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Essentials for Every Freelancer

Updated on May 30, 2011

No Walk in the Park

 Starting to work as a freelance writer is no walk in the park.  It requires discipline, tenacity and some burning of the midnight oil.  The freelancer, however, has more options and opportunities available to him or her these days due to the widespread usage of the Internet.  Even with such advances as websites, blogs and social networking, the freelance writer needs to ensure that some essentials are in place in order to experience any level of success in the global market.

Get Started on the Right Foot

Start with the Essentials

 The freelance writer needs to start off on the right foot with some freelance essentials:

  • Email account: Choose from any of the many email providers and get an email account.  Check out Gmail or Yahoo. They offer some good features.
  • Paypal account:  This is a basic payment method for most content and freelance sites such as article directories like Constant Content and Associated ContentPaypal is the most widely accepted payment method for freelance work and online content.
  • Google AdSense: Some article and content sites offer residual income from clicks on advertisements related to posted content.  Google Adsenseallows writers to make profits from relevant advertisements that appear next to their articles on sites like HubPages and Suite101.
  • Amazon Associates: Affiliate links help freelancers add to their residual income.  Amazon offers the freelancer its affiliate program as well as the ability to set up an storefront and a website.  Such a program assists the freelancer in promoting books, magazines and other items available on Amazon.

Submit What You Can Where You Can

 The freelancer must become a master of jumping through hoops.  Some sites ask for writing samples, while others want detailed profiles of the writer or a passing grade on a quiz before one can event submit an article.  The freelance writer who is seeking up-front payment at sites like Helium or Constant Content must carefully review the guidelines and terms of service agreements when signing on with such sites.

Numerous sites exist for article submission.  Review the sites and see where your style of writing best fits.  The last thing that you want is to find that you have written an article that has no life after you have hit the "submit" button.  Check the landscape and submit what you can where you can.


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    • neophonic profile image

      Jakub Dubec 6 years ago from Europe

      Hello Rev, i like this HUB, as like as you other hubs. Thanks you.

    • profile image

      Richard Stephen 6 years ago

      Yep, in California,Governor Brown signed the legislation into law yesterday (6/29/11) and I received an email from Amazon that evening stating that they were terminating contracts with all California affiliates effective that same day. When I checked my account this morning it had already been closed and was accessible for "historical purposes" only. This really sucks because Amazon referrals were the lion share of my online income from HubPages especially since the release of Google Panda decimated my Adsense revenue. Oh well ...

    • Rev Bruce Jackson profile image

      Rev Bruce Jackson 6 years ago from San Diego

      Sadly, folks, if you are in California like myself, Amazon may close your associate account due to new legislation. This is only one company's response, but it is a major company in the online field.

    • tebo profile image

      tebo 6 years ago from New Zealand

      Good information. I will check out some of the sites you have mentioned. Thanks.