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Escape From Jesus Island Comic Review

Updated on March 5, 2014

Escape From Jesus Island Comic Book Review

The copy of issue 1 of Escape from Jesus Island sitting on my laptop. Escape from Jesus Island Copyright Wisdumb Productions 2014.
The copy of issue 1 of Escape from Jesus Island sitting on my laptop. Escape from Jesus Island Copyright Wisdumb Productions 2014.

Controversial Horror Comic Escape From Jesus Island Review

Although this book has been classed as controversial it isn't really, because who cares about Religion anyway?...Oh yeah the Religious nutters. This is a Horror comic created in the style of an intriguing subject of what would happen if some Corporation cloned Jesus himself, but had to go through several failed attempts to get it right resulting in the creating of numerous mutant cloned creatures before getting the right result and not to mention also creating Damian Satan himself along the way.

The opening of the horror comic of the first issue reads like an actual horror film which sets the scene for things to come with some rather throwaway human characters who have nothing better to do than to try and save the Animals.(What ever happened to going Camping and getting drunk in the woods)

The first half of the comic book adds to the mystery of the island that the horror will be revealed soon, but not before some brutal and bloody shenanigans as we get to meet a few of the Mutant creatures.

One of the best things about this book is that the art is digital which brings this comic into the current realm of comic books and sits down very nicely with other larger and more successful comic books from the bigger companies. The comic initially was born from a Kickstarter campaign which aimed to fund the production of the comic book and help launch the first series. This did extremely well as the campaign built quite a buzz leaving the comic to be sold out in most places online and elsewhere.

The comic itself is suggested for mature readers quite obviously with it's gore and language content. I can't see why anyone would think that this is offensive in anyway because it's an original story concept that is quite cool and already th idea itself I can see translating well to the screen if such a movie were to be made, then this would be amazing. Of course we need to see more and see what happens as the story progresses, so that we can truly imagine what the film could be like.

Escape From Jesus Island Closer Look

Regen is the Corporation that has taken it upon itself to start Cloning Jesus and all the resulting abominations along the way. The first issue is an introduction really and we get to see some of the main players but not all of them, like Jesus himself and we are yet to see anyone that will last the whole series, although the appearance of a Pope like character at the end could prove some staying power, but with the unpredictable nature of the first episode you never know what will happen and that is a good thing.

Artist Mortimer Glum captures the flow of the story magnificently with his unique style of art and with Writer Shawn French we only get a glimpse of the unfolding story, but it's all a great start and worth reading.

The Episode 1 A STAB in the Dark is described in the inside front cover and doesn't give too much away, but makes it really interesting as you want to know more.

A group of activists from the animal rights group STAB (Stop Treating Animals Badly) breaks into the remote Malsum Island Research Facility, determined to document the horrific abuse of animals by pharmaceutical giant ReGen Corp. They discover too late that the horrors in ReGen's laboratory exceed anything they could have imagined in this first installment in the Apocalyptic book series from Writer Shawn French and Illustrator Mortimer Glum.

Escape From Jesus Island Comic Book Review

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