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FE Review Manual: Rapid Preparation for the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam

Updated on February 11, 2018

The Most Popular Book for the FE Exam

The FE Review Manual, authored by Michael R. Lindeburg, is the top selling test prep book for the FE exam. No other title sells more copies. Many factors contribute to making this the most popular book. First, those who use it endorse it to others; it is highly recommended. Second, Lindeburg updates his books regularly to match the format and reference books of the exams for which they are written. And, the extensive content of the book make it valuable long after the FE exam. It is the best FE exam prep book because it is a great, current, engineering reference.

Money-Back Guarantee

Sellers who have good products don't fear offering a money-back guarantee.

You must use the guidelines provided in their "How to Use this Book" section. The publisher, PPI, promises you will pass if you follow their guidelines. If you don't pass the FE exam, "we will refund the purchase price of the book, no matter where you obtained it."

You must provide them with four things (standard stuff here):

  1. name, mailing address, and email
  2. Original receipt for your copy of the FE Review Manual
  3. Proof you took the FE and failed (state board's letter, for example)
  4. The copy of the FE Review Manual you bought and used.

You must send these within six months of taking your exam. Mail to:


FERM Refund

1250 Fifth Avenue

Belmont, CA 94002

They will refund up to the amount of their own published price.

Cheaper on PPI or Amazon?

If you buy on Amazon or on PPI, you don't have to worry about exceeding their "published price." Amazon's policy does not permit any sellers to sell for a lower price anywhere else. If you buy on Amazon, you'll get a better deal. The price will be equal or cheaper. And, Amazon's free shipping requirement is just $25. PPI doesn't give free shipping until $350.

Note: Checked prices on 1 December, 2013. PPI price: $89 +shipping. Amazon price: $72.75 to $93 +free shipping. The shipping cost at PPI is $10.50 for 10-day shipping and $37.50 for 4-day shipping.

The FE Review Manual (and most NCEES approved calculators) are eligible for free 2-day shipping- if you join Amazon Prime.

If you buy on PPI, be sure to use the ppi2pass promo code.

Total Cost to Buy FE Review Manual, with Shipping

(click column header to sort results)
List Price  
Shipping Time  
Shipping Cost  
Total Cost  
2 days (Amazon Prime)
Amazon 3rd Party
shipped out in 1 day; speed unknown
10 days
4 days
2 days
Be careful when buying from an Amazon 3rd party. The seller promises to "ship" within 1-day. That is when it leaves their warehouse. They don't reveal the shipping speed (overnight, 2-day, etc.) Likely, it is 10 days, the slowest, least expensive for
The best FE review materials and sample exams- filtered, qualified, and combined in one place.
The best FE review materials and sample exams- filtered, qualified, and combined in one place. | Source

Which CBT Exam will You Take?

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Which Topics are Covered in the FE Review Manual?

There are 16 sections to the FE Review Manual:

  • I - Units and Fundamental Constants
  • II - Conversion Factors
  • III - Mathematics
  • IV - Statics
  • V - Dynamics
  • VI - Mechanics of Materials
  • VII - Fluid Mechanics
  • VIII - Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer
  • IX - Transport Phenomena
  • X - Biology
  • XI - Chemistry
  • XII - Materials Science/ Structure of Matter
  • XIII - Electric Circuits
  • XIV - Computers, Measurement, and Control
  • XV - Engineering Economics
  • XVI - Ethics

The FE Review Manual includes many tables of values. For example, Young's Modulus of different metals, a pressure:enthalpy chart for refrigerants, and others. However, be sure to locate all these things in the NCEES electronic Supplied Reference Manual. That is what you will have on your FE exam. So, familiarize yourself with the NCEES reference.

NCEES Approved FE Exam Calculators

The best of the NCEES approved calculators. The CBT exam computer has an on-screen calculator. But, a hand held is easier to use and you won't have to look up from the reusable paper during your calculations.
The best of the NCEES approved calculators. The CBT exam computer has an on-screen calculator. But, a hand held is easier to use and you won't have to look up from the reusable paper during your calculations. | Source

Buy a Calculator Immediately

While preparing for the FE exam, you will be working a lot of calculations. Some of the questions on the FE are about knowing terms. But, the majority of the points will be earned by performing a calculation.

Improve your test performance by mastering your calculator. You can save time and frustration by making use of your calculator second nature and automatic. You don't want to draw attention and focus away from the problem at hand. If you can't locate a function key, the search can sometimes occupy the mind so it drops numbers. You'll have to return to the problem to recreate the mental path to a solution. That costs time.

Invest the time to learn your calculator during your study sessions. You don't want to lose even a minute or two during the exam.


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