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Essie Summers vintage romances

Updated on June 24, 2011


Essie Summers was born and raise in New Zealand, where most of her books were set. She married a minister and raised 2 children. She wrote quite a few stories for Harlequin but eventually stopped because Harlequins become more sexually explicit. Her books contributed greatly to New Zealand tourism, as many people started visiting after reading her books. The descriptions of the islands are very vivid and interesting and I want to visit her country after reading them. Essie Summers died in 1998 at the age of 86.

Below is a list of all the books Essie Summers wrote for Harlequin, they include book number, title and description. I am slowly reading all the older harlequins and will be adding my own comments, in bold.

Gloria Bevan is another Harlequin author from New Zealand.


(Nurse Abroad)This is the story of Sarah Isbister, a young nurse from England, and Grant Alexander, a New Zealand sheep farmer who found that he had, most unwillingly, to accept her as a partner in his estate. Sarah met Grant's unconcealed dislike and distrust with defiant independence and a stubborn resolve to prove to him that he was wrong about her. It was uphill work, but he was beginning to recognize her good qualities when a mischief-making woman came on to the scene, determined on nothing less than establishing herself for ever and driving Sarah out. Would she win? And would Sarah have to leave the sun-kissed, prosperous farm -- and the man -- that she had learned to love?


She, a MacDonald, love a Campbell? Edward Campbell had a totally unjustified reason for despising Fiona MacDonald, but she was certainly not going to explain her actions to a "stuffy colonial" she'd never see again! Unfortunately, Fiona did meet him again--as the uncle of her four young charges on a remote New Zealand sheep station. And it seemed the ancient feud between the clans was being revived. Too late then to wish they'd started out differently . . . .


Judith had always had trouble with her stepsister, so when Lorette got engaged to a young farmer Judith felt a great relief.But it soon appeared that Lorette's fiance's family wanted to prevent the marriage, and Judith responded to her stepsister's selfish demands for help one last time, to try to keep the engagement together.She had formidable opposition from the autocratic Craig Argyll, who didn't like Judith at all. "Another woman with an eye to the main chance! " he said.


Jeannie was really quite desperate! With a salary inadequate to care for her younger brother and sister, Jeannie prayed for a miracle to help them escape their tyrannical stepfather. The inheritance of a successful fruit farm gave them their freedom--a farm managed by one Fergus MacGregor, a man of supposed integrity. But Jeannie had reason to doubt him. After all, at their first brief meeting, she'd seen him in the arms of her former boss's wife!


(New Zealand Inheritance) Heatherleigh, her grandfather's New Zealand farm, was to belong to Roberta one day, so when her parents died it was natural that she should return there to live. Unfortunately, it appeared that Muir Buchanan, her grandfather's neighbour and right-hand man, also hoped to inherit Heatherleigh, and when he began to show interest in Roberta, it was only too clear what his real motives were. Which was a pity, as against her better judgment she couldn't stop herself falling in love with him

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Had she destroyed all hope for happiness? The whole situation weighed heavily on Prudence's conscience, even though she had done the right thing. If only that Australian hadn't been listening! Prudence was shocked when she discovered that "that Australian." Was not only her cousin by marriage, but co-inheritor with her of a guesthouse in New Zealand's beautiful Fiordland. And Hugo had completely misinterpreted what he'd overheard. But the worst was yet to come--when she fell in love with Hugo!


(Nurse Mary's Engagement) Mary Rose would have loved her job nursing in the large military hospital in Singapore if she had not been so heartsick at suddenly learning her fiancé was in love with another girl. Now she wanted only to get away from everything, so when Ninian Macandrew, who had also recently been jilted, asked her to travel to his New Zealand home with him and pose as his fiancée, it seemed the answer to her problems as well as his own. But "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practise to decieve!" Warmly welcomed into Ninian's home by his kindly parents, treated as a loved daughter, Mary had to remind herself that it was all based on a lie. And there was no chance that Ninian would turn it into reality, for it was clear that he still loved his former fiancée, who was still, said his brother's wife, very much in the picture.


The time and the place of Catherine's first meeting with Hugh Murdoch, whose secretary she was about to become, were uncommonly ill-chosen (if you could call it choosing), and as for loved ones, Catherine was engaged to a handsome young sports master, and looking forward to an early and blissful marriage. The part, if any, that love played in Hugh's life was obscure, but it seemed that there was a lovely, mysterious blonde who was more than willing to devote herself to him. From their first odd meeting Catherine and Hugh had a strangely unsettling relationship, bedevilled with misunderstandings, yet it was destined to develop into one of lasting happiness.


