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What is Evil, And Why Won't Get You Nowhere...!

Updated on August 1, 2012

Evilness, so real and present in our everyday life that... at this very moment trying to stop us from publishing this very article. Funny enough!

It has been talked about for centuries. Wars have been fought because of unrighteousness, and people have left our planet for senseless misunderstandings and inhuman acts.

We are going to focus on its effect on us, the 'average Joe,' and the disastrous consequences by acting evil. Yesterday we read about Billybuc's story, and we felt compelled to write about evilness. We deeply felt the pain from those kids who died with no reasonable explanation. Seems that 'malignant spirits' are roaming this earth, rampant and unpunished.... apparently!

What is evil then?

According to the dictionary is the condition of being wicked without having remorse. A malignant feeling that needs to be fed, added to a despicable condition of profound immorality. How can we explain the unlawful need to keep hurting good souls? All boils down to a revolving clash of selfish energies, that cannot defeat those chosen souls for eternity. Our Bible explains with detail how evilness will meet its final hours at any minute.

Evilness is out there more than ever because sinister forces love to deceive and cause harm. Evil spirits or souls keep hunting recklessly the good people, knowing that the 'free ride' for this tainted deceivers will end, sooner than later.

Fourth Dimension, Parallel Universe and Ghosts

There are things that cannot be explained. Have we seen ghosts, or maybe lost souls? Sure we did. These 'negative energies' pass from person to person like demonic beings from the classic movies. They take over the weak mind and infuse that 'need' of becoming harmful to others. When we are talking about fourth dimension we are adding time to our three dimensional world. There are moments when we feel the presence of some forces; we just call it paranormal activity or ghosts. We can introduce in here the Guardian Angels from our early years or childhood.

But just think about it! Guardian Angel for us? Well, whenever you find a good soul, you will bump into the counterpart. Just close your eyes, and you will sense an unknown world. Some scientists added the idea of a parallel universe and its similarity with ours. We all have stories to tell every now and then. Why evilness is related to the night? Why some people kill and try to justify their actions? We all know what is right from wrong, but still live among deceptive minds.

Robespierre | Source

History -- You Reap What You Sow...

Evilness was around us since the beginning of civilization. We were bound to act with a wicked mind, because human meant imperfection and unfulfilled. However, for profound reasons, we still live among wickedness.

Just associate war and evil, and you will have to go back to Cain and Abel. We can name events like the fall of Rome, William the Conqueror at Hastings, Robespierre and his Regime of terror, Hitler after Valkyirie and Muammar Gaddafi's brutal ending.

We watch these events in our minds like in a sequential movie, and we witness the presence of that smile of death. Evildoers know they were wrong, but they get carried away with their own ill-fated wrongdoings.

Attacking the evil eye
Attacking the evil eye | Source

The Evil Eye

It's been said for thousand of years that the 'eyes are the windows to your soul.' Just shut your eyes again and try to think of something. You just caught up with those negative energies, that were out there rubbing the very essence of your existence; and if you got scared by closing your eyes, just check on things you did for the last few months. They were studying your every move, and getting soaked of your own behavior... to know your weak points. For every action, there will be a reaction. Just watch that cannonball being fired. The cannon will bounced back a few inches, no matter what. Going back to the evil eye:

If you check Charles Manson, this new sensation James Holmes, or Jerry Sanduski himself, you will have a glimpse of those wicked forces that are around us. Christians denounce the devil as a liar... and that Satan has his days already overdue on earth. Well, Mister evilness is getting hold of weak minds and lost souls, knowing that a big change is looming over the horizon.

Due to that penetrating look, evil people are the perfect actors, and without a doubt they can really deliver in front of you and Broadway. Not that all of them are evil, but Kristen Stewart did top the cake.


Evilness at HP?

Sure they are out there. We forgot to tell them that we have ways of tracking their very own acts (we did bring down the Big Ezine!). They are the ones that will vote you down, and mentally will tell to themselves, "who he/she think he/she is?" Or the understanding phrase, "I'm better than you!" They use others and 'convince' others that you, the good Hubber, are not supposed to be in here. Why do they do it? They just bit their own lips and we had a visual of their faces...

