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Eye of the phoenix

Updated on August 4, 2016


Driving in when the sun was high in the sky, her white Mercedes glistened in the rays. Daytime suited her best, when she was a child she was afraid of the dark and the burning nightmares that came with it. Her sleek and shiny hair flowed behind her like a black ribbon. Driving through the streets of her old town, Candia Falls, she could see how happy everyone seemed. Summertime in Candia was calm and many tourists flocked to the cities, but she moved away for that particular reason. The year she turned 18 she left for New York thinking she could start a whole new life. that idea was a hopeless dream she figured she might as well take the house she grew up in after her 'mother' died.

She pulled up to a house that was the largest in the neighborhood, and had already arranged to move in. She turned off her engine, stepped out of the car, and waited for the estate agent to arrive. As she waited, she waltz around the property for anything she could recognize. The grass had given up fighting with the weeds, which were knee high in some places. Her mothers home was riddled with neglect and abandonment, slowly she walked up to the door and read the name under the flower 'Sophitia Ann walker' back then she mostly went by Sophie. The wind caressed her cheek, swaying to and fro egging her to go to the back yard. Pushing through the weeds she managed to make it where not much had changed. The sand box was overgrown with dandelions and the tire swing no longer had a tire, just the indestructible nylon cord hung from the branch. a small wave of sadness overwhelmed her thoughts, to think the person who raised her wasn't even her real mother. Tia had found out about her origins when her 'mother' Evelyn was in the hospital with a fatal infection and needed a kidney. She remembered the doctors saying they could take her kidney as long as the blood type was the same. After the doctor came back with the blood type results, not only were they negative but there was no DNA match either. Evelyn cried while explaining what happened when she came to being her foster mother.

"Evelyn! please open up!" The loud pounding on the door made Evelyn jump off the couch and sprint to answer it. She quickly unlocked the door and pulled it open " oh my god Johnathan is that you? come in you're getting soaked" She pulled him in before he got drenched noticing he was carrying a large basket. " Hi Evee I know its late and its been quite a while since I'd seen you but I had no where else to turn to that I could trust. I made a mistake and I need your help."

"He told me he had no means to care for you and that you needed a mother, the only thing he would tell me about your birth mother was that her family was high class and wouldn't except you because she didn't marry your father. I'm so sorry sweetheart" Even though Evelyn kept it from her for so long she still felt like she had a good mother growing up anyway. soon she heard the sound of a car pulling up the driveway Slowly she turned and walked to the front yard as a man no more than 30 stepped out of a green Subaru hand outstretched to greet her. He stood about 6 feet tall and wore a gray suit with a magenta striped tie, his dark shaggy brown hair shined as the wind blew through it.

“Miss. Welkin I was so pleased to get your call. Not many people have been interested in this property, well living in it at least. As far as I know it is still being paid for every month by the gentleman who owns it.” he shook her hand firmly and gestured for her to follow him inside. She glanced at him cautiously, but followed anyway. She walked to the front door with him and watched him fidget with the keys. “Sorry I have so may houses I have to show I can never remember which key goes to what home”, he said frustrated. They stood there for a minute and Sophia glared at him losing her patience rapidly.
“Did you ever think it may be unlocked already?” she asked with sarcasm in her voice. Giving him a light nudge to move she opened the door with no effort at all. The man simply smiled and walked inside flushing red with embarrassment. As soon as she walked in the smell of bleach and cleaner filled her nostrils making her gag. hearing her reaction the real estate agent apologized
“oh right so sorry about the smell I was hoping it would have faded by now they needed to hit this place with bleach to kill the Smokey smell and the front room has been slightly remodeled along with most of the house. Uh come this way.” bringing her into the kitchen that had all new sink and counter space since she lived there. “As you can see we have made some changes since the fire destroyed most of the bottom floor” at hearing the word fire Tia stopped dead in her tracks.
“What do you mean? The fire only destroyed the front room” she stated. A man walked in and answered her question immediately.
“I asked them to in order to make this house seem more appealing to a buyer who actually wants to live in it. ”, the man in the business suit came up and shook the agents hand. “hello I am Johnathan walker the ‘quote’ partial owner of this house. How do you do Miss…” he held out his hand waiting to hear her name. Tia stared at him for a moment he wore a dark grey suit with magenta striped tie, his cleft chin and chiseled jaw made him quite handsome for a man likely in his forties.
“Welkin, Tia Welkin. Its nice to meet an owner who takes such good care of the property” Tia said sarcastically gave a small half assed smile then excused herself not bothering to shake the gentleman's hand. John made a small face at her rudeness and slowly took his hand back into his pocket.
“Well she seems like a nice young lady but she seems a bit withdrawn, although something seems off about her like how she knew the front door was unlocked, I know I always lock doors to houses when I am done showing them. I get this feeling that she knows more than she is leading on” the agent spoke quietly so he would not be heard. John stood frozen for a moment not really listening, trying to figure out who she reminded him of.
“ Look Charlie I know she seems a bit odd but she clearly just keeps herself at a distance from people. I felt her handshake or lack there of. that's why she is buying the house furthest from the neighborhood. the only thing is I fell like I know her, like she looks familiar. what about her background check?” John asked.
Tia could hear everything they said she knew she kept her distance she knew why, over the last few years anyone who got too close to her would get hurt in more ways than one. Having trust issues didn't help so Tia closed herself off for a while. Evelyn had told her that her father was Johnathan walker Tia thought to herself whether or not it was a coincidence that the partial owner of the house was her father.
Tia stood in the doorway of Evelyn's bedroom just trying to stay calm, eavesdropping from a distance.
The agent responded with a sigh of confusion while pulling out a single sheet of paper from his brief case "this was all that came back on miss welkin, not much of a background or even a family history. It doesn't make much sense for no family history to turn up unless she is using an alias or if she changed her name. Unfortunately law states that unless the client has told you outright there history we cant ask about it without invading privacy." Tia knew why the background check came up so barren since she had only been using the name Tia for a few years.

