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Evening Breeze

Updated on July 21, 2011

Evening Breeze

I close my eyes and feel you in the evening breeze

I can feel the essence of you blow against my face

The warmth of your love fills my soul with peace

As I close my eyes I remember how you look

I remember how you sound

I remember what it was like to be in your presence

In this cool tropical wind

I feel you near

Tell me what secrets you have for me today old friend

Tell me the things that I miss, which are long forgotten

Tell me the secrets of the universe once more

As you blow in the wind

I feel your need

I feel your touch and voice

Telling me to come away with you

It sounds so temping

So very temping old friend

To get lost in the wind once more

To be in your arms as we search the reaches of universe

I can feel you blow gently against my face

I breathe you in

And it calms my soul down

I can still smell the way you smell

I can still taste the way you taste

All I want to do is touch you

To feel those strong arms holding me again

To feel the protection of your body around me

Keeping me safe from the dangers of the universe

I close my eyes and I still remember the outline of your face

The way you jaw is set

The texture of your hair

I still remember how you look

As the wind blow I am whimsical about everything

Then a voice calls me

I hear a noise somewhere and I am brought back to reality

Thank you for those precious moments that your spirit took to calm mind

I watch you go back into the wind

Knowing when I am whimsical again you shall come


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