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Ethanol Plays Foul. We Howl

Updated on July 16, 2017

That half empty bottle, makes me go full throttle

That half empty bottle, makes me go full throttle
That half empty bottle, makes me go full throttle | Source

Do not blink. There lies my drink.

Head to the bar. Like a shining star.

A whiskey, and a rum

Race, another year

Why so tired? Try warm nights, with a cold beer

A sip, for each hip, dance, no more just a stance

A drink, to survive, celebrate, or forget

“Alcoholics Anonymous”. Step by step

Upon invitation, ingest, ethanol, a “cry for help”

And a cigarette, to inhale, in simple pleasures, we regale

Liver exhale, please don’t stop.

Liver, I need you, for just another drop

Just another time, drinking not a crime

Drinking is very dear. When “drunk, “I’m pretty clear”

A hangover is near, some coffee my dear?

Morality, not an option, "life lectures", I shall not bear

A bottle, and a glass, a few peanuts, "I rest my fears"

"Tilt" it, takes a lot of bile, yet worthy, each and every mile

Jazz, and a single malt, never went, "out of style"

The thought alone, makes me smile

Tongues “drying out”, "rules are revelations, we flout"

“Fight the good fight”. Nurse a glass, and all seems "right"

“What’s wrong, in wrong?” Life seems, so long

“Night” another hour. Let’s order, a “Whiskey sour”

A “Vodka”, and a “Coke”. Some lime, so we do not choke

“Hallucinate or Hurt”, we all, "walk the line"

“Sobriety”, we just don’t find, worthy to define

A cork, an opener, and “insatiable ice”

Suddenly, those stars, seem so nice

Let’s throw the dice, whip out some cards

Let’s write, make “merry not fight”, my fellow "drunken bards"

Let's find, let's fill, those long forgotten yards

Race those yards, “all Jocks, in socks”

Dinner guests, flaunting those fingers, with “ever shiny rocks”

Sympathetic eyes, follow my trail; an unsteady gait, beckons my “arrival”

Statistics shriek, at my impending fate, as I snatch a “Smirnoff” for another day’s “survival”

Seasons, seem all the same, seconds, set for “leisurely lick”

Yes, each morning, in each mirror, I remember last night’s “Alcoholic.”

© 2017 Nikhil Chopra


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