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Extremism or Moderation?

Updated on October 2, 2012

Over there is a pretty flower bed surrounded by a rock wall
And a waterfall that is bemused at our amazement
You know it’s easier to tell you a flock of birds flew away
Than to describe them as trilling flutes and a clarinet
I wonder if you can hear what I see in the words
Maybe it’s best to walk outside and grow silent
The soft mud and hardened wood somehow relate
In their world my presence is nothing but violent
The quest to understand everyone is a failure
The middle of the road is a cowardly moderation
I can’t say I’ve ever been willing to die in vain
I avoid extremism even in the pursuit of revelation
Could I play the fool in return for a discussion about peace?
Or climb a tree and stand in the face of progress?
When I had nothing I wanted more
Now that I have more I long for less
To make a choice no matter the outcome
For an outcome no matter the consequence
And live with loss for the sake of principle
Requires fear during a cause rather than courage for expedience
I calculate every move to guard the pile that grows
And yet it could disappear as I sleep while I talk
I hope to choose my unreasonable conviction soon
And remove my shoes to feel the fire where I walk


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