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Fiction Stories That Will Keep You Coming Back for More....

Updated on October 12, 2016

Waiting To Read a Good Book

Bad Luck.....


It was a hot summer day in miami florida people getting ready for work and summer vacations the Lawn is getting mowed by the neighbor but there's a lady by the name mrs.holloway she is very Mean ,people never speak to her they just walk past her home as if no one lives there.the kids in The neighborhood picks at her when she comes out to get her newspaper and check the mail Box.they throw rocks at her house and kicks her trash can over,until one day when mrs.holloway Goes out to get some groceries but when she returned her house was burned to the ground she Gets out the cab and drop to her knees an starts to of the fireman Comes over to help her up and ask if she have some place to stay or does she needs shelter For tonight.mrs.holloway tells the fireman she's gonna call her friend who lives in indiana so That she can pick her from the airport. mrs.holloway bought her plane ticket an board the Plane to indiana settled down in her seat an relaxed as the plane took off into the sky.but Before she got on the plane her flight was delayed for two hours because of the inclement Weather in she sat and waited patiently as if nothing happen back in florida.the Captain spoke over the intercom to let everyone that the plane should be landing shortly but Before he could land the plane the back wheels would not let down so the captain radio for Help to land the plane and then spoke on the intercom to let everyone know on the plane to make sure there seat belts were on and not to panic. the captain made sure the stewardess Help everyone an assure that the plane would land safely.the captain said that everything was Under control but as he was speaking one of the stewardess yells it's fire coming from the Bottom of the plane where the bags are the lower level of the plane. everyone starts to Scream and run to the front of the plane.

chapter 2

The stewardess on the plane told everyone on the plane over the intercom to put on their Oxygen mask and then put there head on their lap for safety reasons. mrs.holloway was Scared she tried not to think about anything bad that would happen next.the captain hollar Over the intercom that the plane is gong down everyone screamed once again but it was to Late the plane crashed into the ocean near indiana.there were few survivors which includes Mrs.holloway who had a few cuts and bruises from the plane crash. mrs.holloway was helped Out the water by the coast divers and was taken to the hospital by the ambulance so as she Gets released from the hospital she calls her friend to let her know to pick her up from the Hospital thirty minutes later her friend, sherry pulls up and mrs. holloway gets in the car with Her bags hi! mrs.holloway how are you say's sherry sorry for getting here so late the traffic was bad on the Way up here. we'll be home in fifteen minutes i fix dinner hope your hungry! but as sherry Drives across the bridge her car starts to shake and a tire blew out sherry screams! the car Skid across the bridge and hit the side railing as she stops on breaks. mrs.holloway are you Okay! yes" sherry im fine can you just get me to your house without killing"me i have been Through enough already im tired i need some rest. yes! mrs.holloway i'll get you home but it Wont be in my car i need to call a tow truck to get us and the car home. as they wait for the Tow truck they catch up on old times.

Bad Luck


The tow truck pulls up and the guy gets out to look at the car then pull the car to the house Sherry and Mrs.Hollway got into the tow truck and he pulls off to take home. both woman got out and enters the house Mrs.Holloway sits down on the living room sofa.meanwhile sherry walk to her bedroom to get out of her dirty clothes she had on from earlier,then she goes into The bathroom to take a shower to freshen up for dinner after she was done sherry comes out Her room and prepares dinner.sherry ask? Mrs.Holloway do you mind setting the table for me The dinner plates are over in the china cabinets Mrs.Holloway walks over to grab two plates And place them on the table.sherry comes out the kitchen with a tray of food and serves the Both of them.Mrs.Holloway ask? where is your daughter shantae should'nt she be home for Dinner it's getting late,sherry responds! she's at a friends house until tomorrow but how are You doing now that your in indiana,you never told me what happen back in florida sherry says Mrs.Holloway replies'' i dont wanna talk about it then gets up from the table and says where Should i take my bags im sherry gets up from the table and show Mrs.Holloway to her Room but as she was walking sherry tripped over the area rug and twist her ankle when she Fell to the floor. sherry screams! Mrs.Holloway please help me im hurt! Mrs.Holloway replies'' Who do you think i am ,you know i cant help you up if i do that then we both gonna end up Needing help i'll call an ambulance for you.sherry says i dont need an ambulance i need you To help me up you know what never mind i'll crawl to my bedroom. so sherry crawled to her Bedroom and pulled herself up on the bed and proped her feet up on the pillow.Mrs.Holloway Decides to go to bed after a long day then sherry wraps up her ankle and go to bed also.