Why must love be so complicated?Dinah had been looking forward to life in New Zealand; it held the promise of love. And marriage. But now, here in his own environment, Russell, her fiancé, wasn't quite the same somehow.... Dinah shrugged it off; they hadn't seen each other for months. But neither Dinah nor Russell had anticipated the effect Anthony Bryn-Morgan would have on their relationship. Anthony began to figure prominently in her life--and not just as her employer!


Penny had been sure that Charles' friendship for her was something more than a holiday romance, but he had made clear it wasn't; so, humiliated and hurt, she took a job on a remote back-county sheep station in the New Zealand Alps hoping that in the silence and vastness of the mountains she would find healing and forget the memory of Charles. But unfortunately for Penny's plans, she chose the one place in the world where this task would prove most difficult.

Penny broke off her engagement shortly before she met Charles, but he misunderstood and thought she was still engaged. Penny is an amateur ski champion but mostly she takes care of her ungrateful family. She finally has enough and takes the job as tutor at Dragonshill. Charles is her boss, she is teaching his brother's children. Charles is rude and calls her a Plain Jane. Penny uses her outdoor skills to save him in a snowstorm.


Marty made a thoughtless little joke about going to New Zealand to look for a susceptible bachelor with a seven-thousand-a-year wool-clip . . . and unfortunately Philip Griffiths overheard and took her seriously. So when she found that she was to settle in his part of the country, she had to work very hard to show him that she was not specially interested in men and least of all in him


Tawhai Hills Estate lay deep in the green rolling country of South Canterbury, New Zealand. It was here that the wealthy young Rowena Fotheringham came to work in the hope of being accepted for herself-not her fortune. She could easily have been, had she not decided to deceive the very first man who had ever really cared for her, complicating both their lives.


Begins on the eve of Kristy's wedding with the strange phone call that changed her life. Blindly, instinctively Kristy ran-but even New Zealand wasn't far enough to avoid the complications that followed! Kristy overhears her fiancé talking to another woman on their wedding day and it is obvious that they had an affair. This was just a few hours before the wedding, she then gets another call from a woman claiming to be her fiance's wife. She advises Kristy to run and she decides to go on her honeymoon to New Zealand. She was born in New Zealand and lived there until she was orphaned. She meets Simon Macneil on the plane and since she was traveling on a ticket in her married name, he thinks she is a widow. Simon is caring for his sister's kid temporarily and Kiristy volunteers to come to his farm and help.


Euan Hazeldean was convinced that Lindsay had come out to New Zealand to get what pickings she could from her stepfather's estate. Lindsay believed that Euan was himself trying to get complete control of his ex-boss's property. So it was a pity that, as co-guardians of Lindsay's young half-brother and sister, they should have to see so much of each other!

Lindsay lives in a small village in England. Lindsay's fiancé wanted her to put the kids in a home but she wouldn't agree. They are very close. Her mother had been a widow who was swept off her feet by a man from New Zealand. They married and she got pregnant. During the pregnancy she went blind. Her husband couldn't take it and he left her to go back to New Zealand. They were never in touch again. Lindsay's mother had twins and got her sight back, but never told her husband this.

Now Lindsay needs help so she writes to her stepfather. He writes back inviting her and the kids out saying he is owner of a farm and promising to take care of them. He is sick but is writing a new will. They are part way there when Lindsay gets a message that he had died. She goes out to protect the kids inheritance. Euan seems to be taking advantage of the situation, grazing his sheep on the land, etc. He does give her some land for a tea shop, however, and he is helping with the kids and the kid's half brother.


After Stephen had let her down, it was certainly a fillip to Elizabeth Stirling's ego to have the attractive Jeremy Ffoulkes paying court to her. But Jeremy had a wild past and a background of a broken marriage. Was he any more trustworthy than Stephen had been?


It was love at first sight for Reverend Dougal MacNab when he met Elspeth Cameron and he lost no time in trying to persuade her to marry him. Elspeth, however, was convinced she would never make a suitable wife for a minister. Dougal didn't agree -- but he didn't know of the scandal that lay like a shadow over her past.

