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Evil Behind a Holy Grin

Updated on August 10, 2017

Only God Can Judge Me

She’s all dressed up and she looks so pretty

Dressed in her own hypocrisy

As the service takes place she begins

Eyeing her victims she feels have sinned

She smiles as she begins to judge the fallen

She can’t wait to preach her tongue of swollen

She preys on the weak and to convinces them they’ve done wrong

Singing the lyrics of her evil song

Now her eyes are have found their place on me

Those evil eyes are beginning to feed

But I have nothing to hide

I know the One who will judge me when I die

So swallow your tongue and choke on your words

I know in the end you will get what you deserve

Stitch up the ones who need to be fixed

I am not the one who feeds on this

You tell me I’m going to end up in hell

That I have drank from the devil's well

Telling me all is wrong in what I do

But the worst ones are those who sit in the pew

My soul will be clean and pure

I am not the holiest but I can assure

That when I leave this life behind

I will be in the Kingdom of Heaven with all the divine

So you can try to take my hand away from Him

And lead me astray in the paths of sin

But when it is over I will still rely

On the Savior who has always kept me alive


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    • Fullerman5000 profile image

      Ryan Fuller 6 years ago from Louisiana, USA

      Apostle jack always good to see you my friend. we have to watch out for these types of people indeed. thanks for stopping by.