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Extensions for Writers Beyond Writing

Updated on May 16, 2011

Looking at the Landscape

I find it hard to believe that writers can say that they are without work. As a writer, you have been gifted with the ability to observe life and communicate about life in such a way that you convince people that fiction is reality. Surely, even when you are not directly writing, there is work that you can do regarding your writing that will showcase your writing abilities.

Use your writing abilities to share with others. Offer to show others how to write, whether for recreational or professional purposes. Show what you know in numerous ways.  Expand your audience both online and off line.  Use your skills to help others see your ability and agility with writing and publishing.

Teach What You Know

 Writers can teach others.  If you are a writer, you can use your education and experience to teach others.  You can do this in at least two ways: traditional and innovative teaching strategies.

  • Traditional: Put your English degree to some use and sign up to teach English and/ or English Composition at adult education centers, junior colleges or online courses.  Check with local community colleges and search online for teaching opportunities.  In some areas, all you need is your degree and a teacher's prep course.  If you seek to teach on a high school or junior high school level, you will need to take a state exam and go through the state-approved credential program.  The same with elementary school.  Also, you can look into tutoring programs that may need tutors for English, essays, and similar subjects.
  • Innovative:You may want to use your experience as a writer to share with others in specialized courses or workshops.  This may require you to market and promote your offerings online and in print.  Use social networking and email to promote what you offer to the public.  Include and attach a brochure about what you do with a short bio about you.

Show Others the Way

 Host a writing clinic.  Use what you know to inspire others.  Share your experience with aspiring writers.  Help them to understand the writing process and how to get publish.  In an age of do-it-yourself, you can serve as a resident expert in your community for helping other writers get together and share their ideas.  You can set up your events for online registration and develop an online video trailer or MS PowerPoint to promote your class.

Write and Share

 Keep writing.  Do not stop and get satisfied with the status quo.  Keep writing and write more and more.  Get your daily writing in throughout the day, in the morning, afternoon or evening.  Just keep writing and keep those ideas flowing.


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