We don't worry, because we are not here for the money. Sadly, they have family (children) that don't know how wicked they are. One thing is for sure: getting people involved in their heartless and unethical game, will come back to haunt them. And we have Hubber friends that can attest and support what we are saying. Why do they do it? They better answer to themselves; we do not worry about them. Is life... and the show must go on!




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  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    If I can get you a job at NYU? I wish MARY! You are doing better in here, on your own terms and time. Thanks for your unconditional support!

  • tillsontitan profile image

    Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

    P.S. could you get me that job at NYU?

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Good evening VocalCoach, you are very welcome Audra! There is no end to this senseless feeling, and we just hope to avoid it and live a peasceful life. You have a good night!

  • vocalcoach profile image

    Audrey Hunt 5 years ago from Nashville Tn.

    Lord - There's no escaping the evil forces in this world. Evil is everywhere. I try to protect myself as much as possible by armoring my family and I with prayer. I don't understand the workings of an evil mind. When I see evil in action such as the recent Big Ezine or the Colorado shooting I get sick to my stomach.

    This is a thought provoking hub Lord. It is timely, needed and powerful. I will share and I thank you so much.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Thanks for the votes Gypsy. Certainly evilness is attached to our human condition. We can tell you though, evil can make us dissapear the way we are going. Wars, famine and narcissism are the main ingredients for a total destruction.

  • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

    Gypsy Rose Lee 5 years ago from Riga, Latvia

    Great hub. Voted up and interesting. Evil is something which scares me and makes me think of horror stories and movies. Knowing that there is actual evil in the world makes me sad. It's such a beautiful world and evil just spoils it. Passing this on.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    TillsonTitan, you have seen it all! We know that. We know you have experience life in a unique way, is all over your writing, and we admire your hubs. How can I tell you. You are a smart woman; you could've been easily a literature Professor at..hmm NYU or MIT. We know how strong you are and we thank you for being in here. Lovely grandkids you have. Wish you the best and appreciate your comment.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Hi there Always exploring, Thanks for stopping by! Most people agree that evilness is out there in different forms and shapes. The world is full of it. We cannot stay quiet when we know some people are getting hurt. Is like taking up for friends with the tools that our creator gave us. Now, they will switch things around to make us look like craze mad entities. They have been hit and they feel the open wounds. Thanks again!

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Debbie Brooks, God Bless you too. We have good memory and we know you have been hurt in here for being kind to people. Makes me mad that Writers with a family can hurt others so easily... and I bet you they go every Sunday to church. I wonder if they fear God... seems like they don't. But they are in here unfortunately. Always a pleasure to help you Deborah!

    @ KJForce, we have a mind and we just write on subjects that we find interesting. Others can work on the SEO, because they need to feed their own. We do not worry about scores or promised jobs. You always read our hubs, and keep track of us. We thank you deeply.

    @ Hi Kelly, you don't want people to mess with your kids. We feel the need to act, when we see things that do not go right. When we took the plunge against Big Ezine, we knew we were going to be targeted, and we know of things behind the scenes. Thanks for stopping by!

    @Penny of Heaven, sometimes parents of evil doers depart earlier than expected, so the response from the 'left behind' is to act evil. Blinded and all, they do not care about the world. They just do it! I see these people just harming left and right. Thanks for contributing with your wise response.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Morning Mike Pough, Thanks for that extensive response. Absolutely agreeing with you. Evilness wakes up every morning like an orphan child and start thinking of ways to cause harm to the good souls. You are a warrior along with Billy, and we applaud your effort. Thanks for everything you do in the name of righteousness.

    @ThatGrl, haven't thought that there is something wrong with them, but is a good way to explain it.

    @Moning Effer, Evilness dwells in the dark and is atracted by the like of the pureness of everything good. Your comments are deep and make a difference. Thanks for being such a smart friend.

    @ Curiad, evilness is around us all along. We need to be aware that this powerful energy is irrationally intelligent. The Bible gives it a name, and also tells us that this Satan is a fallen angel, that knew the word. He/she is mad through certain souls, and will find ways to keep causing deceiveness. Thanks for being on the look out!

