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Everything tells a story doesn't it?

Updated on June 3, 2017
Everything tells a story even life so live life and you will be telling a story
Everything tells a story even life so live life and you will be telling a story

Everything tells a story doesn't it?

Stories can be limitless because everything can tell a story. If you have a good imagination and you believe that everything can tell a story than it can. For example, a store window can tell a story, or being outside in the outdoors can tell a story. Everything can tell a story if you look for the story in everything that you see and do.

Stories are limitless because everything is limitless if you believe it. It is what you get out of the story that makes you realize what is trying to tell you. It just depends on the person you ask. In my opinion, everything tells a story, no matter what it is. If it’s a tree outside with leaves falling off of it, that trees story is its cold out. The next time, you look at something and you are out with friends or even family, why not ask them if what you are all looking at tells a story. What they say might surprise you. I know that whenever I look at something it tells me a story, but that could just be me, or does it do the same for you?

You can even be watching a fly, on the wall or in a house fly around and that fly is telling you a story which is limitless because you might always see a fly. You might not know what the story is but that is what they are trying to do. At least if you think of it that way, you won’t be scared of a fly, because I know that some people are afraid of flies and spiders. Even if you are afraid of the specific thing that specific thing tells a story, whether you want to know about it or not. A house can tell a story a yard can tell a story, a person’s look can tell a story.

Even a flower bed can tell a story. It just depends on the way you read into things, I know that everyone says not to read too much into things. What if you are trying to figure out the story of what you are looking at or of what you are doing then you are going to have to read into it. As I said earlier everything tells a story you just have to figure out what that story is. You might not even like the story, but sometimes a story isn’t meant to be liked it is just meant to be heard. If like stories you will be able to look around you no matter where you are and whatever it is you are looking at will tell a story. You can even look up at the sky and there is a story there too. I guess the point that I am trying to make is if things tell stories as everything does, you need to use your imagination in order to figure the story out. So yes everything tells a story, you just need to use your imagination to see what that story is. Who doesn’t like using their imagination?

So the next time you are looking at something and trying to figure it out think of it in a story form. When you think of things in story forms it is more understandable and relate-able wouldn’t you say? This is the opinion of a journalist, though. Do you agree or not? Aren’t stories great though what do you think of that?

Everything tells a story doesn't it?

Can Everything tell a story?

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Why are Stories Limitless?

Stories are great because they can come from a limitless number of places. Since everything and anything can tell a story if you look hard enough, they can be limitless. Stories make people look at things from a different perspective when they hear, them if the story is true that is. Some stories are make believe just to get people to listen to them. Most stories in books are made up, by the author who is writing them. There might be a little bit a truth to some of it but not much so it wouldn't be considered a true story.

Have you ever looked around outside or even in a building and thought about the story that whatever it is you are looking at is trying to tell? When I look outside at a tree depending on where it is I can just guess at what story it is trying to tell. I went through a bush this week, and looked around at all the trees and beautifulness, that they had to offer and my mind came up with a story all about what the Bush was all about, The Bush told the story of how it came to be and what the sanctuary of silence and peace that it had to offer. At least that is the story my mind came up with, I am not sure what the actual story was.

The point is though that everything tells a story if you let your mind go that far. Also known as if you let your imagination run wild as you are looking at things that you do everyday stories will form. So anything you look at if you let your mind go to where that thing was from or what it could be a story can form limitlessly. Which is what makes them limitless.

Stories are limitless because they not only can come from anywhere, but everyone has their own take on things. So even if a person sees the same thing as someone else they might not get the same out of it and have a different story to tell about the same thing but the story won't be the same as someone else's.

Everything tells a story, and all the stories that are told are different because each person who tells a story about something takes something different out of what they saw or experienced and is now relaying it to the people around him or her. This is how stories become limitless and will always be limitless.

Everything tells a story
Everything tells a story

Stories are Everywhere, but why can stories be told by everything?

Why can everything tell a story if you look at it long or hard enough? stories are everywhere, you just have to know where to look and what you are looking for in terms of what story you want to tell the world. Stories are everywhere, and if you know what you are looking for you will find them in the most unlikely places, and those are the places where you have the most fun don't you think? So if you are trying to figure out how to tell a story or where to find a story just look at everything around you and imagine it in a story form and there you go a story is formed.

Do you think everything tells a story let's discuss

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      Louise Barraco 9 months ago from Ontario

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      Mark Tulin 9 months ago from Santa Barbara, California

      Thanks Louise for this insightful reminder.