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Escaping the End Chapter Five

Updated on January 31, 2019

Chapter Five

Mykala and Gizmo had finished their trip around the lab, gathering only bits of information here and there. The personal recordings of the scientists seemed more content retelling nightmares and fiendish thoughts than detailing the events of the project. One thing Mykala did learn, was the crazies, including himself, were somehow capable of far more in that particular state of being. I bet something, possibly supernatural, drove us, protected us and even gifted us with abilities. But what would be able to do that?

Then Mykala thought out loud, “This attack on civilization was clearly dimension-wide. Whoever or whatever was behind it had no plans of leaving anything behind, they wanted utter destruction.” Mykala glanced down at Gizmo and said, “You need to find a port and download everything from my personal database on someone named, Ahzureal of Hresha.”

“Certainly!” Gizmo said, but queried, “Who is Ahzureal of Hresha?”

“He was a child born of a unique nature. He grew into man-hood in a few short years, spoke a language no one knows, had all but a few abilities from the ancients and. . .DNA like lightning and fire. . .” Mykala sounded exasperated.

“Why irritated, Mykala.”

“Well, Ahzureal was impossible to study. He was brought to our lab to conduct intense investigations - don’t get me wrong, he was treated gently. His parents approved of everything. But it took highly specialized equipment and months of work to finally see his genetic code.” Mykala stopped to prop himself up against the cold wall of the hallway as he remembered back, “We first thought the machines were malfunctioning. His genetic code appeared to have no order, just chaos. I analyzed it for days straight before realizing that his code was not scrambled but written in a higher language. Most genetic data is in the forms of various on and off switches. This was so much more complex than that. His genetic code was a living, breathing language. Just as I was getting somewhere there was a system breach and I managed to hide chunks of the data in a private stash of information before my computer shut down. Turns out our computers were being wiped of information pertaining to him and he was being taken by a group of people of the likes I’ve never seen. The strange thing? His parents were unconcerned, yet claimed to know nothing about it.”

“What do you hope to find from your information?” Gizmo asked.

Mykala pushed off the wall and continued walking, “I don’t know. But I have a feeling there is a connection between all of this and him. Or maybe it’s just that, next to the crazies, he was the craziest most unexplainable thing I have ever witnessed. And maybe I am just being hopeful. Oh and I remembered something. You won’t find his name in any database, instead look up the database, ‘Study of Solund’. I embedded the data in scrambled bits here and there; it can only be retrieved using a pass code script through a decompression program.”

Gizmo beeped affirming his understanding and they continued back to Alex and Nima. Once they were back in the large room, Mykala explained to Alex what happened and Gizmo was plugging away at one of the virtual machines. Nima heard most of what they were saying, even though she was several feet away kicking around some debris. She winced every time Mykala mentioned how the doctors were driven insane. She did not want to tell them, but she could remember much of her time as a crazy. At times the urge to go mad would still creep its way into the recesses of her mind.

“Anyway, “Mykala began, “I will need to construct a device to partially activate each portal. I know where some portals are and I need to go there via transient. Which you know means I’ll be traveling solo.”

Alex shot Mykala a look, his light brown eyes burning into him, “You can’t go on your own!”

Mykala sighed, “I am going on my own. You know I can’t take anyone else but myself. If there is any danger, I will turn right around and come back.”

Alex tapped his foot furiously, but conceded. Mykala simply turned and began rummaging for tools. He needed to start building the portable gateway device. With tools in hand, he spent hours looking at the intricate designs of the gateway’s innards. Occasionally Mykala reached in, only to be zapped, cut or hurt in some other fashion. Yet he could not help himself, feeling overwhelmed by the unique and strange components.

After scribbling notes, and analyzing more data, Mykala went over to the near ruined gateway power-generator. He systematically removed every laser, then broken down the housing of each laser, taking only the lighting components and some wiring. He removed the crystal from the large device and called out to Alex.

Alex jogged over and Mykala made a request, “I need four digital microscopes with a minimum zoom of twenty-K.”

“Twenty-K?” Alex asked.

“Uh. . .yeah, twenty thousand. . .”

“Sorry, I just thought ‘K’ might mean something else in the science field.”

Mykala chuckled and patted Alex on the back. Alex took Nima and they went out the door to find the microscopes. After which, Gizmo approached Mykala with a small cylinder in hand. Mykala clapped and smiled at Gizmo.

