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Era, Parts I-V

Updated on February 16, 2012

Part I: The Moon is Failing, Where's the Sun?

Look, look at the sky
The moon is failing
The sky is falling
Crying eyes are lonelier than ever

Hold, hold your breath
The sun is calling
The night is killing
Dying hearts are deadlier than ever

Looking in the mirror
I can see an era
Forming in my features
Crawling like slinky creatures
Singing in the raindrops
Evolution changing
Oh has it all begun?
Leave me here on my own

Call, call the ancient masters
The orbs are burning
The stars are breeding
Flying hopes are crazier than ever

Sing, sing the melody
The clouds are flowing
The air is fleeing
Sighing lungs are emptier than ever

Part II: A Sudden Sandstorm (On My Earth)

Habitat violation
Overview of her translation
Calling all survivors
Warning all pretenders

The wind is rising, the storm is nearing
I’m telling you
It's just like I told you

Oh I can’t breathe
Ah I can never see
A sudden sandstorm on my earth
Is enough to drive me mad

Part III: Believe in What You Never Thought You'd See

Believe in what you never thought you'd see
Don’t deny the truth
Open your eyes to this circus world
Realize it's happening again
Realize this time it's not a dream

Several lethal doses of beauteous dreams
A hundred fatal vials of chemistry
Not one at a time

All at once
Pouring down like acid rain
I can feel this in my veins

Control what you never believed would be
Feel the consolation
Open your eyes to this carnival life
Understand these are all my friends
Comprehend that this is not the end

Part IV: So Many Free Spirits, So Little Time

You move me
Will you choose me
While the others stand by watching?

You hurt me
Will you heal me
While the angels sit and ponder?

At last I've seen free spirits
And now there's not much time
I know you don’t want to hear it
But your life is one with mine

You left me
Will you see me
While the other suns are rising?

You lost me
Will you find me?
This is all a shock, so surprising

At last I've seen free spirits
And now there's not much time
I know you don’t want to hear it
But your life is one with mine

You love me
Will you hate me
While the Sirens scream and shout?

You held me
Will you drop me
While I watch the truth fade to doubt?

Part V: After the Era

After the era, my mind is full of fear
All that has happened seems so unclear
I never did believe in ghosts but now I do
Haunting my life, it's you you and you
And that’s the story
That’s the story of my life
That's how it goes
This is what I've become
Remembering fevers that burnt me
In the depths of the night
I just can’t imagine a love without a fight

After the era, my life is strange
Everywhere I look I see their faces
Looking in the mirror a stranger stares at me
Who is that face? Is it me or someone else?
And that’s the story
That’s the story of my life
That’s how it goes
This is what I’ve become
Remembering chills that froze me
After feeling their presence
I just have to trust my instincts
They are all that I have left

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    • Jynzly profile image

      Jenny Pugh 5 years ago from Marion, Indiana, USA

      I love this poem. It's soul-deep, the emotions, the soul, the haunting...Keep it up, I voted up and Great!