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Updated on April 14, 2017


The Herculean of our generation we cannot be
Our western brethren smile at our lost
The wilderness became our home
All because we chased a golden mold

Even in the jigsaw of this world we are not one
Shame engulf our children’s mind
Effort made in wilderness of plenty
A cry for survivor is heard by no leaving

Rain of nebula rained on us
I have turned to a friend of no counterpart
My only companion hungry left me
As death became scared of me

I am immortal so I thought
But my friend my breath left in anger
Oh who will help me pay death?
Not even brother stone will borrow me his breath

Even stone that need no breath won’t give me some
Just because they know death is scared of me
Let’s for once pay to death what we owe
So to make a place for our offspring
Out to grassland must we go
Make peace with life and death
And become their fiends for once in life
Our white brethren will then welcome us

See what NIGERIA has faced for long
Dejection became our junction
When we became the best in defrauding Nation
Now we make a decision
Of leaving a life out of fraud And the we meet our flag flying high again




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