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Updated on March 20, 2010


A year of sun revolves around

A host of winter days.

They live up on the calendar;

On snow and frost they gaze.


But gazing is not knowing,

And summer is not cold.

Of far off winter whiteness

Precious memory I hold.


Earth’s ends are frigid;

Could in-between be worse?

The sun never frowns here;

Oh, that stupid grin I curse!


Incessant smile, irreconcilable

To beat by beat of heart,

Whose thought and deed and hate and love

Make distinguishing an art.


For souls will have their clouds

And rain and muddy holes.

Sunny days grow scarce;

The Neon takes its toll.


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    • Jane Grey profile image

      Ann Leavitt 8 years ago from Oregon

      "The sun never frowns here/ Oh that stupid grin I curse!"

      "Folly is joy to him who is destitute of discernment..." Proverbs 15:21a