Bad Luck

chapter 4

The next morning sherry's daughter shantae walk in the door and walks to her mother bedroom Hey! mom what happen to you,sherry replies" i think i sprained my ankle i was showing my friend Mrs.Holloway to her room and the next thing i know i tripped over the rug.and you know what's Funny for as long as i could remember this has never happened. but im okay it's just a little Swollen,shantae say's well im glad your okay are you hungry mom sherry replies! no baby im Fine go ahead and fix you something to eat okay then because im hungry my friend did'nt have Time to fix me breakfast because she did'nt wanna be late for work so i just came home. mom i think you should go to the hospital your ankle looks bad Sherry replies'' it's fine now go see if Mrs.Holloway is hungry so shantae walks to Mrs.Holloway's room and knock on the door'' are you hungry,Mrs.Holloway replies no im not i'll Have something to eat later but thanks anyway ''okay'' says shantae so she walks away and Goes into the kitchen to put on a pot of boiling water then goes into her bedroom and gets on The's been 30 minutes since shantae went back into the kitchen,the pot she filled with Water boils out and catches on fire smoke then spreads to the dining room Mrs.Holloway Comes out of her room because she smelled smoke that she see's coming from the dining Room so she run outside to a neighbors house to call the fire department but by the time they Got there it was too late both sherry and her daughter shantae died in the for Mrs.Holloway she's at the police station being questioned for the fire that took place at her Friends house. the officer asked? were you in the house when the fire broke out,Mrs Holloway She replied! no i was not sir i was at a neighbors house so i walked outside to get some Freshair and that's when i saw fire coming from the house so i walked back in to call the Fire Department and that is when you all showed up, now may i go back to my friends house i Mean my neighbors house please! i have something to do. Mrs.Holloway leaves and go to a Pay phone to call her other close friend in California which she pays for a bus ticket for her to leave Indiana tonight.

Bad Luck

chapter 5

Mrs Holloway caught a cab to the bus station and picked up her ticket she waited for an hour before the bus came then she boarded the bus leaving for California.she arrived in California the next day Mrs.Holloway called her friend to let her know she was in town and for her to pick her up from the bus station. Mrs. Holloway sat and waited for two hours before her friend Mandy to pick her up from the bus station but finally she pulls up and takes Mrs. Holloway to her home so she can get unpacked and relax. Mrs. Holloway was showed to her bedroom where she would be sleeping until she find her a place to live but until then she will be living with her friend Mandy well for Mrs. Holloway she is thinking about how such a tragic accident happen to her dear friend,what is she to do her best friend is dead how could this have happen she said who could have done such a she unpacks her things from her bag crazy thoughts started coming to her about random people she have mistreated in her life.who could have killed all those people she says they were my friends i mean my family why she screamed out loudly why did you kill my them they meant alot to me they were all i had Mrs. Holloway laid back on the bed wit tears falling down her cheeks she cried until she fell asleep.

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  • Pollyannalana profile image


    8 years ago from US

    Great to have another story teller. Polly

  • DynamicS profile image

    Sandria Green-Stewart 

    8 years ago from Toronto, Canada

    MONTEZjW, the storyline is very interesting and you have explained the events fairly well; I could follow the plot. You however should be mindful of punctuations and use of uppercase letters. Overall, the stroy was great. It was interesting and captivating. Is this a horror story?

    Thanks for sharing.

  • nykiaW profile image


    9 years ago

    this story is good do you have any more dont keep us waiting.

  • country77 profile image


    9 years ago from THE BURG


  • eheverett profile image


    9 years ago from South Paris, Maine

    Great story. Looking forward to reading more.

  • aardrijk profile image


    9 years ago from Roswell, New Mexico Yes. THAT one!

    I love this!

  • country77 profile image


    9 years ago from THE BURG



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