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Evil Deeds Never Go Unrewarded

Updated on March 13, 2023

Standing On Line

The line at the mini-mart was long.

It was night, getting later and later, and this was the 'last stop'. If one was going East, as most were, there was no such business for over ten miles. It was either buy the goods here and now, or wait until tomorrow.

The line was long, the people getting frustrated. They had their goods, they had their money. This is when Marge entered the crammed shop. She made her selections then stood at the end of the line holding her emergency purchases.

What was the Hold Up?

The cashier, despite the crowd, was deep in a quarrel with her boyfriend on her cell phone. The cashier was oblivious to those who stood waiting to pay. All that captured the brain of the cashier was that her boyfriend had lied and she was going to get to the bottom of it, even if it took the next five hours.

The mumbles of the proto-customers turned to grumbles, loud grumbles. To avoid distraction, the cashier turned her back, and moved away from the register and kept talking.

How long people would stand on an unmoving line watching the cashier’s drama while waiting to pay for their items was not long.

Many of the attempted customers began passing rude remarks as they stomped out, leaving their aborted purchases on the counter.

Marge was chewing obscenities as gum. She really needed to get the items and get
home ten minutes ago.

As more and more of the customers stomped out, saying things not suitable for airplay, Marge reached the top of the line by attrition. She pasted on her best plastic smile and in her most mind dead voice spoke at the subsidiary idiots who worked there.

Peering compassionately at the cashier, Marge demurred; “I don’t want to disturb her, I’ll pay for my items when I come back,” and walked out the door clutching her selections.

The Thief

As Marge drove away, the sheer insanity of what she’d done had her laughing out loud.

She kept seeing the dopey faces of the staff which had never expected anyone to
behave as Marge had.

Marge hadn't known she would play the scene as she did, and loved herself for the cool, compassionate method she'd used in getting what she needed.


After a two days of dining out on her story of the Mini-mart she began to feel a bit guilty. She had stolen the goods. No question.

Marge decided to go back to the Mini-Mart. She would apologize for walking out with the items and immediately pay for them.

If the boss was there, in the most damaging but polite way, Marge would explain why she had walked out without paying.

She planned to immediately hand over her credit card, pay for her goods, and leave. She shouldn't be sanctioned. After all, she had been a good customer, she could be trusted. The cashier should be fired.

As Marge entered the mini-mart with her resolve, a mix of contrition and justifiable annoyance, she was stunned when the cashier greeted her with a beatific smile.

As Marge stood staring the cashier said;

“They told me what you said, and I really appreciate it...”

Feeling really embarrassed and confused, wanting to apologise for stealing the items, but taken off guard, Marge searched for distraction.

Her eyes fell on a Teddy Bear.

Cooing and smiling she asked the cashier how much it cost. This was to divert and end the conversation.

“Oh it’s free if you have a coupon..." the Cashier informed, and before Marge could
speak; "Come...” beckoned the Cashier.

The cashier led Marge to an aisle of stacked loaves of bread, and began searching
through them. Marge wanted to tell her not to bother or turn the conversation to her indebtedness, but as the Cashier was totally engrossed in her task, Marge held silent..

Shortly the Cashier had found the loaf with the hidden coupon, gave it to Marge with a beaming smile.

In a daze, Marge went to the counter, paid for the bread, got the Teddy Bear.

She thanked the cashier and went out quickly, appreciating that evil deeds never go unrewarded.


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