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Expectations of a Weary Universe

Updated on November 26, 2013
Difficult life from Zaid Sammeer Jihad
Difficult life from Zaid Sammeer Jihad

Expectations of a Weary Universe

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

I supposed that life would treat me well,

soothe my wounds and in fears dispel,

after all what gain would suffering and torture be,

for omniscient eyes to want to see.

But life owes nothing beyond itself,

it is we who determine and no-one else,

but circumstance is always delivered freehold,

for us to deal and in trial become whole.

So judge I must not what ensues in life,

for we all contribute in this trouble and strife,

managing all what circumstance bares,

in the best way we can, intentions spared.

How often we find comfort in the pursuit of blame,

the universe for our tragic lives the same,

when all we can do is do our best,

with what we have and in faith invest.

For life owes nothing but gives a pristine fresh page,

for us to write our lives and by our actions make,

connections with all that matters at end,

those we love and our passions commend.

For the pain as consequence of our path in life,

lessons are born even in the darkest night,

and it is our soul that learns to fly despite,

what a weary universe can offer in path and plight.

Universe in my hands from Lauro Roger McAllister
Universe in my hands from Lauro Roger McAllister

We are the key, the answers to all our questions, the solution to all our problems and the intellect to take life and make the very best of it.


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