipping through pages, looking for more
What to do next, what can I find
I am enthralled by the small joys in life

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    • profile image

      sheilamyers 3 years ago

      This captures the way I feel about books. Whether fiction or non-fiction, I always learn something new and complete my goal to learn one new thing every day. But there are so many books and so much we can learn it never feels as if there's enough time. Wonderful job!