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Excerpt #3 From 'Fiefdom 17'... Currently Being Written By Verily Prime...

Updated on July 23, 2013

Excerpt #3 From Fiefdom 17…

Continuation From Excerpts #1 and #2 From Fiefdom 17: PLEASE READ The Earlier Published Excerpts 1 and 2 to Familiarize Yourselves With The Saga So Far.

The sea below is becoming choppy… signaling inclement weather moving in – if not inclement weather, at least Monsoon-like-rainfall, which is why Goshen, and, as a matter of fact, all of Fiefdom’s 17 is the bread-basket to all of the thirty-seven Fiefdoms that make up the Dragon Lords' kingdom. It is over the Goshen seas where Dragon Dame Nera is currently zigzagging… so as to avoid the shot gun blasts being fired from the stranger on the glider… and now both combatants are about seventy yards apart. And though Dame Nera is zigzagging on her dragon, and is blasting away at the glider… it is the same zigzagging causing her to miss the glider, which is faster and more maneuverable, unlike her dragon. Dame Nera’s dragon too is spewing hot flames at the glider and its rider… the dragon’s blasts are borne out of vengeance for its fallen dragon comrade that was blasted and sent to its watery grave by the stranger on the glider. Like Dame Nera’s shots from her weapon… her dragon’s flames are missing too because of the dizzying zigzagging and also because the dragon is rather cumbersome compare to that of the sleek glider. Dame Nera suddenly pulls on the reins of her dragon and both stop in mid air… with only the dragon’s wings flapping now and then to keep both aloft… the mysterious rider has his glider hovering across from Dragon Dame Nera… his shotgun is aimed at her and her dragon… but he is not firing - both rider/glider and Dame Nera/dragon are parallel to the Goshen sea shorelines….

Dragon Dame Nera: “Who are you?” Do you know who we are?”

Mysterious Stranger: “Don’t you mean who I am… singular…?” (He points to the area of the choppy seas where Dame Nera’s partner and his dragon had met their respective demise).

Without much movement, Dame Nera’s weapon seems to go Super-Nova in brightness, while firing at the same time at the mysterious rider/glider. The lightning bolt catches the mystery rider somewhat off guard, but, nonetheless, the glider dives out of harms’ way - but the sudden movement of the glider causes the shot-gun to fall from the mysterious rider’s hands to the waters below. Dame Nera and her dragon seize the opportunity and pursue the mysterious rider. Again, the glider easily outruns Dame Nera, and, it is as if now that the mysterious rider was toying with the Dragon Dame. The mystery rider, after diving and losing his shotgun…, meanders his glider around to face Dame Nera and her dragon… again both Dame Nera and her dragon are blasting away to no avail at the mysterious glider. Some of the blasts from the dragon and Dame Nera are hitting the waters… some are skyward and dissipating. Sometime, during the battle… some of the denizens living on the shorelines and beside the food silos are watching the relatively distant fight between Dame Nera and the mysterious rider in black.

Back with the action, the mysterious rider decides to come directly toward Dame Nera and her dragon, while maneuvering at the same time… so as to miss the blasts coming from his opponents... half the distance between Dame Nera and the mysterious rider… he positions the glider straight down, while gaining speed and instead of playing ‘chicken’ with the top of the waves… and pull up… he actually goes down beneath the waves… so much so that from above neither Dame Nera nor her dragon can see the mysterious rider or his glider anymore. Dame Nera and her dragon, instead, are hovering and looking down at the waters in momentary confusion and disbelief… but Dame Nera’s dragon regains its composure and starts blasting the area where the glider had submerged – Dame Nera weapon then comes to life and she too starts blasting… the surrounding waters where Dame Nera and her dragon are targeting is at a bubbling boil.

There is a Dusk-like ambience now surrounding the watery battle theatre and the only illuminations are coming from Dame Nera’s dragon’s Inflame, crimson eyes. And as quickly as the mysterious rider dove his glider into the Goshen sea… so too he appears from it… but directly under Dame Nera and her dragon… Dame Nera and her dragon do not see or have time to react to the mysterious rider and his glider. We see the water dripping off the glider and rider… he is wielding a glistening white Obsidian sword, which, he must have had on his person, and, which stands out from his all black attire and matching glider. As soon as the mysterious rider knew that his sword could reach the stomach area of the dragons – he slices… like a sharp knife through butter… there are god-awful banshee-like growls as Dame Nera’s dragon’s bowels come pouring out involuntarily into the sea below…. In the interim, Dame Nera is thrown from her dying Dragon, which, in its final gasps, spews fire balls wildly in the surrounding waters. The glider is now floating above and the mysterious rider is observing the chaos he had just caused…. he unbuttons his black coat and sheathes his Obsidian sword and then re-buttons his coat… and, once again, he is that dapper black mysterious stranger… with every stitch seemingly in place. Dame Nera is swimming… she is surrounded by a light because her weapon is glowing white hot and the light it provides is much brighter than the lights emanating from those of the hovering glider… she aims and fires upward, which causes the mysterious rider to easily moves out of the way of her blasts.

The mysterious rider is zigzagging… mirroring the same maneuver that Dame Nera had used earlier… only the glider’s penchant for speed was far more superior. The mysterious rider reaches Dame Nera in a jiffy and he uses the bottom of the surfboard shape glider’s bottom to strike Dame Nera on the side of her spaniel shape shell head… she is face down in the waters and her weapon attached to her appendage on her right hand has lost half its glow…. The glider pulls aside… the mysterious stranger is careful… fearing that Dame Nera is playing possum… The mysterious rider reaches out and violently rips the appendage that attaches Dame Nera’s hand to her weapon…, which causes a blueish/darkish fluid to flow from Dame Nera’s right hand, which the mysterious stranger collects in a phial and secures its contents in his boots. With the weapon severed from Dame Nera’s hand… the mysterious rider lifts Dame Nera from the water and the glider takes off vertically… and the wind generated brings Dame Nera back to semi-consciousness… she still tries to fight… but her injuries would not allow her the fight that could have been had normally from a Dame Dragon Lord. The mysterious stranger maneuvers his glider toward the shoreline, and elevates to about fifteen feet. Incidentally, although it should have been curfew for the denizens… they were still looking up at the mysterious stranger and what was once to them his invincible passenger. Truth be told, the denizens were happy to get an up close audience since they could not see the fight between Dame Nera and the mysterious stranger when it was happening farther out at sea.

Some of the denizens are asking: “Who are you… are you John Mark resurrected!”

Some are murmuring… admonishing… and feeling ambivalent about the blow-back that will surely comes from the Dragon Lords…

The mysterious stranger hovering on his glistening black wet glider… Dame Nera is lying face down… taking up half the area of the glider… Dame Nera has been relieved of her gravity boots… she is still groggy and still semi-conscious….

Dame Nera's eyes are glazed over and in a whisper: “Who… who a-r-e y-o-u…?”

Mysterious stranger: ”Tell Anak Nye… I am Uba Petra!

Uba Petra then rolls Dame Nera off the hovering glider… and as she is falling to the ground below… we hear the citizens who are gazing up… gasping….



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