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Exciting Books That Little Boys Love To Read

Updated on August 17, 2014

Exciting Books That Little Boys Love To Read.

Exciting Books For Little Boys.
Exciting Books For Little Boys. | Source


How To Get Your Little Boy Excited About Reading Starts By Reading Adventurous Books.

Most little boys would rather indulge in outdoor sports, ride their bikes, or play video games in place of reading a book.

Research shows that reading to your child daily is a necessity, in order to enhance their communications skills and academic future. Teachers recommend that parents should read to their young child 20minutes a day to build fluency.

However when it comes to hyper little boys how can a book capture their attention? One of the methods that a parent can use is reading to your child before bedtime. In most cases reading calms the child down before bed. As time moves on your child will look forward to reading time on a nightly basis.

Listed are five highly recommended books that little boys love to read.

1.) No, David!

No, David By David Shannon

No, David! is by author David Shannon. The authors mother sent a book that he'd made when he was a little boy. entitled, 'No, David' Which happened to be the only words he knew how to spell in his early childhood stages.

Little boys will be able to identify with the challenges that David faces in this book. And all little boys can identify to the word no. Which makes this book exciting and easy for young boys to relate to.

One of The No David! Versions

2.) But I Waaannt it!


But I Waaannt It! By: Dr. Laura Schlessinger's

Little boys will be able to relate to the situation little Sammy creates. All little boys have their public melt downs. This book paints a mirror of how unattractive a temper tantrum can be and that having everything you want in life is not a realistic situation.

Just Shopping With Mom

Just Me And My Mom By: Mercer Mayer
Just Me And My Mom By: Mercer Mayer | Source
Just Me And My Dad By: Mercer Mayer
Just Me And My Dad By: Mercer Mayer | Source

Just Me And My Dad

The Mercer Mayer Collection

3.) Just Shopping With Mom By; Mercer Mayer. Mercer Mayor has a collection of books which features Little Critter stories. Little boys can related to the character. The ongoing history provided through the love of family relationships help young boys to understand their feelings and the bond with their parents. Just Shopping with Mom features Little Critter on a shopping trip with his mom. During his trip he learns what he can and can't do inside a grocery store.

4.) Just Me And My Dad By: Mercer Mayer. This is another Little Critter book in which little boys can relate to camping with dad. In the book Little Critter bonds with his dad on an overnight camping trip. Fishing, building a camp fire, and pitching a tent are featured in this exciting book involving a father and son relationship.

5.) Alexander and the Terrible Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


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Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day By: Judith Viorst

Author Judith Viorst captures the essence surrounding the characteristics of a little boy. Alexander knew it was going to be a terrible when he woke up with gum in his hair, kissing on TV, lima beans for dinner and the bad list of events goes on, making this story an entertaining and understandable masterpiece for young boys.

An Unlikely Version Of This Film Has Come To Life On The Big Screen

The List Of Exciting Books Goes On.

The list of exciting books for boys is an endless journey of excitement. PBS has dedicated a site which encourages young boys to read. The insightful educational site features exciting book for boys of all ages.

Encouraging young boys to read opens up a world of ongoing opportunity and adventure.

Happy Reading!

Emunah La-Paz


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