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Ezra Sage Poetry

Updated on February 10, 2017

Where Was I?

Where was I?

What could've been more important than saving a life?

Where was I when you needed a shoulder?

Where was I when you needed a friend?

Slipped down,

Then you were gone,

No sound....

But the sirens closing in.

And the tears of the ones you love,

Crashing down from up above.


How Did We Get This Way?

From days spent on the playground,

To rainy days indoors.

Who would've thought that there was so much more.

The world grew up and yet we stayed the same,

Age is just a number,

Age is just a pain.

As we found out who we were,

We slowly drifted away.

I genuinely hope,

You'll come back and find me one day.

But until that day arrives ,

I'll spend my rainy days outside.

Waiting for you to come home.


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