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Every Morning Is A Whole New Beginning

Updated on September 25, 2013

Opening My Eyes To a Whole New Surprise

I feel alive and well

What new thoughts can I conjure up

I just want you to know

Conjure is one of those words in my vocabulary

I haven't used in years so I dusted it off and here it is

Sometimes you have to go with the flow

Other times you go with your gut

Reaching into my mind filled with tricks and an endless imagination

I get lost inside myself

Luckily I am smart enough to call for help

I keep my cell phone on speed dial


For emergencies only

I haven't had to use it yet

But if I did this is what my day might look like

I am lost this time I have gone farther than I have ever in the past

I usually go by a lot of white matter that look like clouds until you walk by

Then each one opens up as it passes and tries to convince me

Come take one step in

One particular cloud looks famlliar

I don't know why

It's a very chatty cloud

That talks real fast

It is different than all the other clouds

It is as if this cloud remembers me

Here the cloud goes again

See what I am trying to tell you for years

You never find the time to listen

You have been too busy picking all your other ideas and going in a whole different direction

Then I wait

Time passes and I get another chance

Pick me pick me

Step into my cloud


I just don't know

As I give it more thought

What do I have to do

Now the cloud kept on talking even as it passed me

I walk away intrigued

What if ?

How many times have I done just that

Followed a path and it didn't turn out the way I had hoped

Only to be a little dissatisfied and taken back

Thinking what could I have done to make my day better

I decided to back to this cloud before another cloud comes into my sights

I hurried back to catch this cloud

Now information is coming to me

I don't now why

When a cloud talks to you they only have one minute to talk

Then it is like they can't talk

I never understood but those are the unwritten rules

Each time I come for a thought

I go through the same process

Few ever remember how they thought up their thoughts because we are made to forget

Until one day this same cloud told me a secret never to tell anyone

To remember where you have been repeat over and over again

The goodness in my heart lives in the center of all beauty

For whatever reason this helps me remember where I have been and what I have done

Only bits and pieces for now

Each time I go get another idea

I pick the one I want and carefully repeat to myself

The goodness in my heart lives in the center of all beauty

I am out of breath and I am trying to talk at the same time

Excuse me are you the cloud that just left me a few minutes ago

The cloud didn't answer

Mr. or Mrs. cloud I am looking for a special cloud

One that I was just talking to is that you ?

Still not seeing me

The cloud looking straight ahead as if I didn't exsist

Hello anyone home in there

You know that's just rude

Ignoring someone when they are talking to you

No answer

Now getting a little upset

Hey I am not leaving till I get an answer

O.k. o.k.

Enough already

Keep quiet for a minute and let me talk

If I get in trouble you are not going to see me ever again

So listen I am the cloud that told you a special secret

Do you remember what that is ?


What is it ?

To say The goodness in my heart is all beauty


You have to say the goodness in my heart is the center of all beauty

I have to go on lunch break soon so you won't be able to catch me today

Just remember what I said and we will talk again

o.k. I answered quickly

Oh one more thing

What is that

My name is Mrs.Tranquility and you have take a step into my cloud for me to tell you more

When my minute begins if not another cloud gets equal time to talk to you

You have to play by the rules and if I get caught

I get bounced then I am on cloud guard for the next three months

So remember what I said to you

See you again soon



Till next time

I hope my thoughts come back

Only time will tell

To be continued....


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    • DREAM ON profile image

      DREAM ON 4 years ago

      billybuc When you think life can't get any better....then it does .Thanx for reading into my mind. I hope you and your wife enjoy this beautiful day In every possible way. It is always nice to see a friend.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Every single day is filled with unlimited cool is that? :)