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Express love

Updated on February 1, 2016

Missing you


Desire to live and love

“I do not know where my life is going to take me,

Every breath is now a burden for me,

I do not know,

How much will I live?

Still, I beg you to please forgive.

I have nothing left to say,


I love you from bottom of my heart,

And I have loved you from the very start.

I am living my life just for you,

My life is meaningless without you.

I remain breathless the whole day,

And wait for just a single glimpse of yours,

But you come and go,

As if there is no one in the home.

I feel so weak within,

And have difficulty breathing,

I like nothing to eat,

With no one I want to meet,

I do not want to go out with friends anymore,

This is a burden I bore.

Wishing for a life where there is just you and me,

Small wishes to fulfil,

Hand in hand by working together,

And live free.

I want to go away from here,

Where there is no one around,

And we both can see ourselves with love sounds.”

Don't doubt my love


Please do not doubt my love,

I have loved you with all my heart,

From beginning,

And it will forever last.

I think of you every second, every minute and hour,

You are my life’s super star.

I do not know whether you will ever read my words,

But if someday,

You happen to read these lines,

Please smile and say in your heart,

“I love you”,

I do not know,

Whether I will be alive or dead on that day,

But I am sure,

This is surely going to satisfy my inner being.

Your one expression of love means a lot to me,

And it is difficult to explain what it can do to me.”

Self made love letters.


Why am I writing poems?

I have always been reading and writing. I do not talk much about my feelings. So, one fine day, I thought of putting every feeling into word. And to my surprise, I could write them well and whenever I used to send poems to my love, it actually used to touch his heart. And, since then I have been writing. I would like to say here, that my husband's love is an inspiration for me to write.

Every now and then I write. Feelings that come out on paper is unmatchable to anything. I have almost written poems for every feeling of mine. Whether it was a nightmare, or romance, or love within sisters, love for my kid, love for my grandparents, sad poems and many more.

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Happy birthday love


It is your birthday today,

With you,

I want to spend this whole day,

Close to my heart,

You always stay.

I know,

I cannot be with you,

I am dying to meet you,

This is true.

I can neither see you,

Nor can I give you a hug,

All I can do is,

Send this not of love.

May your birthday is filled with joy and fun,

May you achieve success in all fronts,

May you have many more,

I love you for sure.”

I love you

Good morning love

“Last night,

When I closed my eyes,

I saw a beautiful site,

With only you and me,

Holding each other tight,

It was a cosy night.

Then felt a sudden ray of light,

I opened my eyes,

I t was all bright.

Till now I can sense that warmth,

This is the best morning of this month.

A morning that is really good,

With a fine mood.”


You give me strength

“When I was low,

You came up with a show.

You stood by with me,

On our journey of life,

Where you became my husband,

And I became your wife.

Life had shown us various ups and downs,

But, to make me smile,

You always became a clown.

Sweetheart, that smile of yours,

Make me forget all my worries,

You are my heartbeat,

For whom I live,

And you are my best buddy.

When I panic,

You are so patient,

It makes me sometimes irritated,

And sometimes I laugh whole hearted.

You have always given me a reason to live,

And I love you the way you forgive.

You are the reason for my positive aspirations,

Without you, I can never come up to anybody’s expectations.

Sweetheart, our journey will not certainly end here,

And there is lot more to come,

Together we both stand strong,

Otherwise alone we would become.”

You changed my perception

“I was so alone,

Since, I was born.

Then you came into my life,

You gave me a reason to smile.

I never shared my feelings with anyone,

But you became a person with whom I could share.

I never used to care,

You became my reason to care.

I never ever loved anyone,

But you became the one whom I started loving more than myself.

You gave me your unconditional love,

And you taught me life’s twists and turns.

You changed my perception towards life,

You changed my life dull to bright.

Thank you for every beautiful moment that you have given to me.”

And we met.

“First time I saw you,

A feeling of closeness,

I felt for you.

A feeling,

That you are different from others,

Made my heart fall in love with you.

A feeling,

That you are the one,

Whom I was looking for,

Made me fall for you.

A feeling,

That you are the one,

Whom I can trust,

Made me mad for you.

A feeling,

That you will love me throughout my life,

Made me for you.

The best time for the day is,

When I talk to you,

When I spend time with you,

When you love me and I love you,

And the best part of my life is you.

I want to give you all happiness,

Because, when you are happy,

I am the luckiest person on this earth,

When you are sad,

I am the unlucky one.”

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