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Everlasting or Ephemeral: Poetic Exploits

Updated on April 13, 2019
Rhylee Suyom profile image

Reginaldo is an educator, a father, and a frustrated pilot. Hope his play on words will elevate you higher and make you feel better.

Fleeting thoughts or eternal learning...

Do thoughts flee after reading quality poetry...or  stay eternally to set us free?
Do thoughts flee after reading quality poetry...or stay eternally to set us free? | Source

Everlasting or Ephemeral?


We have been to the depths of loneliness and grief
Only to know the value of familial bond
The scarcity of life’s offerings have molded us into
Who we really are and have been
For in the eternal realms where time did not exist
Our able hands were lifted to the Square
Vowing to brace for the tempests
And sustaining those among us who will fall by the way side
Through all, for time and all eternity…

[RGSuyom: May 2013/Angeles City]



Life is grand...
Life is beautiful...
Life is adventure...
All for the grandeur...
We've lived a simple life...
At times I've felt not as grand...
The tears...
The joys...
The ups...
And downs...
As I look back...
With the six years..
We have had...
I sulk...
I ask...
I talk...
I bask!!!
Memories of you,
Me and Lern too!
We have lived a life...
Filled with great love...
All thanks to you.
Happy birthday Dear!!!

[RGSuyom: September 11, 2018]



Is all I need.
She has indeed.
I'll deliver?
Much she offers.
We were nothing but misfits
Made to bond by the Maker...
Fate had a bad habit
Had set us together...
We'll no longer dream of dreams;
We will both enjoy fun & whims;
I love thee now...
I love thee ever...
Love ye how?

[R.G.Suyom: February 14, 2018 (Wed.@6:30pm) Angeles City]



A smile...
A hug...
A warm hello
to a native heart.
A tap...
A handshake...
all for the brotherhood
at Stake.
He walks silently;
He threads the quiet halls;
He answers only hearts' recall...

[RGSuyom: November 28, 2017/Angeles City]



He stood there amidst the storm
His prying eyes scouring the sea for weary ships
And the elements take a toll on his fragile frame
Not a word, trembling hands steady on the lens
While the roaring seas crumble against the rocks
Of hunger, of pain, of heavy burdens on frailties of men
Yet steady he must for the seafarers' journey safe
And no one notices...
No one appreciates...
No one listens...
To his plea...
Only when the light dies down
When rocks breach hulls
And when stragglers die
For not seeing the light from the house
Can people realize the value
Of the watchman.

[RGSuyom: September 30, 2017@7pm/Angeles City]



A day or two...
How do you do?
A year or so...
Where will we go?
A time and season...
What are the reasons?
A tear and cheer...
Of us my Dear!
And the days will turn...
Into months and years...
Till we are old and grey...
But you will always be there!
From that "day" a gift I received,
From Him and joy achieved...
Each day we yearn...
Each time we learn...
From me and Lern...
Happy birthday Dear!

[RGSuyom: September 11, 2017/Angeles City]



He lives in a house
Not of his own...
He lives a life
Service borne...
He drives.
He cooks.
He protects
His masters from crooks!
Yet he lives a life
Not of his own...
And he lives in a house
Service borne.

[R.G.Suyom: Nov.18, 2017 @ 11 PM]


Of Duty and DUTY

Her voice beckons me to stay...
And I am left to...
Her cries had me rushing to that tiny room where she lays helpless and longing...
The phone rings reminding me of my duty...
My heart tells me my DUTY is here next to her...
And I hurriedly took the chance to be off and going...
The sound of the engine muffled her cries deafening my almost numb ears...
Dropping gas...dropping tears...
The visor hides my vision...
And I hear her no more.

[R.G.Suyom: August 08,2017@8:30am]



Sick, tired, and unappreciated…
Perhaps being good is not good at all.
Loving, caring, and tested…
Perhaps being obedient leads to a ‘fall?’
And he gives his best
Yet no one finds them wanting…
And he mutters nothing
But a few words of needing…
Time will tell and he may fall…
He may no longer heed the ‘call!’

[RGSuyom: October 25, 2016@11:30pm]



one needs initiative to learn,
will to carry on,
heart to understand,
strength to pursue,
steady hand to guide,
and an open mind to think...

if one falls short of the others...
a vicious cycle of knowing one's self occurs.

[RGSuyom: July 21, 2011/Angeles City]



There are numerous ways to make man happy. The degree of happiness is dependent on the perception of man of the things he has, things he does not have, and the things he may need or want. The collective experiences of man mold his view of what gives him happiness, for these experiences define his identity.

[RGSuyom: April 2013/Angeles City]


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