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Enticing the Enemy

Updated on July 25, 2017
xxspfrkxx profile image

Just a moment to myself thinking of the time passing by feeling my heart lose focus and disliking those that have hurt me in the past

A moment to myself thinking of a simpler time when all was good and dandy, I wish they knew how much they have hurt me taking my self esteem and drowning my dreams; no one in this blood retail has the heart and sadly others can see me for me. At work or even through close friends they see the real Samantha, They see a kind, smart, full of energy, a women with ambition who loves to write and care for those that understand her. Why can’t they see that? Others who are not related to me even understand my goals and my push in the things I do. They say be happy and do what you love and my own blood drowns me with doubt, Its a sad world when those who think they know you try to change you and can’t comprehend what really makes our hearts content. Not only do they think I am a failure they have this thought in their minds that I’m not capable of doing even the smallest tasks. Basically to them I’m mentally challenged; a women with no future; coming from women who are unhappy with their own lives that they pick on others who are fragile and hunt like wolfs looking for prey. It’s a saddening moment realizing that they are not even on your side hoping to see you take a step back but that’s no longer the plan its game time and I’m ready for the challenge I will keep my heart open and my head raised high believe in yourself and who cares what others believe only you can make your dreams come alive.


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