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Erin Angela, a short story.

Updated on January 4, 2015

Be sure you need that memory card.

Erin Angela : Infiltration is a first outing of the books name sake, Erin Angela, by author Christopher B Jackiewicz about a young woman in the military. The book is written mostly from a first person perspective as if we are seeing through the eyes of Erin Angela herself. It is unclear as to what her mission is, but we learn that she is an Army Sniper early on and that her actions are (in this case, but since we have no prior reference could be every time) dictated by her bodily needs.

The unusual situation this woman is put in, on a mission all by herself in the middle east, is unlikely though not beyond belief in the realm of possibilities. The author takes into account the fact that Erin Angela is a woman and her stature is not like that of a man's stature because of it, however Christopher eludes to some underlying secret to why she is tall for a woman. Almost as if to say there is no such thing as tall women, and I know that in my life time I've met a few that were taller than some men, I'll grant you that it wasn't many of them.

In a run of both good and bad moments the heroin makes it through the major portion of the adventure and manages to rescue a truck load of young women from their mother whom is "pimping" them out. Yes, the character in one of her internal monologues uses the word pimping to describe a situation and I'm not sure if this is the authors way of reminding us that Erin Angela is an American or just a cute character moment in the middle of an action.

Knowing that Erin is an Army Sniper left me interested in knowing what comes next afterward and in the middle of a debriefing (where nobody chastises our femme fatal for (1) being out of uniform by this point, (2) having brought unauthorized, potential enemy combatant, civilians onto a U.S. Army Base in the Middle East, and (3) why didn't she retrieve her weapon) the author reminds us of one of the more interesting places to hide a memory card. Needless to say that as the reader you are left to shout at your Amazon Kindle, "GOOD GOD MAN! DON'T TOUCH THAT!" None-the-less, the joke is on us, leaving us disturbed, disgusted and mildly (at least) amused.

Most writers probably wouldn't have included that part in the book unless the book was a harlequin romance, however our author moves on and gives us one last little rise.

The single page chapter that is entitled "Final" is clearly meaning final chapter of this book as it is a tease or lead in to what comes next.

My rating on content is interested in seeing where this goes and that takes a 4 out of 5.

My rating on originality is curious, but not begging for the next installment, so 3 out 5.

My rating on drama is lustily wanting a little more of everything and for that I'd give 5 out of 5.

My rating on action is that the action moves quickly as it should, so I rate it 4 out of 5.

My rating on skill of the author to keep me intrigued is not waning but wanting, 3 out of 5.

My overall rating on Erin Angela : Infiltration is a 4 out 5 stars for overall execution; Could need some improvement, spell checking and further origins explanation; Otherwise I enjoyed this book.

You can find this book exclusively at and give your own opinion.

An originally authored book by Christopher B Jackiewicz about a young woman in the military and what goes right, or wrong while she's on a mission.
An originally authored book by Christopher B Jackiewicz about a young woman in the military and what goes right, or wrong while she's on a mission. | Source


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