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Even More Confused

Updated on November 19, 2014

Another Surprise In Hiding

I look up in the open sky

All I can see is shades of wonderful blue

My day quiet and peaceful

I can feel my mind racing

Trying to capture this moment

The temperature hovering about thirty degrees

The cold glass window reflects the bright sun

What will make this day different

My wrists hurt as I type a few words on the keyboard

In an effort to grasp the true meaning of the day

I slowly ate a raisin bran muffin

A healthier choice than the double fudge chocolate chip I really wanted

Nourished by it's contents rather than thrilled by the taste

A day off that I can enjoy relaxing and doing anything I want

I sort through old notes that were once the beginning of a story

Half blank white paper the bottom covered with blue ink writing scribbled from left to right

A story in the making

Unfinished and left untouched

Isn't it amazing how action can create the most incredible thoughts

Lack of action also creates a sadness in my heart

Where an unknown feeling pulls at my stomach

A feeling of nausea


Restlessness that I can't avoid

As I stare now into the bright blinding light

Only to squint and feel even more uncomfortable than before

My eyes forced to close

As I turn away

A day of uncertainty

I kick off my shoes and play with my toes in disgust

This day should be of joy

A deep richness and renewed passion

Instead I am scratching my head in disbelief

Now distracted by a car that pulled in my driveway

I quickly get up

Leaving this poem

Yet another writing unfinished

Simply laid to rest


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