    @ Billybuc, Thanks to you and your words we have taken this fight against evildoers as ours. The moment we mention children in the picture, that's when people take the issue as delicate as child abuse. Tainted souls that have descendants, who somehow will inherit some malignant feelings. We will stay alert and we know we are on the spotlight. Thanks Billy!

  • tillsontitan profile image

    Mary Craig 5 years ago from New York

    I love reading your hubs but just as I found Bill's recent hub difficult to read, I found this difficult in a different manner. Knowing evil exists and being confronted with it are two different things. It is up to us not to let evil overtake us...we can do that. We can knock it down sometimes just by ignoring it, others times we have to fight it like we did on HP when Big Ezine was stealing our hubs!

    I don't want to seem cliche by saying you've nailed it, but you have!

    Voted up, useful, awesome, interesting and shared.

  • always exploring profile image

    Ruby Jean Fuller 5 years ago from Southern Illinois

    Evil has been around us since the beginning of time and it will always be.. If we're hip we can spot evil and go the other way. You must be strong in this life to live and defeat evil..Well written piece..Thank you Joseph...

  • pennyofheaven profile image

    pennyofheaven 5 years ago from New Zealand

    I think evil people/spirits/forces were inherently good and were somehow lost in the dark for many different reasons then we might ever know. Reasons that if we ever explored or could explore, we might find evil is not as bad as people think. Have you ever thought that they pick on the good people because they perhaps have a brighter light than the not so good people? If you were in a dark tunnel and you see a spark of light, would it not make sense that you head towards the light? If there was inherent good then it also makes sense that once the light has shined on evil long enough it will eventually dissipate.

  • Deborah Brooks profile image

    Deborah Brooks Langford 5 years ago from Brownsville,TX

    Lord my friend. how true how true.. I can always count on you.. the truth will prevail.. and you always tell the truth.. There is evil in this world. even when you think that everyone is basically good and then something happens to hit you in the gut.. leaves you so broken and then and then.. oh well. The Lord God is beyond all of that.. I am so glad I have Him to help me and there are people like you and Faith Reaper to keep me strong.. God Bless you my friend


  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Marcoujor, Maria Jordan,

    You are here for a reason. Chnage is coming for all of us. We are not preachy to the core, but we are who you know. We have family that left us with the message empowered by the word. Thanks so much for writing about your mom! We cannot stop prasing her intelligence, and I want to say hi to MS. Sammy! Much appreciated for your sweet words Maria!

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago


    Do not worry. We love to have you around with your comments and your fun hubs. Thanks for leaving a meaningful comment, and see you again, soon I hope!

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Lucky cats, is the enternal fight between good and evil. The universe is balance due to opposite forces. Black holes are out there for a reason. Evilness is here among us to make our fight worth it. If opposite attract in nature, then negative minds will be around positive souls. Thsnks for the extensive response. You really capture the essence of this message. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Thanks to you Janine Huldie, Your clean spirit shines, wha t a wonderful great grandparents I see in front of me shaking my hands! Your lovely kids will remember them by reading our inspirations Thanks again Janine!

  • RealHousewife profile image

    Kelly Umphenour 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

    Hey Lord - you can't pay attention to people that have ill will. Those aren't very happy thoughts and who wants to spend their time thinking about mean things to do with your time? Not positive and unproductive and yep - gets ya nowhere!

  • kj force profile image

    kjforce 5 years ago from Florida

    lord de cross...evil is everywhere and it challenges us on a daily having a heads up we can overcome the negativity..Hear,speak,see,think positive and good karma will prevail...great hub from a fine humanitarian..

  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 5 years ago from Olympia, WA

    Look at the comments on this one! Wow, you seem to have touched a large thread of truth here Joseph. I do believe in evil as an entity...I have wrestled with this for decades, trying to figure out how people can act the way they do; how they can harm others the way they do. I have no answer other than the fact that evil exists and it has many faces and forms.

    Wonderful hub; thank you for the mention but more importantly, thank you for caring about people. I will always be your faithful follower because of your humanity.

