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A Collective Crime Against God

Updated on September 5, 2017

There was no normal pattern in the hierarchical world she lived in. The concentration of these pattern outlets stripped her of every culture she had towards humanity; it was the raw motivation reducing her to an animal state. She simply refused to penetrate social selection in baptizing the newborn babies.

Stanislawa Leszczynska was born in Poland. Her incarceration followed common patterns in the form of communal life. She had remarkable instinct and leadership that cultivated her propensity to conform with human decency and physical comforts for the ones not yet born.

Stanislawa’s method of survival did not include depersonalization. She built the defense mechanism upon the virtues of faith and developed her own ego to protect the pregnant women from physical and mental disintegration. The traumatizing effect on her soul ceased to operate when it became a persistent and normal pattern of savagery.

When Stanislawa was incarcerated in 1943, there was an increasing demand for manpower that forced the transition towards the deployment of male and female labor camps into a war economy. She developed a rational organization and procedure to the pregnant women arriving at the camp. As a midwife her goal was to save as many newborn babies as she physically could, not with selective nature, but by the fact that some would be given to unmarried couples of German origin if they met their requirements.

To some extent she was able to identify herself in the role she played particularly with the social category that bears life. Her world included extermination by exhaustion, execution, and a certain cold-bloodiness in the mechanization of death and economy. The only maternity ward she had was a stove that gave birth to the multitudes. By this, she gave God what he asked for: life.

Aside from the gregarious cruelty and privation, she continued to pray for the mothers that gave birth with the only principal interaction in the form of faith. She never gave way to the stench of death and sickness that rose upon her nostrils and allowed her to give birth to every baby who deserved to be alive. Many of the mothers were frail and it seemed impossible to give birth, but yet again Stanislawa was able to complete the job with the guidance of God.

The miracle is that all 3000 babies she delivered were alive, however as creatures of another planet, most were murdered. Even when the universal horror stood against her numerous times, she would rationalize to her superiors that God is rational upon the universe. Stanislawa never relinquished her metaphysical world of God.

Maria Solomon stated, “Sitting with a patient, she would sometimes doze for a few minutes, but soon she would jump up and go to the woman who was moaning in pain.” I would like to believe when she dozed off and drifted that she would be asking God for forgiveness and to proclaim the inadequate morality of the atrocities she witnessed.

Mind you, there was never any official statement that Stanislawa could give God. No choice of words could stop God’s tears for the unsuspecting babies that had no clue that now was the time to be murdered. Stanislawa could only connect with God with the feeling of shame and the omission of the collective innocence of a generation of lost souls. By claiming every child for God and his son Jesus, by the Kingdom of Heaven, she told the truth in the geopolitical world of what life is really about. If birth is consumed by innocence, then how can there be any resentment in the interpretation of evil and brutality?

She knew that there was a collective crime against God and that the gap between Man and God became unbridgeable. She was ordered to murder the babies but chose to stay defiant and fight the deed that God also refused. She would be beaten repeatedly and still continue to refuse. Many of the mothers died because of starvation and many of the pregnant females didn’t even have milk. Despite this, Stanislawa managed to find two women to wet-nurse the babies of the incapable women.

What this mother said to the world even when she was degraded by the attendants of the terror machine was that the only hope of survival was faith in God and a deeper probing into the relationship that gives comfort to every pregnant mother with a suffering child fighting to live. Stanislawa treated every pregnant mother with a sacred reverence that stripped away their misery.

With all these miracles Stanislawa performed her intelligible world, not by the token of the babies dying, but by the self-absorption of life that enabled every human to live across the world. She was given the proper name as mother upon the atrocious magnitude of the environment she lived in. She did not diminish her responsibility, and even when the child was up for adoption, she would tattoo a sign unnoticeable to Gestapo authorities. For one day, the child would be able to reunite with its mother.

Elzbieta Pawlowska indicated that Stanislawa would organize prayers. She mentioned they would sing very quietly signifying her power and domination in the self-preservation of terror. Can the geopolitical world believe that Stanislawa is an official candidate for the canonization of sainthood by the Catholic Church?

What remains is the canonization of a woman who lived a meager life and died alone with little words that said what she accomplished. Let me make this clear: all 3000 babies she delivered lived, were baptized, and given to God. That was the real miracle that this lonely midwife wasn’t able to tell the Vatican.

I’ll make it clear again: Stanislawa is the most important woman in the historic perspective in the last 3000 years. The reason why is because her son failed to mention one thing about her story. God gave a lonely worthless writer to tell the world that Stanislawa now sits on the throne of salvation along with God, her brother, and the 2970 babies that were murdered.

With God and her brother at her side, these babies have rained down the cries upon the soil of mankind. If an event like this comes close to happening again God will show you that this time there simply won’t be any mercy. The only inheritance Stanislawa possessed was the strength, love, and blessing of the babies being baptized into the world. Allow this to be scripted in stone.


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