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Ephipany Behind A Dream's Door.

Updated on March 18, 2010




It simply popped up in my dream,
a funny little skewed door,
that stood in front me.
I knocked yet no one answered,
but the door opened slightly
and a wee voice in my head
said to "Take the chance."

I had to bend over to enter
its welcoming arch.
It took a minute
for my eyes to adjust
to the candlelit glow,
that went back seemingly forever,
and there I saw every poet
great and small that had
ever lived long enough

to become known,
all sitting and scratching out
works of poetic wonder
on huge parchment rolls,
with quill pens flying.

I got a Frost-ed glare from Robert,
A Browning arm beckoning me to sit,
and Barret it all,
A Poe, sad shake of Edgar's head,
at my exuberant aspirations,
and a "Thank you" for Cummings
from e.e.= masterpiece squared.

There was an empty chair
near the front,
with parchments left blank,
and a quill dipped and ready.
Each poet looked up briefly,
and nodded at me,
then they went back to writing.
I took that seat
and let my mind open
to the incredible creativity
that was gathered all around me,
and soon it was absorbed,
like a contagion
as I wrote with
a fevered fervor,
until dawn cracked

that door wide,
and left me standing outside.

I awoke to a bed full of papers,
my manuscript of dreams,
and so I gathered it together,
and sent it to one
of my predator editors
who seldom devoured my work,
but rather chewed me out,
spitting pink slip/streams
of my life's blood back at me.

Two weeks later,
he sent me contracts,
to negotiate a book deal,
and then I realized,
that the path to fame is elusive,
though the door is always open,
but only a few realize their dreams,
Perhaps it was just ghost writing,
that brought me success,
or simply sleepwalking
in a mystical place,
but that door is there,
many have used it,
it is open to all,
come on in, set a spell,
and weave some wonders.






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    • pbwriterchick profile image

      pbwriterchick 8 years ago

      nice... :) I can channel those great poets, you know... :D

    • Micky Dee profile image

      Micky Dee 8 years ago

      Oh the Dickens, I was too Poe to own a Browning and was finally left floating on a Sandburg!