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FIT Scores. How does it Fit?

Updated on June 8, 2016

To each of us, the word learning is defined in many different ways. In the first week of class, I describe my definition of learning to be that learning is the knowledge and opportunity to enhance what you already know. I still believe that this is true because without learning you would not know anything. Also, if I was to need to explain to someone else what learning is that is what I would tell them. Learning is opportunity meeting knowledge to help enhance what you already know or to teach you something that you didn’t know.

My learning patterns typically describe me as a Strong willed learner. My learning patterns are as follows: Sequence/28, Precise/29, Technical Reasoning/29, and Confluent/23. Typically I am your standalone learner who prefers to work alone because that is what my LCI scores dictate. I strongly prefer to work on my own more than I do with other people and I am not a risk taker of any sort. I use my TR(29) pattern to help me figure out where I need to be and then use my P(29) score to help me understand the directions. Then I put my S(28) score to work to help me figure out the best order in which to get things done. I tend to avoid my C(23) altogether because I am not a risk taker.

With my unique set of learning patterns, I am better able to accommodate myself to how things need to be done. My Precise and technical reasoning are my two main learning patterns and they help me to get through the instructions of an assignment and the how it needs to be done pretty quickly. Then my sequence pattern becomes my strongest when I start trying to put some order into my disordered lifestyle. I have learning over the course of the past few weeks I have learning to use my patterns to the best of my abilities to make sure that each assignment is done as completely and as correctly as is possible.

With the unique combination of learning patterns that I have, I am able to be a bit more critical of myself and my ability to get the course work completed. When I first started out the class I was still avoiding using my confluent pattern and not willing to take any risk to get my work done. I would depend on my three use first patterns to help with getting through each of the assignments and then I learned that I could my three use first patterns and FIT my fourth learning pattern with some risk. However, not enough to make myself feel overly uncomfortable with what I was doing.

During the course of this class, I have learned a lot about myself as an intentional learning student. I have learned that with my particular set of learning patterns that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to as long as I take the time the FIT my patterns together and actually use all of them instead of just half of them. With what I have learned about myself and my learning patterns, I am able to move forward into my coming classes with the knowledge necessary to succeed. I am also able to use and fit my patterns into any coming situation with the knowledge that I have learned over the past five weeks.


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    • profile image

      LouiseTeach 22 months ago

      O.K., thank you. I think I would have understood parts of your article better, if I had known for what all of the abbreviations stood (for each different type of score).

    • Victoria Watts profile image

      Vic Watts 22 months ago from Metter, Ga

      Louise they are a test that help you to understand your learning patterns. I do not think that they are centered in any one particular state or country. I found out about them through my college.

    • profile image

      LouiseTeach 22 months ago

      What are FIT Scores? LCI Scores? I am not familiar with these exams. Are they for a particular state and/or country? I'm interested to know.