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Ever Since

Updated on July 10, 2010


All that has resided in me

Everything I ought to be

Things that will be solely missed

Are sealed away with our first kiss

As day soon turns into night

We hold each other in pure delight

Not thinking of what is to come

But relishing in what we’ve done

Your touch is so magnetic to me

No inhibitions, I just feel free

But as I am free, you begin to fly

You leave me alone and I ask myself why?

You pulled away and you left me

I thought that we were meant to be

These things they happen

Day in and day out

So what do I have to complain about?

I’m just another within this day

Who’s left asking, why you didn’t stay?

You came to me and settled here

I lived my life in constant fear

Of what to say and who to be

But you showed me that I should just be me

Tears flow freely down my face

As I let go in your embrace…

Should I have done this from the very start?

Given up my whole heart?

Had I known that you would pull away

I might not have been so free with what I say

Your thoughts are like a puzzle to me

But your heart, is all I ought to be

And like Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Your heart compares to this just right

As was his painting a masterpiece…

Your heart has gone and captured me

A piece that is not admired and overlooked

But I saw it and was overtook

With admiration and reverence

And I have loved you ever since


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    • jasmin1322 profile image

      jasmin1322 7 years ago

      Thank you for the comment!

    • notquitecorso profile image

      notquitecorso 7 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      just wonderful...the van gogh 'starry night' tie in was lovely...the way you paralleled the painting with your feelings...really creative. can't wait to read more from you.