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Updated on July 5, 2011

A few months a go i was reading a hub by CheyenneAutumn called Busted Surprise when i realised that i was reading a lot of my own titles which she had formed into a story. It is something that she has done with a few other people and done very well, and i had always wanted to try it with some of her own titles. I hadn't got round to it until now so i hope the titles i use will make sense in the overall story


Bill and Sue were preparing mentally to go out later that night. The TV was on and they were supposed to be watching 'Friends', But they couldn't concentrate. Dinner with Stan, and the old gang from university was on their minds. Within them both was the feeling of dread. The old gang met up most years and as another year draws to an end it was back again. They weren't bad people but usually these evenings ended badly.

A tear fell softly from Sue's face as she thought. People change and maybe have little in common but still we have to meet up. I suppose that's the image that everyone has of us. I know why we go but all i really want is to be left alone by them now. At what price silence. She looked at Bill who had one look into space and presumed he was thinking the same. Just a random thought from a wandering mind.

As they got ready to go out they looked in the mirrors..mirrors..everywhere. Sue thought she must have broken a few as it this moment all she could feel was bad luck. She said to Bill "Have you ever followed a thought and let it run wild and roam free. We don't need to go . Now or ever again". But Bill said they would go as they said they would. What price honor and integrity.

Later they arrived at the restaurant and could tell by some of the cars parked that they are here. Bill said " I am what i am ..just me" but before he could say anymore she had said " no, we are what we are, and it'll be fine".

Perhaps strangely everything did go fine. Once in the restaurant everyone got on well. Not as before, when a ruptured truth was told about their relationships. They weren't all best of pals these days but maybe, just maybe, something else could take over. A new found maturity and not needing to pretend about it all. At one point in the evening Stan started a story with " Do you remember Christmas 1994.." With no other words needed the whole table burst out laughing. They had all heard these stories before but still enjoyed them. Bill then made a toast "Here's to what was". Everyone was smiling but also looking serious. Realising that, yes things had finally changed in their group for good. Bill and Sue exchanged smiles and realised that this night and their friends had all actually turned out pretty good. The words of love are stirring across the table as these long standing friends learned to adapt.

The best thing about it for Bill and Sue was that they genuinely felt that they wanted to be there. They didn't want to give this up because they were truly entitled to be there.


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