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Essay - Writing in English

Updated on November 7, 2014

The only way to learn writing is to write and write. There are no rules by learning which we are able to write a good essay. Certain suggestions may, however, help us if we follow them while writing our essays.

  1. First of all we should think over the subject on which we want to write. By doing this we shall be able to form in our mind a broad outline of our essay. Then we should write down the outline or important points.
  2. Now we are ready to write the first draft of our essay. All we have to do is to expand the outline. It means writing a few sentences about each of the important points we have already noted. While doing this, we should not stop after every few minutes to consult a book or a dictionary to look up this word or that; we can do so later.
  3. When our first draft is ready, we should read it once or twice. Now we should mark words and phrases that seem incorrect or clumsy. It is time to get the help of a dictionary and a good book of grammar. We have to make sure that our
    1. Tenses are right
    2. Spellings are correct and
    3. Prepositions are appropriate

We should do this even if it takes quite some time.

  1. We have to be sure of one more thing. Have we arranged our composition in appropriate paragraphs? Remember that one paragraph is to deal with only one idea or one aspect of thing. Suppose we are writing an essay on My Best Friend. How should we begin writing it?
    1. The first paragraph should introduce the subject: we may say something about friends and friendship. We may begin it in some such way: A good friend is a blessing or And old proverb says that a friend in need is a friend indeed….or Friendship is a great and noble thing…
    2. After the introductory paragraph, we may write the name of our friend and say something about his appearance, manners, habits and qualities.
    3. In the third paragraph, we may write about our affection for each other and the things we do together or for each other and the things we do together or for each other, for example, going for a walk, playing a game and helping in studies.
    4. If we wish to say something about our friend’s family, we should better do so before or after the paragraph about his appearance, habits etc.
    5. Now let us write the draft. We should read it carefully when we have completed it. If it does not satisfy us, it will not satisfy anyone else. If we think that we can improve it, we should try to do so and write another draft. Before taking our essay to the teacher, we must satisfy ourselves. That we have really done our best. Why should we wait for our teacher to tell us that we have mis-spelled the word ‘friend’? We can ourselves look it up in the dictionary.

Specimen Essays

These essays give you some information about certain topics. Read them and then rewrite them in your own way. You should add your own ideas to those expressed in these essays. You are also free to rearrange the paragraphs.

A Journey to a Hill-Station

Last summer, my father gave me permission to go to Murree. I went to Rawalpindi by train and stayed for the night at my uncle’s house.

Early next morning, my cousin Salman and I boarded a bus for Murree. When we had gone a few miles, I noticed a change in the landscape. The road began to ascend gradually. Small mounds of stone appeared on both sides of the road.

It was my first journey to a hill-station. I was much excited and happy. I wanted to see everything on the way.

Now we had reached among the hills covered with tall and graceful pine trees. The breeze was fresh and moist. It was heavy with the fragrance of trees and wet earth. A great mist hung above the pines. It was a beautiful scene. It bewitched me. I had not seen anything like this before.

Suddenly there came the thunder of clouds. They were rolling down towards us. The driver switched on the headlights. As we reached Ghora Gali, it began to drizzle. A few drops of rain fell on my face. I felt a wonderful sensation of happiness.

An hour or so later we reached Murree. The rain had stopped but patches of cloud were still floating in the sky.


writing an essay on any topic, it needs too much knowledge about the topic, because without knowledge your essay will not be a good essay. Sometimes an essay shows and describes the whole life of any person, journey, working experience or anything but in few paragraphs. An essay should be nor long nor short. It's maximum paragraphs should be 3 or 4. And each paragraph should be of two hundreds or two hundreds and fifty words.

If your paragraphs exceed the limit so your reader will be bore, they will try to stop reading your articles or essays at any time. You should use friendly words which are easy to understand by a beginner. As there are lot of people who are trying to read something online to learn English as the Second Language. Sometimes the writer or authors need to understand what they are going to write, because there are different ways to write online, as write a book, tutorials, etc. And these are different from each other, tutorials should be like a lecture. Your written articles should be like a lecture, how a lecture is delivered by your teachers? as you know about it. Try to define all steps in tutorial articles step by step. From which your reader will enjoy and easily understand what you are try to define. But there should be few images or any kind of graphics which are related to your topic.

And books are divided by chapters, a book should be a sum of chapters. It's up to on you, how much chapters you want to add, but the chapters should be related to your topic. And those all chapters should cover their own topic. For example there is a book about Java Programming Language

so the title of book is : The Java

it's content should be

1. Introduction to Java

2. How to do programming in Java

like this every chapter should complete it's own topic which is related to the book title.


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