  • Curiad profile image

    Mark G Weller 5 years ago from Lake Charles, LA.

    Lord as usual you create powerful thoughts for all to share!

    EVIL = denial of truth!

    The gloves are off here at my end and the fight is on.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Effer dear. God bless your heart! Is the message from the Big guy up there....don't know why I wrote it but is handed down to you... and peace will prevail when the muddy water moves away from our minds. Your loved ones are seeing a change in you...and that's perfect. We won't be on earth for long, so we need to do our best to leave good examples. You did good with your boys dearest PAULA.

  • fpherj48 profile image

    Paula 5 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

    lord....As another thought, perhaps.......if Good are attracted unwittingly to the Bad........Evil does NOT necessarily need to win out or overcome the good......This is a deeply negative thought.

    Just a question......but if GOOD is real, pure and unassuming......True Goodness is quite capable of demolishing evil and in it's place, bring some peace......Would you not agree?

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Hi there Faith! So wonderfully said. You have taken me back to an spiritual retreat with our creator. The mind writing this hub is not ours. We are just a tool, and we just abide. Your words are so true and we know evilness is running out of time. That demon is out there to destroy believers and good people that serve the maker. Thanks for those words and God Bless you too!

  • CloudExplorer profile image

    Mike Pugh 5 years ago from New York City

    Evil is due for a rude awakening Mr Lord you are 100% right!

    I sense that we have enacted in an all out battle with the all time Evil doer himself, and he's getting furious out there, and so as a humble servant of god I myself have joined the all time battle as well, and through worded form as you know.

    It will and shall stop, on and off of hubpages, and I will not rest until I see the signs of victory even if the clouds turn dark and dim, I shall continue to fight for the righteous peoples of this beautiful world with the greatest thoughts I can muster up, and I know you and Bill will be right with me, we are soldiers of this new age era of digital everything, and we are serving evil a heavy blow, and where ever it may try to hide.

    Cheers to the written wars against evil today, cheers to awesome word powers, and cheers to our God who allows us to have such a ability to stand up for ourselves, and the rights of others.

    Awesome Hub Lord, and a mighty one by all of its definitions it exposes to the globe about many hidden evils, that are sure to go extinct before us humans.

  • That Grrl profile image

    Laura Brown 5 years ago from Barrie, Ontario, Canada

    Looks like you have a typo in your title. I don't believe in heaven or hell but I know there are 'evil' people in the world. Some how evil doesn't seem the right word. It almost makes it seem they are not responsible for their own actions because there is something wrong with them, something else to blame for what they do.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Morning Josh! I guess you are fighting with the pillow. Thanks for jumping on this one! Evilness is around us. So present that can alter our spelling and make us look bad...just coincidence? Nah! Hope to see you around with your wonderful hubs! Thanks Pal!

    @Midget38 from Syngapore, You are right! they can bring me down on the score...haha! who cares! Some people will say: Lord going down to 88? That's weird. The thing is, people inflict evilness by quantum inertia and forget to stop. The world will never change for sure.

  • Lucky Cats profile image

    Kathy 5 years ago from The beautiful Napa Valley, California

    Good morning, Lord de cross. I have to admit, I think this is the first hub of yours I've read. I need to take time to read more. You've discussed some very interesting (and often apparent) observations. I have always wondered, 'why do (the "bad") certain "types" of people gravitate to (the good) their polar opposite when they KNOW that person is NOT like them? What I've noticed is that, repeatedly, how a person predisposed to a particular 'style' or preference in life continually is attracted to another who doesn't relate on that level, at all. Arguments ensue, discussions become heated but attitudes and values are not altered. Then, I realized, that "bad" is attracted to "good," probably, in an attempt to bring "good" down to the same level as 'bad.'

    I know this is a little crazy but, I think it is true. There Is a constant battle between good/bad, dark/light, innocence/maliciousness. Recent examples: Colorado shooting, Sanduski, others; Charlie Manson, etc. And the negetive, "evil" forces try, unendingly, to ''bring down' the angelic.

    Everything is polarized....politics, religions, war, personal modes of relating, even family matters...

