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Fearful Of The Mind

Updated on May 9, 2018

Who tells the story?

"Reality of a Paranormal Fairytale"


By reading the title, you might think it's some love story about the undead. It's nowhere close to that.

This book was written in 1st person point of view, which gives off a narrated perception. The author wanted the reader to see the story through the character's eyes instead of someone else's.

When the main character (Lilliand Hollow) was much younger, she was bullied hard. Anger and sadness filled her core and then decided to experiment with dark magic. A spell book found upon her mother's bookshelf collecting dust. As she began to read every page without knowing what she was getting herself into. By accident, she read aloud a page of the jinxed book. Not knowing her consequences of dabbling with spells. She conjures up an inner bully, possessed by something evil.

At first she's unaware of what's been haunting her. The first signs showed themselves as constant negative thoughts. That's all she believed they were.

Later, she realized something isn't right when a nightmare becomes repetitive. It's a dark and eery place with a door in the middle of nowhere with a secret message yet to be told.

Her choice was to keep it all a secret, strictly because she feared being called crazy and to render the traumas in her past.

All she wanted in life is to live normally without the voice in her head. Her actions showed how much she just wanted to be the best mother/wife she could be. The main character starts to lose her sanity in the midst of watching her son grow.

She then contemplates harmful ways as a means to escape the dreadful mind games of the evil pessimist living in her head. The people in her life play an important role keeping her from making the worst mistake possible, nothing can control a person's time but time itself.

She chooses to keep living her life, suffering from the conscience that is no longer hers. It's life or death when it comes to running from herself.

The Cover

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Who is it rated for?

The 1st of a 3 part series. The genre is fiction and goes into details only meant for a mature audience of ages 13 and up.

My 1st beginning: Bullied

"It's a type of cinderella story, with a twist"

author Leighanna Havard

An Underlying Message

The moral of the story is to make it known about the demons, which some people face in their daily lives. They're what causes them to think dangerous thoughts and the way they react mentally about certain situations.

The author chose to do things differently with this type of story. She wanted to make it seem not so easy to find love because in reality, it isn't. You walk with her through her heartbreaks, her happiness, her traumas; pretty much her entire life is laid out in front of you, literally!


What makes it "book worthy"?

Unlike your known fairy tales, this one doesn't go the "happy ending" route. It goes beyond what happens after the character finds the "love of her life". You find out about her insecurities and her fears. You learn about the things she loves the most and how genuine she really is. Her journey is an emotional roller coaster in itself.

To say it's worth the read is just one's opinion, everyone likes what they like and not everyone has the same taste in what they books!

To be continued...

The entire series is still in the making and it's gonna be more action-filled and mysterious than this book. A love story will still be in the mix for the romance enthusiasts! It'll still contain a haunted journey to keep you glued in every detail.

It's said that the second book will not pick up where the first book left off. That part won't continue until the third book and some characters from this book will still be connected.

Rumors are that the series may have a spin-off about witches, introduced as the fourth book.


Fairy tale
Love at 1st sight
Stabbed in the heart
Wicked antagonist
Evil voice/entity
Serial killer
Happy Ending
Beyond the "happy ending"
usually 1 or 2 survivors (main characters)

Fun Facts

The author and illustrator of "Reality of a Paranormal Fairytale" is Leighanna Havard. The cover was created years before she decided to write it! The painting was lost and now it lives on with the story she created. In fact, the painting did not inspire her to type it up.

She had no idea what the cover would look like when she finished it! She had a tough decision on what to use and after so many sketches and crumbled pieces of paper, then she looked through her photos of her artwork. That's when she thought her painting fit the story-line perfectly. It portrayed an entity and a grave. Her next challenge will be to decide what to use for the next books to come!

She enjoyed every minute that she spent writing this book. It opened her own eyes to a whole new view at life. It made her realize the things she could accomplish! She taught herself a lot from just the ideas streaming from her mind to her fingertips! Of course her book started out as a one page rough draft, the rest of the detail was filled out strictly through her creative thinking.

In school, she loved the essays and other types of creative writing assignments. They let her escape the troubles and put her anxious mind at ease. Everything she wrote became visual to the mind, and she got so many compliments from her English/literature teachers!

RPF knowledge

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    • Leigha Havard profile imageAUTHOR

      Leigha Havard 

      4 months ago from TN

      My purpose is to introduce a new book to the world. It's unlike any stereotypical fairy tale written. It was made to show the daily life of anyone who find it hard to run from the bully in their head, the part of you that puts yourself down. It's difficult but you're not alone!

    • profile image


      4 months ago

      The title caught my eyes I knew I had to read it

      So when I finally got the book, I opened it and started reading it I couldnt put it down

      I related to the character and how she felt, it made me cry , laugh, and kept me in suspense...I cant wait to read the second one

    • profile image


      4 months ago

      I read this book in one sitting.


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