“It was rather difficult to find, Mykala. I have to ask though, why study something so frivolous as the unreachable sun?” Gizmo asked.

“I don’t study Solund, and I cannot say I know of anybody who does. We do however have quantum chunks of information on it, some of it completely frivolous and made up. It is – err was – common practice in the science and tech field to keep and use it as a way to hide information. Even the fastest computers would take a decade to analyze all the information. Even decades more to find hidden information and decode it.”

Gizmo gave a whirly whistle and followed Mykala over to one of the virtual computers. Mykala gave a tap on the panel embedded in one of the tables and set the cylinder on it. Immediately a field formed about it and the screen came alive with all the information on Solund. Mykala opened a text creator and began typing in lines of code:

Run Exklips

Mode Dcmp


<<Solund (subset(s), 07, 08, 11, 13 < 02, 05, 86)

<<Xchk (chunk(s) 01 <> inf* (xcld ref _ Solund))


<<Finder (Party == Ahzureal ((Hresha)))

<<Ded* (Dcmp (subset(s), 07, 08, 11, 13 < 02, 05, 86))



<<Ahzureal (Xpass (My’Rene) )

<<Send Dcmp (dsktp)


“I do not recognize the language.” Gizmo queried.

“It is a simplified language I created; it allows me to further hide information. Each subset refers to millions of different files, all of which have pieces of the data embedded in it. I then tell it to cross reference all quantum chunks, what to seek within each file and to decompress. And quite obviously it needs the passkey and a destination. This will take several hours to finish. I need to get back to work.”

“Mykala, you have not rested for over twenty-four hours. You should rest.”

“I cannot. I believe this device is somehow energizing me.” Mykala said, tapping on his chest.

“Yes, it does do that. You could technically go without sleep until you die. I simply worry for your well-being.”

“A machine worry?” Mykala gave it a look.

“Worry is not as much a emotion as you would perceive it to be. It is a mere calculation, based on perception, of potential dangers that could put your well-being at risk.”

“You are a curious little droid. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure I rest when I feel I need it.” Mykala assured Gizmo

Gizmo beeped and Mykala went back to work on his portable power device. Using tools and stiff wiring he carefully aimed each laser at a certain degree in clusters of 5. He managed to get a strip of highly reflective material he found earlier within the gateway and ran it above the lasers. Each laser would reflect off the mirror and into a singular line. The digital microscopes that Alex would find will then magnify the combined laser into the crystal. Mykala knew the crystal was the key, tuning the combined laser strength into a very particular wavelength that activated the gateways. Mykala just needed the scopes, and a portable power source.

The biggest issue was the power source. The entire building was powering the previous device, and he did not have the luxury of an entire building to power his gun-like version of it. Mykala racked his mind for several minutes before glancing at the gateway.

"Of course! The components are being powered by something. If only I could harness some of that power and convert it." Mykala grabbed a handheld scanner and dashed for one of the chunks with the liquid coil of wiring.

He scanned it as splashes of energy worked through the many mechanisms within the one piece. He looked at the readings and scratched his head while making a run for one of the computers. He placed the scanner on the panel and the virtual computer read the recordings.

“Odd, I’m not sure I understand this correctly.” Mykala grabbed at a virtual pen that appeared beside a notepad and began tapping his chin with it, “Right, I’ll need some help. Access holo-assistant program, setting: diagnostic.”

A green light emanated beside Mykala and blue lasers began building a being made from pure energy and made physical by a core of gathered molecules. The molecules circulated about the beams of energy, appearing as small blue lights racing around.

The hologram turned toward Mykala, “Greetings Mykala, how may I be of assistance?”

“I need this recording from the scanner analyzed. It might be malfunctioning or I may not understand it correctly.”

“Yes. The scanner is in perfect working order. The findings, while unusual do indeed point to a very high magnitude of energy. Oddly, most equipment is powered eternally; however, this power runs externally. I also detect a one-hundred percent compatibility with all powered components.”

“So I wasn’t seeing it wrong. Confirm; a small portion of this should be enough to power a device similar to the one designed to open the gateway.” Mykala queried.

“Confirmed. Capturing a cubic jewel of its energy would not only be enough to power that, but the entire facility for approximately twenty-seven hours and thirty-eight minutes.”

Mykala whistled and took the pen and began writing on the notepad. He wrote up a quick draft of schematics pertaining to his handheld version.