Elspeth is a writer, she bought a cottage on church grounds. They meet when Dougal comes to offer help with renovation. She doesn't know immediately that his is a minister, once she finds out she doesn't want anything to do with him. Elspeth used to be engaged to a minister, Perry, who she meets up with again. Perry did not approve of her helping an old school friend who was involved in a robbery. She just gave him shelter and helped him turn himself in to the police, but Perry said that made her notorious. She can't bear to tell Dougal, but she does go to work for him for a time helping to care for the children in his care


It was affection for the orphaned triplets that led Janet MacGregor to deceive the wealthy old Mr. MacNee and Morgan Mackay and took her across the world from Scotland to New Zealand.And then she was caught up in another charade--a fake engagement to Morgan himself.


Glamorous Serena Smith vowed to never again become personally involved with a male employer--so she transformed herself into a mouselike character. Then William Durbridge came thundering into her life and Serena was trapped in her new role!


Nicola was dirty, exasperated and a little bit frightened. She was in no shape after her amateur mechanics on her car to meet any man, let alone Forbes Westerfield. He was the man who had told her not to come. Nicola comes from England to New Zealand to help a cousin with a family reunion. His branch of the family has had some conflicts with her branch and his grandson, Forbes, wrote telling her not to come. But she does and she meets him on the road while he is in costume for a reenactment that will take place at the reunion. Forbes starts flirting with her and she finds out that he just broke up with a neighbor's daughter and she thinks he is just trying to make her jealous.


No one must ever know the truth, the reason why Annabel Lee had come to Paradise, an isolated plateau at the head of Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand. She did not know how deeply she would come to love a man named Gideon Darroch, nor how it would affect him-if he learned her secret.


Rosalind loved her stepbrother Rowland so much that, when he had indicated that she was wasting her time, she had left home. Now, after four years, she was back. Her feelings hadn't changed--but neither, it seemed, had Rowland's .


From their first meeting, Alastair Campbell knows that he and his beautiful,capable secretary Sarah Macdonald, are perfect for each other. Sarah is sure of something else: Alastair is her boss and she's determined to keep things strictly business between them. More importantly, Alastair is wealthy and Sarah knows from experience the kinds of barriers money raises between people. But Alastair is convinced that Sarah is wrong. He will try to persuade her once and for all that his money just doesn't matter. She is supporting her 7 year old brother, Richard. At first, Alastair thinks he is her son. But after that is cleared up, she still won't date him because he is too wealthy.


Virginia Fergusson's love life was becoming more than a little chaotic-- so much so that she suddenly decided to run away, to a new city and a new life of her own. And that was before she met Nicholas Muir!


Nicholas was a lot older than Penny, and before he asked her to marry him he had decided it would be a good idea if they separated for a year or two, to give Penny a chance to spread her wings before settling down. But was it such a good idea after all?


It was a series of mishaps that had brought Joanna to heronscrag, Matthew Greenwood's New Zealand sheep station, in the depth of winter, and she soon knew that she would give anything to be there in summer as well. But chance would be a fine thing.!

Joanna is an English secretary who is taking a break while her boss is touring New Zealand. Joanna's uncle had told her stories of a sheep station where he used to live and she just wants to take a picture of it. But she is trapped by rising flood waters and is rescued by Matthew, who takes her to his station. Matthew, who she thinks is engaged, is caring for a relative's children, so Joanna pitches in and helps.


Margot Chesterton had traveled to New Zealand to look for her long-lost father -- but Pierre Laveroux persisted in believing that her motive was a more sinister one. Which was a pity, as Margot would so much have preferred him to have a good opinion of her!

Margot works in an antique store, and meets Pierre in England , he is lecturing on where her father is in New Zealand.She has just found out that her father is alive and remarried. Her mother's sister has raised her, after her mother died shortly after giving birth. She had been estranged from her husband, who was in Canada working. The aunt was the one that interfered in the marriage and on her deathbed she confessed to her husband what she had done. The husband had died and gave the information to a solicitor, who told Margot. She eventually goes to New Zealand to find her dad. Along the way she has her heart broken by her boyfriend.


Johnny Carruthers had broken Henrietta's heart once, when he got engaged to another woman. Now that engagement was over, and Johnny had come back into her life, offering her a second-best love. Would Henrietta have the courage to refuse, or would she decide anyway that half a loaf was better than no bread?

