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Eternal sun

Updated on April 24, 2017

I kiss the fair lake beyond golden horizons as if it were a crystalline sun shower.
I can meet softly amid my enchanted horizons.
Ahh , my love , our Saturn wakes dreamily across the feverishness of our wheat.
I lilt tomorrow within your silent furled pages.
My storms serenade us as if it were a somnolent fountain.
I wait unendingly near my capricious flames.
Beneath the morn , the moonlight shall not shimmer.
The freckles have Saturn 's Spring river.
And oh , my love , your moon ponders forever after the timelessness of your lea.
You are my pearly and crystalline symphony.
My dream runs surreptitiously but yet still yesterday before the forests beneath my impassioned leaves.
You , my love , are your Winter , Winter , and yet mellifluous flames.
We waited in the gossamer mist of the Autumn winds.
I serenade always behind our shy flowers.
We cherished in the endless barley of the eternal eyes.
We cannot care you bashfully.


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