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Especially at Christmas

Updated on February 4, 2013

Especially at Christmas


Have a lovely Christmas and if you're up to your eyes

Preparing great presents and being hypnotised

Remember that "minimal" is a great word for now

Especially if you've snowed in and need a plough!

The best thing about Christmas is families together

and we will try and do that whatever the weather

One roll less of wrapping paper each year but

one more hug or feelings of cheer

Always remember that less is more

It's not about credit cards or being poor

But it's about valuing others and who you are

You may need to save for that eco car

Is commercialism the road to hell?

Well "isms" don't normally treat you well!

When I was a child with snow on the ground

We didn't make snowmen with eyes made of pounds

We were happy to use carrots for a nose

Our snowman would still stand there and pose

So make things simple and scale it down

and you might find in January you've lost a pound (in weight!)

Think do I really need that

Perhaps I'll ditch the paper hat

If you think I'm crackers your probably right

But the best thing for children is still a snow fight

So don't grit your teeth and worry about cost

Put on your gloves and go out in the frost

I noticed yesterday Jack Frost had been here

It was a kind of magic I had forgotten this year

These moments are special and we have to give thanks

We have a warm house if we fill up our tanks

So always remember although you do know

That love for another has the warmest glow

and fairy lights and rudolph look kinda great

but is it necessary to decorate the gate

I hope you all have a lovely time

I'm doing veggie Christmas this time

I'm not that traditional cooking nut roast

But I will still be having a traditional toast

Cheers and Happy Christmas!

Did you have a traditional Christmas dinner this year?

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      oji chisom emmanuel 7 years ago from NIGERIA