Henrietta lives in Wellington but is moving back to be teacher on Dragonshill. She hasn't seen him in 5 years and he just drops by. She and Johnny and Godfrey were childhood friends. Both Johnny and Henrietta had parents who worked abroad so they spent a lot of time with Godfrey's family. Henrietta had married Godfrey on his deathbed 5 years ago. Johnny had left New Zealand when the woman he loved, Diedre, had rejected him and married someone else. Henrietta had secretly been in love with him for years. Johnny sent her letter 4 years ago asking her to marry him. But the letter was so cold, he called her second best, that Henrietta never answered it.


Jennifer McGrouther had met the famous author Gregor MacGregor just once, when she had been a small child; but directly and indirectly the meeting had changed her whole life, and she had never stopped dreaming about him. Now at last they were to meet again -- but was Jennifer wise to hope that those childhood dreams could ever turn into reality?


It was sheer accident-she'd stowed away in the wrong car-that had brought Julia to Adam Dare's sheep station in New Zealand's South Island and wrecked his engagement as a result. Julia felt that it was her duty to repair the damage.


(Lodestar in the South) "Farmer Giles", Lucinda had called Giles Logie, mockingly on the occasion of their first stormy meeting -- though anyone less like the traditional "Farmer Giles" was difficult to imagine! And indeed she soon learned that Giles had a reputation as the local gay Lothario. How could she ever have managed to find herself pretending to be "engaged" to him?


Charlotte was worried to death about her cousin Phyl, who seemed to have run away from home and left her children. It just didn't seem possible -- although Phyl's rather forbidding brother-in-law Edmund Leigh was only too ready to believe the worst of her.So Charlotte set about solving the mystery, without letting Edmund realize who she was.


When Thomasina heard that she had won a competition and would be able to take her young half-brother and sister on the holiday of a lifetime, she was thrilled.Not only would she be able to travel to New Zealand, but once there she would see her father's friend, Uncle Eb. But the annoying Luke Richmond made it clear that he suspected her motives for the visit..

Tomasina's father and stepmother have died and she takes care of her young siblings. A new roadway is going through their English village and she loses their home to the roadway. Her father was a writer who was just starting to be a success when he died and she works as a secretary. Thomasina is worried about money and how her siblings will adjust to living in a big town. Before her father died, he found a long lost relative. Ebenezer is the child of Thomasina's great grandfather and he is eager to learn more about the family. He is a widower with no kids.

Thomasina is also a writer, she wrote a winning essay on wanting to travel to New Zealand. She wins an all expense paid 2 month visit to the country. They decide to surprise Ebenezer, but when she gets there she overhears Luke and his girlfriend talking about Thomasina, dismissing her as a golddigger. So Thomasina gets off on the wrong foot with Luke, but she likes Ebenezer right away. The kids love the farm and they fit right it. She also starts to win over Luke, until an old girlfriend comes to the farm looking for money.


"The Gunns never did bring the Keiths anything but sorrow," Theresa Keith acknowledged after she had left her home in New Zealand for Austria in the hope that fresh scenes and new faces would take her mind off Murdoch Gunn, the man she was to have married.But Murdoch, like all the Gunn clan, was ruthless and usually got what he wanted. Did he still want Theresa?


Anna Drummond was grown up before she learned that her grandparents were still alive, and eager to be reunited with er. So she set off for their sheep farm in New Zealand and was met with all the warmth and love she could have hoped for. Unfortunately, though, she was received with hostility by the farm manager, Calum Doig. he was convinced that she had come there for purely mercenary motives. How could she cope with his suspicions?

Anna was raised in Fiji by her mother who ran a guest house. Anna's father had deserted the family a long time ago and had died a couple years ago. Her grandparents just discovered her existence and sent Anna a letter. She received just as her mother remarried and they planned to move back to New Zealand, so Anna decides to visit for awhile.

She meets Calum in a snowstorm when she rescues him and a drunk from the side of the road. She gets him to the hospital and overhears Calum talking about Anna and speculating that she will be like her feckless father. He thinks that Anna will break her grandparent's heart and he doesn't want her there. Strathallen is the name of the family sheep station, it is also a Scottish place name. There is a Anna of Strathallen in every generation.


Running away from a love that could not be, Jocelyn was thankful for the job of looking after two orphaned children and housekeeping for their uncle. Perhaps it would compensate for the family life that now would never be hers.But then her peace of mind was shattered once again by the malice of a jealous woman.

Jocelyn is a nurse who had to leave her job because of her employer's wife's pathological jealousy. She was in love with the employer and she goes home to her family. Her mother quotes her a poem about love not coming by appointment. Jocelyn goes to visit some friends but , in the fog, she goes to the wrong house. This is the home of Magnus and he turns out to be a distant cousin. She ends up staying to help with the kids. But Gillian, who jilted Magnus, comes back to cause mischief.

