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Erase The Pain

Updated on October 26, 2016

Live your life with no regrets unless you are ready to carry the weight, never let anyone take away your power or inner peace

Then it becomes your pain that you have to erase

Some will realize you will do great things and do anything to stop the pottery mold

Your soul is truly priceless, some tongues are silver and others gold

The less you say the better words will you kill faster then anything

Some will just sit there and take it just to have money, a house and a ring

There is no time inside my world for bitterness or hate

To thine own self be true you are a queen

Never forget your worth, you get to choose what's on your fates plate

To each their own for it is your throne

You get back in life what you disperse

Live your days with joy and love there is no time for hate

Life is what you make it

That's the icing on the cake

You get to choose who is in your life in your older days

Some make their family with true friends because their blood family is negativity and hate

Others choose solitude and they can learn to be their own best friend

Whatever you choose to do with your life it is yours to own

Just don't forget you are the queen of your throne

Some you can love from far away and some you have to disown

If they aren't out for your best interest you are better off alone




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