“What about this? Does this appear functional and capable of performing the same or similar task as the larger scale gateway generator?”

The hologram leaned down and looked at it, “I predict a fifteen percent chance of failure of any functionality and a forty-two percent chance of marginal error with an overall fifty-two percent probability of success.”

“How can I improve upon it?”

“There is too much energy loss.” The pad and pen appeared in the hologram’s hand and he continued as he wrote, “A high yield energy coupling about the crystalis and microscopes will dampen the overall power by three percent. However, a sustainable increase of power of over two-hundred percent increase will be more than sufficient.”

Mykala smiled as he took the pad from the hologram which quickly dissipated at his command. Mykala immediately went to work on the coupling for his device and not much later Alex and Nima showed up with armfuls of working telescopes.

After Alex and Nima handed over their findings, Alex made up three separate beds for everyone; mostly from tables and lab-coats. Despite the fact that there existed several beds, blankets and pillows throughout the lab, Alex was too tired to grab anymore supplies.

While Alex and Nima slept, Mykala continued work. He was relatively impressed with his own accomplishment as he finished before anyone had woke up the following morning. Gizmo on the other hand was skittering about Mykala, watching from multiple angles, curious as to how Mykala was building the portable gateway gun. Mykala held it up, and smiled brightly. It was not a pretty sight, but it should do exactly as he planned for it. He aimed it and depressed a button on the back. The gun lit up, but the beam never exited the crystal.

He scratched his head and placed it on the table next to him. The table shot to life with one of the virtual computers, immediately scanning the object. Mykala ran a comparison between his schematics and the device and found the crystal was off by several micro measurements.

Whispering softly, Mykala said, “I’m not sure I could adjust by such a small fraction.” Mykala tapped his chin for a moment then turned toward Gizmo and said, “Are you capable of intricate work, such as adjusting the crystalis to match the exact placement of the amplified lasers?”

“Of course. While I may be a medical droid, my capabilities are not limited to that one profession.”

Gizmo grabbed the device and in moments time handed it over to Mykala. Mykala then turned on the gateway-gun and a beam exited from the crystalis. Mykala glanced over his shoulder at his friend sleeping, and decided against disturbing him.

“Tell everyone that I will be back, assuming I have not returned relatively quick.” Mykala said to Gizmo.

“Where are you going?”

“I am heading to the next gateway. I have a contract to fulfill that may help us in the end. I’m going via transient too, so I can’t take any stragglers. Besides, if everything works out well, I will only be gone for mere minutes.” Mykala’s last word echoed a bit as he immediately broke down and dissipated before Gizmo.

Mykala focused his thoughts on the furthest gateway he knew, located in a relatively remote location. While researchers regularly conducted experiments on the gate, the local government believed they were sacred and should never be tampered with. As a result a giant canopy forest had grown around the gate, and there existed no form of civilization for miles around. Occasionally a pilgrimage would be made to the gateway where people would put gifts in front of it. Their hope was that the High Council would one day reestablish a connection to their world.

Clearly that was never case and the giant gateway still stood, moss covered and taller than any surrounding tree. Oddly the lettering on the gate gave off a soft glow from deep within the black stone; indicating it was just used moments ago. A loud cracking noise emanated from behind Mykala who turned in time to see a tree coming toward him. He jumped just as the tree came down with a crushing blow.

Mykala, bewildered, turned toward the massive tree that nearly killed him and noticed the break was made artificially. There was not a single jagged edge, but one clean cut through the thick trunk. A light flashed out of the corner of Mykala’s eye causing him to turn. A man, unlike any Mykala has ever seen, stumbled back. He wore long red and blue robes that appeared military in design. Each piece was held together by triangular clasps. He stood a few feet taller than Mykala and writhed with fright as his large purple eyes stared straight ahead. Mykala tried to see, but the canopy of the trees made the forest dark, even on the brightest of days.

Three black creatures, slightly hunched with three claw-tipped fingers and large teethy mouths approached the soldier. He grabbed at a dagger from his belt and, despite his shaking hands, expertly wielded it launching it at one of the creatures who merely smacked it out of the air. The three gave a sickening snicker that caused their shoulders to bounce up and down. They leaped upon their victim and began biting into him. The soldier looked over at Mykala, his voiced cut off by blood as he reached out a single hand. But Mykala was too mortified. He backed into the side of the tree, hoping to hide. The creatures ripped into the soldier until they were showered in his blood and they growled viciously.