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After the unwelcome publicity aroused by a television interview, Marilla St. John decided to retreat to the country for a while until the fuss had died down. She was not prepared for the encounter with Rufus Sinclair, a confirmed bachelor who had heard that Marilla St. John was a determined husband-hunter. How could she convince him he was wrong?

Marilla (named for Marilla in Anne of Green Gables) just casually told a reporter that she thought marriage was important and that her parents had a happy one. Then nuts start contacting her and her parents (her father is a vicar). She feels harassed and wants to get away.A cousin tells her of a teaching job at a remote station, she doesn't exactly lie about her name, she just pronounces it Sin Jin when she realizes that Rufus had heard about the interview. Her car had broken down outside his place and she spends the night. He has broken his hand so he has her dictate a letter telling the nanny not to come. He said he has been plagued by family matchmakers and Marilla has been given the job not just to look after the children temporarily in his care, but as a potential wife.


Only after the tragic deaths of her adoptive parents, did Faith learn the whereabouts of her real father. She could not rest until she had gone to New Zealand in search of him. But the real problem, she soon realized, was her father's grim stepson Gareth Morgan, who could not forget the family scandal -- or forgive Faith for it!!

After her parents die, Faith's godmother asks her to come to England to see her, she is dying. Before the godmother dies she confesses that she is her mother. Faith's parents had been married and her father was a farmer, and her mother dreamed of being a famous actress.

So she left New Zealand to act in London, only to discover she was pregnant. She had Faith adopted by family friends and never told her husband that he had a child. They eventually divorced and both remarried. Her mother tells her where to find her dad, Julian Morland, at his farm Goblin Hill. So she goes to visit,but she doesn't identify herself. She gets a job compiling a family history for her aunts.


There was no trust. How could love last? Jane was aware that Broderic Adair resented her intrusion into her grandmother. Esmeralda's life. She knew he regarded her and her family as spongers on the bounty of an old lady. But Jane had a problem that Esmeralda could help solve: and she wasn't about to let Broderic's antagonism drive her away. What does it have to do with you, Mr. Adair? she asked icily. You're not even a relative!


Contempt flashed from Morgan's eyes And his attitude puzzled Susannah. Was it jealousy that made him so sarcastic whenever she went to see John? If it was, she could see no reason for it. Morgan had made it plain that his heart's desire lay only in taking over the estate owned by her family -- not in trying to win Susannah. Ruthless and ambitious, Susannah had labeled him. Yet in her heart she knew it wasn't true!

Five years ago, on another visit to her grandmother in New Zealand, she had gotten involved with John, but he had jilted her. To save her pride, Morgan suggested they pretend to be engaged on that visit. She agreed because she was already starting to fall in love with him. But then Morgan suggested making it a real engagement and Susannah realizes the farm her grandmother owns, and she will inherit, is her real attraction and she breaks it off. Now she is back in New Zealand again because her grandmother wants her to help organize a family reunion. Morgan used to be a veterinarian but now he manages her grandmother's farm.


Elissa jumped at her uncle's request to go to New Zealand and redo him home while he was away. She expected to relive her happy childhood memories. Instead, her return to Airlie House was a fiasco. A rainstorm, a fall in the lake, a locked door combined to make her appear a fool to Logan MacCorquodale, the station manager. What's more, she'd come between Logan and his fiancée. Well, she'd complete her work and go home. Home, she thought sadly. She was home, wasn't she?


Her retreat led her back to square one! Priscilla loved her boss, P.B. Lockhart. Since he was engaged to someone else, running away seemed a good idea. She didn't run far enough. She stopped unexpectedly to come to the aid of the elderly Rosina Claremont at her country estate. Rosina was preparing to look after three children in spite of what her domineering nephew, Barnabas, would say. Who could have foreseen that the formidable Barnabas was P.B. Lockhart?


Rebecca had landed herself in a jam! It had been her own impulsive decision to help her look-alike cousin, Becky, by taking her place at Craigievar. Becky had promptly vanished. Then the river had flooded, cutting off access to the remote sheep station. So Rebecca was forced to continue the deception. To make matters worse, Rebecca had fallen in love with Darroch Fordyce, the autocratic owner of Craigievar. But what use was that when he thought she was Becky-and engaged to his cousin Lennox?


