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Ezine Articles WordPress Plugin

Updated on January 10, 2013

Ezine Articles Plugin

Submitting articles to Ezine Articles as just become a whole lot easier with the Ezine Articles Plugin for Wordpress. Check out the video at the end of this link, it's a simple video and very easy to follow, you'll have to write any new posts to suite ezine rules, post it to them and then put your links in where you really want them to go in your blog.

I've just submitted my first post from, The Cornerstones Guest House wordpress blog on to Ezine articles, it was really easy and only took me about 10 minutes; after saying that a have submitted a number of articles in the past and know most of the rules and regulations.

As yet it is just up for review as is the normal procedure, but I can't see there being any problems.

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Ezine Articles Plugin The Main Diffrence

I can't see there being any problems because one of the main differences is it tells you what your doing wrong, where as before you had to find out all the rules and regulations your self.
It also proms you to publish all your posts, so why not at two links a time.

I still think it's a good idea to familiarise your self with the editorial rules at ezine as it will enable you to submit a lot faster. If you've not publish anything on ezine before you will have to register for a user name and password code to enter them into the wordpress plugin.

You can enter four links in your article to in the body that can only relate to items that enhance your article and two in your profile, bio, or in there case the resource box that you can send to any where you like.

In a nut shell no promotion of any kind outside of the resource box.

What I had to Correct in the Ezine Article Plugin

So as I said I'm pretty familiar with the rules but I just took the last post I wrote in the Cornerstones Guest House wordpress blog which was about the Manchester United Football Stadium Tour; which is just three miles down the road form me, Hooray! United! United!, calm down.

I submitted the the post as it was, just to see what would happen because I new I had links in where they shouldn't be for ezine and, Well this is what happened.

The Ezine section appears on the right hand side of the dash board in wordpress, you just click on a post you've already posted as if your going to edit it, then fill in your user name and pass word in the ezine section; the post in selected automatically. You fill in your name and your login details, then select weather you want to use the keywords that are already entered in the post or manually enter others. This may be a little bug but when I went for the auto option it never worked but I entered them manually and it was fine. You then hit the verify button and if there's a problem a pop up box paperers and tells you why; some are self explanatory but others you really need to check out the editorial rules to understand just what they mean.

Example, Wordpress Blog Post Using the Ezine Plugin

For example because it was a blog post I had a promotion text link in the first few lines; in Ezine you not allowed to have a link above the fold, and because it was promotional it's not allowed in the body any way, so I just swipe the text and took out the link and it was fine.

I submitted it again and another box came up saying I had a text link with more than three words, which is another no no for Ezine, so I just cut the link down to three words and because it wasn't promotional it was fine.

As I said the resource box is where you add your pitch with two links to where ever you wish.
You can enter them in just ordinary URL format but we all know keyword text links are best and if that's what you intend to do it has to be in HTML which is just

<a target="_new" href="YOUR URL">YOUR TEXT</a>.

and that was it I recived an email with in two minutes and it's now under review, normal review time with Ezine Articles is anything from 7 to 14 days; lets see if they do it any faster with this new toy.

If I can help just ask

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    • profile image

      EBeasepay 6 years ago


      Here,This plugin certain brings the authority of Enzine Articles straight into my admin area of wordpress giving me more advantage with configuration Thanks.

    • 2Tony profile image

      Tony Casey 7 years ago from Manchester U.K.

      Hi Crsstrainer & Imuj

      The first clue is in the developer, ezine them selves.

      Ask your selves would they have created this if it was wrong to do so.

      The second clue is Wordpress, (what must be the largest platform on the web ) would they entertain it if it was wrong.

      Yes ezine are one of the most fussiest directories, however they also know that duplicate content is only negative if it is on your own site, i.e. you repeat the same thing on your own site.

      Remember ezine is there for people to use there articles (including the authors link) for content on their own sites, blogs ect; so can you imagine how many times the same article may be used if it's great content.

      Hope this is of some help to you both.


    • imuj profile image

      imuj 7 years ago from karachi

      yes it can not be original content if you copied it

    • profile image

      elliptical crosstrainer 7 years ago

      I’m a bit confused here! Would the content you post on your site get mirrored on Ezine Articles? Wouldn’t this get seen as duplicate content and aren’t Ezine the most fussiest directories when it comes to such things?