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Era of Time

Updated on October 23, 2014

I'm from the era of time.

Where the start of Hip-Hop flows.

Guns and drugs rose.

Crack reached it's prime.

A fiend thought he was untouchable when sniffing white lines.

A kid felt rich at the penny candy store with nickels and dimes.

Double up on jeans and long johns because grandma is telling you to pick your switch when you stepped out of line.

Little bad ass kids running chop shops from stealing bicycles.

We thinking;

Damn, we're riding sick dude!

Miscount the heads that use to ride in my crew.

Creating obstacles like running and jumping roof to roof.

Halloween we boil eggs.

Aiming for heads down to legs.

My charm was,

Every fifth person

I'm taking a tooth.

The best groups at the time was Sugar Hill then came Audio two,

Naughty by Nature, Poor Righteous Teachers, Lords of the Underground, the Outlawz, Fugees.

I'm just naming a few.

Brothas started smoking Marijuana and the white cats around the block started sniffing on glue.

The songs that hit the charts number one was Like a Virgin and Saving all My Love for You.

Age 12 and I'm really feeling girls so I'm singing throwbacks like shorty I wanna “Rock with You”.

The games were catch a girl kiss a girl, hide and seek and tag.

When it came to catching a girl I was the best to bag.

Christmas we were always grateful.

Instead of the new J's,

We got G.I. Joe toys and last years stitched up rags.

Jeans turn into shorts.

Who cared if we weren't the kids to brag.

Growing up we wasn't concerned with being a product of poverty.

Mom and Dad had their desperate needs.

Life was hard trying to raise three seeds.

Especially when the economy is built off greed.

When Dad left...

Uncle Doc helped support our needs.

What he didn't know was his young nephew was taking mental notes on his hustling keys.

Silence is key.

But I'm going to tell you respected to this day in Brick City;

My uncle was a true O.G.

Sad to say.

He also did his time for being a true O.G.

Supporting family.

Combination of hustlers, cops, thieves and fiends.

Your every day modern city family if you know what I mean.

If I said I was rocking the best.

At that time.

It was Gucci and Guess.

Eating steak and lobster on the daily.

Homie, I was living a dream.

I'll be lying if I said I was living in cream.

But damn!

Life was definitely at it's best,

So I guess...

That's why it will always stay on my mind.

I'll never forget that era of time.

NoV'eD the Novelist

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