Maria was delighted to accompany Mrs. Jensen to New Zealand as her nursing companion. And it seemed the perfect opportunity to trace the father she'd never known. After a few glorious months there, she knew she'd found her home, if not her father. For if "home is where the heart is" Maria's home was at Heronshaw with Struan Mandeville. But even as she hoped and dreamed, she knew there was one reason why it would never work!

Her mother has always said her dad was unprincipaled and she wanted Maria to have nothing to do with him. After her mom's death she goes through mom's papers and finds out about dad's family home. Wants to trace the home but not her dad. Mrs. Jensen is a diabetic and has problems traveling and managing her condition. She had come to England to see her nephew, Struan, who was ill. Mrs. Jensen invites her to come back to New Zealand to help her learn to manage her diabetes., but Struan is suspicious. He thinks his aunt is up to something. He is right, it turns out that his aunt realized who Maria is and invites her back to meet her family without anyone knowing who she is. For awhile it looks like Struan is her brother!!!



She hoped the darkness hid her expression. Maria stared up at his strong profile, fair in the starlight, as he smiled down at her.

"You think it really doesn't matter that I'm not a true grandson of the estate?" he asked.

"How could it matter when there are such strong family bonds?" Maria answered simply.

"I like that," Straun said. "And I like this." His arm came around her and he swung her toward him. She thought of Romayne before his lips found hers--then the delight of the moment and her quickened heartbeat put every other thought aside.

But reality intruded after a while, and Maria felt sure this was his way of paying Romayne back. She said, mock-severely. "Time we went back. For someone sworn to dodge the matchmakers' wiles, you play with fire, Straun Mandeville!"


Why was Conrad so hostile toward her? Once Christabel had thought he was the man with whom she'd spend her life-he had been far from indifferent on that brief holiday in England. Yet he had made their parting final. But it seemed their destinies were entwined. She had traveled around the world to comfort the children her flighty selfish sister had left behind, only to face him again unexpectedly. Now, however, he had a different name, and this time he was her enemy. .

Christabel is an English author who just published her first book. Her half sister, Lisa, recently remarried and moved with her kids to New Zealand. Christabel meets Tod Hurst on bus tour in England. He seems to like her but then never gets in touch with her after the tour. Later Christabel gets a letter from Conrad Josefsen saying that her sister has left her new husband. She has left the kids behind and run off. Her husband chased after her and is hurt in a crash. She goes to New Zealand to check on the kids, she was close to them. But it turns out the kid's step-father and his family are also close to them. When she gets to New Zealand she finds her sister has died in an accident and Tod and Conrad are one and the same. He doesn't like her because he saw something she was writing on the tour and reached the conclusion that she was promiscuous just like her sister. It was really just something for her book.


With 2 little sisters and a brother to take care of , Luenda was at her wit's end for money, when out of the blue came an offer to live for a year on a New Zealand hill station, with half the income for herself! It seemed like the answer to a prayer. But the dour Gwillym Vaughn , who owned the other half of the property, didn't see it that way. From their first unfortunate encounter he formed a very low opinion of Luenda. Would she manage to stick it out?

Luenda lives in Auckland with her twin sisters and brother. Her mother had died awhile ago and her usually responsible stepfather didn't handle it very well. He took trips and gambled. It turned out he had mortgaged just about everything before he went to Las Vegas and died of a heart attack. A friend of the family has died, she had only met Luenda a few times but really liked her and she felt she owed a debt to the family. Her sister had had an illegitimate child and Luenda's grandparents had adopted the child.

The first time Gwillym meets sees her she is modeling a revealing dress. She works for a dress designer and it was an emergency. She was very uncomfortable modeling it, but he formed his impression of her from that and some other misunderstandings. One of which was, his girlfriend Fennella visiting Luenda and saying that she should watch out because Gwillym would do anything to get more land, including play up to her.

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He was too near -- and not to be trusted. Having Jonathan back in New Zealand was torture for Camilla. Five years had passed since she'd painfully broken their engagement, though she'd kept her knowledge of his dishonesty a secret. No matter how appealing Jonathan was now, she could never forget what he had done. Yet Camilla was swept with a longing for things to be different, that money didn't mean everything to Jonathan--that she could trust the only man she could ever love!