Despite the atrocity the soldier’s eyes remained lively as he tried to yell in pain, but his cries were cut off. A bright light suffused the wounded soldier and he vanished before Mykala’s eyes. In his place stood in great splendor, a being wrapped in the glow of the sun. Thin shadows danced about the features of his body and his hair floated about him in long white dread locks. His eyes were likewise white, yet focus could be gleaned from them. His uniform was similar to the other soldier, but white with broad shoulders and ending at a corded belt.

The 'Warrior of Light' Mykala bares witness to. Illustrated by J. L. Tracey
The 'Warrior of Light' Mykala bares witness to. Illustrated by J. L. Tracey

Anger grew on his face as he reached toward the sky and lightning struck his hand. The lightning coalesced into a large single edge and squared blade. Upon the blade was a language Mykala recognized, but from only one source. In one sweep the creatures were cut down. Their corpses exploded into a mist and the magnificent being disappeared in a similar light that took the soldier.

Echoes of unnatural screams could be heard from all around, and Mykala shakily stood to look about. Lightning poured from the sky into the forest, giving Mykala pictures of the creatures being destroyed. In seconds the screams and lightning died down. A strange purple glow cast across the forest and Mykala turned to see the gateway open and wounded soldiers, with the aid of the white-haired soldier, walked through the gateway.

Mykala stood, unable to stop shaking. His mind raced faster than he could keep up, and a faint feeling overcame him as he lowered to his knees. What did I just witness? Is Paradise in fact battling the very evil that took over our world? Mykala utilized a breathing exercise to calm his nerves. He managed to climb to his feet, scraping his back against the rough bark of the ancient tree. It was far from the only tree cut down by the battle, but Mykala had forgotten how lucky he was to still be alive.

Fear began to creep up inside of Mykala again and he attempted to use transient to return to base, but nothing happened. Mykala swore under his breath and remembered his gateway opener. He frantically searched for it, running his hands through the tall and thick foliage of the forest floor.

“Ow!” Mykala jammed his fingers on something hard and cool, which brought a smile to his face.

Reaching down more carefully, Mykala pulled his tool out of the forest weeds and relief came over him as it appeared undamaged. With nowhere to go, Mykala continued on with his mission and walked to doorstep of the gateway. He did not know why, but he always felt inferior when standing next to one. This particular gateway did not help that feelin; being three times larger than the gateway laying in ruins at the lab.

Aiming his tool, Mykala compressed the button and a beam exited the crystalis. The writing within the gateway glowed softly and the gateway sparked within the center for a moment’s time then shut off. The beam to the gateway stopped flowing and Mykala was forced to throw the device to the ground. Smoke smoldered from it, and the wiring melted as the crystalis cracked apart.

The gateway shot to life, revealing the roadway to Uplevrise. The Gatekeeper stepped through the archway and sighed at the sight of Mykala.

His voice boomed, but became tolerable as his size diminished, “It is you. You have kept your promise.” The Gatekeeper glanced around and gave Mykala a strange look, “This was not a safe place for you. Great black was destroyed here this day.”

“Black?” Mykala inquired.

“Black. It attempted to enter Uplevrise, but failed. It will try again.” He scanned Mykala and said, “Your ability to travel to and fro will no longer work in this area. The sanctity of space and time has been defiled here. Be safe in your travels.”

“Wait!” Mykala called out, and Gatekeeper stood in wait for Mykala to continue, “Does the High Council fight for us?”

“They fight for themselves. Your realm threatens their existence now.” He replied.

“Why not fight to save both our worlds?” Mykala asked, desperate for answers.

“Mortal, you do not understand. The black has always been around, but it takes new and powerful forms as of late. Not even I could stand against it. There appears to be only one capable of standing.”

“The being of light?” Mykala asked.

The Gatekeeper stared at Mykala for several seconds and replied, “I should not be having this conversation with a dead mortal. Thank you for this gate.”

With that the Gatekeeper grew in proportion to the gateway and twisted it apart. Unlike the first time though, the Gatekeeper gave a wave of his hand and the pieces crumbled apart until it dissolved into the ground. A rip opened in the air and the Gatekeeper climbed through it, sealing it up promptly behind him.

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Written by J. L. Tracey

First Editing by J. L. Tracey

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