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Evil Entity - Chapter 1

Updated on May 19, 2020

Evil Entity

It was quiet, almost unnaturally quiet. The tall trees loomed darkly overhead, not even a whiff of air disturbing the stillness. It was two A. M when I woke up to hear the knocking on glass. At first, I thought it a window until I heard it coming from the mirror again. I stayed in a double-story house with a terrace and a chimney. And yet, if you are standing at the gates, an involuntary chill would creep down your spine. The broken glass in the windows, the empty fish pond in front of the house, the trees in the courtyard that have been leafless since anyone can remember it. It was difficult not to feel as though you were being warned to stay away by the very atmosphere.
This place was closed for 10 years before we moved in because the previous owner had killed her daughter and then himself in uncertain circumstances. I moved into the house two months back with my pet dog and almost every day at 12:09 p.m. the bell for the main door rings, but I never found anyone standing at the door.
I always thought my dog had a staring problem she always seemed fixated on my face until one day I realized that poor animal was looking just right behind me. In all the time I had lived in this house, I have closed more doors than I have opened. As I was stumbling in the night to go to the washroom. I felt my dog brushing against my leg. But then I heard my dog barking upstairs at something else. As I walked into the washroom and looked at myself in the mirror, I saw someone else's reflection behind me one hanging on the roof and other fallen down on the floor unconscious.
Soon I sold the house to Mr. Simon a Paranormal Investigator from Iran and I shifted to an ordinary apartment. I never told him about the consequences of this house and he never asked me even after staying for months.
After a few months, at 12.09 I got a call from Simon saying he is in danger and someone is trying to kill him. I immediately rushed to his house. I reached towards the main door but it was closed, after banging thrice the door opened itself and as I got in the lights started blinking, and I heard a loud scream from the washroom, I thought him to be Simon and ran to help him but as I went in the washroom, I saw Simon hanging on the roof with a dagger in his hand. I was senseless, and I fainted at the sight. As I opened my eyes, I found myself fell in the washroom: I opened the door and ran out of the washroom to leave the house immediately and sat on the couch tieing my shoelace, and then the main door opened itself and I saw Simon with a demonic face and a dagger in his right hand and a holy cross-holding upside down in his left hand, standing there. I know Simon was dead but could not understand whether his body is possessed or he is a poltergeist, and I felt myself to be in great danger. I had no plans to escape instead of facing the situation. Simon started running toward me with a demonic face and I fall into a deep sleep. Thinking I was having a pleasant dream when what sounded hammering woke me. After that, I could barely hear the muffled sound of dirt, covering the coffin over my screams. I whispered I’m not dead! At first, I thought they hadn’t heard me, but one of them smiled and said, “We know that you are not dead, we have killed you.

© 2020 Rahul Anand


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