To get away from the hurt of seeing her ex-fiance married to another girl, Valency had gone off to work as secretary to Godfrey Carmichael, who was also embittered by the breakup of his engagement to Kathleen. The treatment worked, even better than Valancy had thought it might, and she found herself forgetting Justin in her new love for Godfrey. And then Godfrey suggested she marry him-but only, Valancy knew only too well, because he thought she was suitable. Could she marry a man who was so obviously still hankering after someone else?


Hers was a small secret mission Juliana's father had been born and raised on the alpine sheep station of Thor's Hill, but he had left it under mysterious circumstances and never returned to New Zealand. Now, as private-duty nurse at Thor's Hill, Juliana was determined to discover the reason. Something had driven her father away from this beautiful country, but what? And would its shadow always fall between herself and station manager Tulloch MacNair, destroying any chance of their happiness?


It was the chance of a lifetime "Take this money and spread your wings. It's meant to bring you joy:" Aunt Amabel wanted Monique to take a break from shouldering the family burdens, to take a cruise to the other side of the world, find adventure, freedom and possibly romance. But Monique had other dreams. Her heart was set on tracing her roots in Port Beauchamp, the home her grandfather had left in disgrace years ago. She was undecided--until an outrageous encounter with a chivalrous stranger gave her the push she needed.


They stared at each other in dismay Rosamond recalled seeing this unknown man's disgusted face over Gaspard MacQueen's shoulder when she'd kissed him good-bye in England. Gaspard, who had loved and lost her grandmother years ago, and who'd offered Rosamond the job here in New Zealand. So this was Matthieu, the grandson Gaspard had assured her would welcome and look after her until his return. Rosamond had arrived with such high hopes, but now her heart sank. For Matthieu was convinced that Rosamond was a gold digger, out to capture his grandfather's money.


She was known as "Letitia for Loveliness" If Nathaniel had not so desperately needed a governess for his isolated sheep station, Letty knew he would never willingly have hired her--the head beautician in his father's store. In Nathaniel's own words, that sort of woman could only prove to be "artificial, totally unsuitable and probably a mischief maker." Nevertheless, Letty was determined to prove herself, and she accepted the last-minute offer. As for the high and mighty Nathaniel Pengelly, Letty vowed, he'd learn a lesson he'd never forget!

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      7 years ago

      Dr Omon Pray for my husband to stop cheating on me with his ex-girlfriend. Me & my husband have been married for 3 yrs. We have lived together for 16yrs and been together almost 17 yrs. I am asking Dr omon to remove the ex-girlfriend from my husbands heart and remove her from our marriage. I believe there is an unGodly hold on my husband. He even admits that he doesn't trust her and that I am a better woman than she is and says she is greedy, selfish and a liar. But he still sneaks to call her on the phone etc. She also is very persistent. This is her nature to stay connected to ex-boyfriends etc. He is not the first. My husband is a christian and is just doing the opposite of what a christian does. I believe he is drinking again. He says he has changed. He has been back and forth for the past year now. He even joined her Devil church. She believes Magic sent him to her. She wants him to divorce me and marry her. She thinks this is Satanâs plan. He says he doesn't want to keep hurting me. He says he still loves and is in love with me. He said he doesn't think he could stop seeing her. He was faithful to me for over 16 years. I think he is in a midlife crisis and the devil is messing with him. I do not want to divorce him but I am getting to the point where I had enough. I keep praying to God. My husband isn't the Godly man I know. He needs to repent to God and turn away. This woman is being used by Satan. I pray she repents and turns to God and walks away from my husband. I pray for God to physically remove her from his life. I also order prayer for my son. I am asking Dr omon to heal his mind, heart and emotions. I believe my family is restored with the power of Dr omon the spell caster. I am not giving up. The devil loves to smokescreen situations. Now my Husband is in love with me and my family and promise not to lookup to other woman outside accept me her wife so today is a very happy day in my life to share this grate testimonies to everyone in this prayer ground. If you need the help of the Man called Dr omon his email address is he is always there to help anyone who have problem once again thanks for all you help to me and my family I am very grateful I fund you Doctor you are God sent. Joan monger CONTACT THIS GREAT SPELL CASTER VIA EMAIL:

    • ceciliaw profile image


      10 years ago

      thank you, I enjoy the descriptions of the country very much. I really want to visit New Zealand

    • WindyWintersHubs profile image


      10 years ago from Vancouver Island, BC

      My hubby's granny was a big fan of vintage romance. I believe I may have read many of this author's books. New Zealand is beautiful and highly recommended. Nice work on your lens.


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