    Very provocative, interesting hub...Now, I must read more of your writing, Lord de Cross..I see why many of my Hub friends follow you.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 5 years ago

    Thanks Tammy dear...the worse thing is that these "beings" have little kids around them. They should know that Karma is a real thing. We know who they are, and sooner or later they will fall! Evilness will be defeated. Actually those who know them, will turn their back on them. Just picture the last scene on the 'Ghost' movie: You will be swallowed by your own words...

  • fpherj48 profile image

    Paula 5 years ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

    Oh's so good to be back. I missed everyone.......and I also experienced "withdrawal," shame!!

    EVIL.....the worst of the four-letter words, IMO...and I see quite clearly, you agree!!

    It has been since the now and sadly, forever will be. Just trudge forward "Goodness"....keep a few steps ahead!! UP+++

    (hahahaha...Tammy, " a few fries short of a Happy Meal!!!"....that is cute!)

  • tammyswallow profile image

    Tammy 5 years ago from North Carolina

    I think Billybuc has us all in tears and wanting to conquer the evil of the world with that Spirit Lake hub. :( The evil in the world can be overwhelming and make us all feel powerless. I too have experienced this evil you bring up about hubpages. I have been voted down, flagged, have had people create fake profiles to generate the most childish insults. We can't be deterred by a handful of people who are just a few fries short of a happy meal. Great hub and look into the hearts of evil people.

  • marcoujor profile image

    Maria Jordan 5 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

    Dear LORD,

    You have an ability to stir the thought processes and I always have a desire to chat over a cup of coffee directly with you about some of these issues.

    I thoroughly appreciate how you ground the subject, with examples of how evil has been with mankind since the beginning of time.

    Yet, your words are empowering, giving us all the permission to carry on and look for the Guardian angels in our lives (plenty for me here in HubVille) and band together against the dark forces.

    LORD, you rule! Voted UP & UABI. Hugs, Maria

  • TToombs08 profile image

    Terrye Toombs 5 years ago from Somewhere between Heaven and Hell without a road map.

    What a very interesting and thought provoking diatribe against evil, especially lurking in and around HubPages. I need to appologize, I thought I was already following you and just found out that I have not been. Me culpa!

  • Janine Huldie profile image

    Janine Huldie 5 years ago from New York, New York

    I agree with the others about this being a thought provoking and very interesting read on evil, Joseph, especially after reading Bill's article yesterday. I am a geniunely good person by nature and still have a hard time believing the worst about people and our society. However I do know it exists and was appalled by the events that have taken place in Bill's article. Thank you for the further information here on the actual topic of evil and have shared and voted too!

  • Faith Reaper profile image

    Faith Reaper 5 years ago from southern USA

    Yes, evil walks the Earth seeking whom it may devour, and it will continue to come at us like roaring lions, as it knows its time it short, so it must do as much harm as possible. But it has not won, and the victory has already been won, and evil knows this. There is that unseen realm, those that we fight against, the evil in the unseen places as the His Word tells us. We can all fight evil by praying and with the sword of the spirit, which is the Holy Bible. Praying has even been shown to change one's brain for the positive. So, let's all pray against evil, and you are so very right in your first sentence, it hates that you have written this, and it hates that I am writing this comment. So, let's put on the full armor of God (the breastplate of righteousness, the helmet of salvation, the belt of truth and the sword of the spirit), as those flaming arrows will be coming at us. God bless. In His Love, Faith Reaper

  • midget38 profile image

    Michelle Liew 5 years ago from Singapore

    Thought provoking, and I do like what you've mentioned about those who deliberately vote you down. Not to worry, they'll get their karma! Thanks for sharing! Voted up!

  • josh3418 profile image

    Joshua Zerbini 5 years ago from Pennsylvania


    A very thought provoking article on the evil that surrounds us daily. I was as well obviously appalled at what I read in Billy's hub yesterday. I am sure we all were. This inhumanity needs to stop; justice needs to be served! I pray that it happens soon; too many innocent people are being hurt. Evil is lurking around every corner.

    Thanks for another eye opener into the inhumanity in the world.

    Definitely sharing this with my followers immediately.