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The Gospel Cat

Updated on April 7, 2018
Jerry Hulse profile image

Jerry started in the trucking industry in 1978 and has spent most of his life on the open road as a Trucker Evangelist and Christian Author.

Cat Loves Anointed Preaching

This hub is based upon a true story however the names were changed to protect the privacy of the characters.

I had started a phone conference line that allowed drivers to call in and enjoy some fellowship, share their testimony and bring forth the word of God.

I decided to call this the unity line. I wanted desperately to get Paul the preacher involved in this work because of the anointing on his life and his ability to make the bible come alive with his preaching.

I needed his guidance and skill in training new ministers and especially to teach them how to enter in to the presence of God which Paul was able to do readily.

I believe it is because of the training he had received from Great men of faith which mentored him because they saw something special in him which could benefit the Kingdom of God.

Paul was known to spend long hours in prayer which showed up in his miracle ministry.

He was hard against the conference lines because of what he had witnessed through others who started them and seemed to be in disagreement with other ministries from the beginning who were doing the same.

He said, “Little Silas, you have been with me a long time and there is not much that I would not do for you but this is out of the question”.

I was relentless and kept asking and he kept saying no until one special evening.

I informed Paul that I had scheduled a special young minister to be my guest and I wanted him to listen in.

We had a mighty move of God that evening and Paul was touched by the young man’s hunger for the Lord.

We always allotted a time for those listening to make some comments after the message that we all may glean from what had been brought forth.

Paul started listening in as a silent listener without people knowing it but I knew who it was for I had access to the internet and could see his phone number listed as a guest.

Later, I informed him that he had been a frequent guest and he then admitted that he sensed that things were different and that God wanted to bless.

I finally convinced him to speak for me and the lines lit up, people were shouting, crying and wanting more.

This touched Paul’s heart and the Living God was using this time to heal his past hurts and use his knowledge of the bible to train others.

Paul received a text message on his phone from Charity who had befriended him during the Virginia revivals.

The text was a picture of her Persian cat who loved to hear Paul preach.

I would inform her when Paul was to speak and she would listen in.

Every time that cat would hear Paul’s voice, it would come running and sit by the phone.

Her husband Help called Paul one time at their local radio station and informed Paul that he would drive one hundred miles to hear him preach and he was like that up until the day that he died.

Paul can still remember the day when this call came through and how Help and Charity became a big part of his life.

Paul still remembers the first time he preached on this station.

He called the station several weeks after their initial meeting and Temperance put him on the air while they were talking.

He asked Paul to pray, so he did.

People started calling in wondering who is This trucker that is such a powerful preacher?

A few weeks late,r Paul was given a load to deliver near the area and called the station to let them know he would be available.

Temperance was enthusiastic and picked him up at the exit. Paul was unsure of his sermon topic and the LORD gave him a message from the Song of Solomon, “He Still Loves Me!” Temperance recorded the sermon, without Paul's knowledge, and later used excerpts of it as an advertisement for his future broadcasts.

The response to these excerpts was also very good and people responded over the phone and mailed several letters of encouragement and gratitude to Paul.

One letter from a local pastor said that she had to pull their car over to weep sweet tears of joy along with her mother after hearing Paul's sermon.

Later, Temperance became an ordained minister in Paul’s ministry and is presently well liked on his famous TV show where he picks his banjo and guitar.

He also showed up in Tennessee for the funeral of Paul’s dad.

Paul’s dad had been a past guest on his TV show. Help grew up with Temperance in West Virginia.

He loved Paul and would tell everyone he met that nobody could out preach Paul. I believe that Help and Paul had a connection because of the healing of Charity.

He called Paul to tell him that Charity was sick and needed prayer. Paul was coming through the area and agreed to pray for his wife.

Help picked Paul up at a local truck stop and brought him to meet his wife Charity at their home. She was in poor condition with heart disease and was not expected to survive long.

Paul prayed for her and she was miraculously healed. Help and Charity still testify that they would drive a hundred miles to hear Paul preach.

They were very moved by the “He Still Loves Me” broadcast as well. Help and Charity invited Paul to stay at their home while the Virginia miracle meetings were in progress.

The LORD led Paul to pray for each of these dear people sometime before the miracle meetings were held and Help was healed of cancer,

Charity was healed of heart disease and their granddaughter was healed of diabetes. Charity’s daughter, Courage, came to Paul with a prayer request for healing of her ankles and knees so she could attend church. Paul felt the jolt of Spiritual virtue running down his arm into her ankles as he laid hands on them and prayed.

Paul was showering around an hour later and heard excited shouts downstairs.

His curiosity aroused, Paul dressed quickly and descended the stairs.

When Courage spotted him, she asked him to stick his finger up and move it from side to side. He played along and she let out a shrill of praise and ran through the house on her newly healed ankles.

Help and Charity explained that she had been in an auto accident.

She was an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) riding in the rear of an ambulance when the driver fell asleep at the wheel and hit two parked cars. Courage ran back through the house shouting that her eyes were free!

The accident had broken nearly every bone in her body and her eyes had been left paralyzed from the ordeal. Her recovery took many months and her knees, ankles and eyes had remained damaged. Her fixed eyes had kept her from getting a driver's license and from any gainful employment. She fully recovered after Paul's prayer and was happily married.

Courage’s daughter, Promise had terrible grades and hated school.

She had problems concentrating and was failing her classes.

Her mother’s near fatal accident had traumatized her and Paul felt this was part of her problem. The Holy Spirit told Paul to pray for her and tell her she was going to college with the continued direction of the Spirit.

She graduated among the top of her class and is now enrolled in college with a major in psychiatry.

It appears that Paul had one the love of this whole family and later the gospel cat. Before Help’s death, his daughter had brought this cat home and Help did not like cats.

But during his time of illness, this cat became his bed buddy.

The cat would visit with him on his sick bed and lay beside him. He would stroke it and tell it to come closer that he might turn its fleas over. The cat was with him when he died and some believe his spirit is in the cat.

I do not believe in this nonsense but they tried moving the phone one night when Paul was preaching and the cat got mad and knocked it off the chair and on to the floor. Charity also informed me that if Paul would let someone else speak in his place and there was not much spirit in their preaching, the cat would shake its head and run away.

Paul decided to stop by and visit Charity on his way home after his dad’s funeral.

The cat would usually come running and sit on the table beside Paul but not this time.

It must have overheard Paul tell Charity that he was refraining from the conference lines that he might devote more time to write Christian books because when Paul approached it sleeping in the next room, he did not receive a welcome.

The gospel cat stared at Paul then turned over and ignored him. Charity said that it was mad that Paul had quit preaching on the unity line.

You may not believe it but this story is factual and Charity can prove it, with her pictures of the cat listening to Paul preach.


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    • Jerry Hulse profile imageAUTHOR

      Jerry W Hulse 

      6 years ago from Kingsport, Tennessee

      This cat has funny looking eyes!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 

      6 years ago

      Sweet story. I believe your gospel cat did understand and could tell the difference in what it heard. Lots of wonderful inspiration written in this hub. Be blessed today.


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