Johnathan glanced over the paper then handed it back " as long as she isn't a criminal I don't care who she is". shrugging, the realtor re organized his paperwork and took out a contract for both John and Tia to sign. Tia came back downstairs after cooling off " I would definitely like to purchase this house, is there some kind of contract I need to sign? oh and I would appreciate you not talking about my non existent family history behind my back." The realtor gave a look of surprise at her remark " um yes this is a contract that is a transfer of ownership that you both have to sign. then I have a contract just for you stating you will make monthly payments to the mortgage....." Tia held up a wad of hundreds interrupting him "this is the rest of the money owed to the mortgage the only thing I need to pay is property tax." Both Johnathan and the realtor stared at each other in disbelief slowly the realtor took the wade of cash from her " yes well um I'll have these checked for counterfeit and get these contracts processed. I will get to you at the end of the week with the deed. Both Tia and John signed the one contract and john walked the realtor out to his car. Tia stood in the doorway with a wave as the realtor drove away. "so I Guess we have nothing left to really discuss although there will be a tribute to Evelyn in the town square tonight if you would like to go. some of her closest friends will be speaking about her." Tia gave a shrug of her shoulders than explained she had a lot of unpacking to do "if I choose to go to the tribute I suppose I'll see you there won't I?" without letting him respond she slammed the door behind her. She knew he was her father but he didn't and the fact that he couldn't tell she came from him made her upset.

remembering what she wanted to do she ascended the ladder that led to the attic. when she was at the top all she could see was blackness it was too dark. Taking in a deep breath she held out her fist and slowly opened her hand, as her hand opened a small ball of fire flickered and danced in her palm. Ever since she was little she had a strange affinity with fire and discovered her power over it. the idea of using her powers at all made her nervous but she couldn't seem to remember why it frightened her so much. As her small flame flickered and lit up the attic she could see a box in the corner labeled 'Sophitia'. Cautiously she made her way to them. the box was small so it couldn't hold much in them, the floor board creaked loudly below her feet as she stopped in front of them. As she bent down to open the first box a spider dropped into her palm that held the fire giving her a fright. quickly she regained her composer knowing that if her emotions lost control so would her flame. the box was caked in dust and pieces of rubble.

Opening the box she slowly lowered her flame into it to see what was in it. the light revealed a teddy bear, a jewelry box and an envelope.

The envelope had pretty cursive writing on it when she read it it said Sophitia on the front. "hmm i wonder what this is." she said aloud while walking back downstairs. Sitting on her vinyl couch she opened the envelope and dumped it into her hand, out fell a silver chain necklace with a pretty ember colored eye hanging from it.



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    • yuzuki18 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      really yay i wrote this one a few years back too

    • khmazz profile image

      Kristen Mazzola 

      5 years ago from South Florida

      I think this one is my favorite so far! Right away the imagery is captivating! :)


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