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Updated on September 10, 2012



I have cherished every breath I have taken since the day of your birth.

My red and tired eyes were the honours I claimed for the pleasure of your company

and I would accept nothing less.

As you grew older the light in your eyes became the joy in mine and I became

more and more elated as you began to dream and became excited by life.

As you learned and grew, I listened as you eagerly voice the expansion of

the knowledge that you have gained along the way.

It is my pleasure, my gift from you and my soul to share all that with you.

As life brings you challenges, I wept with you, I wept for you and I never stopped praying.

It is my right and I accept it completely, to form the grey hairs for your worries,

the stretch marks for your birth and the wrinkles that set in earlier than they should

I thank you for all that has accompanied your existence because your existence gave me life.

You gave me meaning, you gave me purpose for I would never have seen this beautiful side of life without you.

There are no words to express what you have brought into my life.

The simplicity that you may so casually assume is no comparison to the magnitude of your significant presence in my life.

I have never been more grateful for such wonderful blessing in my life.

I treasure you and I thank you for giving me you to treasure.

I have no regrets, not for the battles that I have had through raising you,

not for the fight and tireless work to supply your needs,

not for the aches and pain of carrying you,

not for the my aged face and tired body and finally

not for anything that I have missed out on or have left behind.

Therefore let me thank you for the joy you have brought me.

Let me thank you for allowing me to grow and change with you.

Let me thank you for giving me your hand to walk you to school.

Let me thank you for allowing me to bandage your booboo’s

Let me thank you for giving me a chance to read you bed time stories

Let me thank you for allowing me to dream through your eyes.

Let me thank you for teaching me that I am stronger than I thought I could be.

Let me thank you for letting me see the beautiful side of this world.

Let me thank you for letting me comfort you when your heart ached.

Let me thank you for teaching me understanding and patience and finally

Let me thank you for giving me life.

These moments are the trophies that I proudly place on the shelves of my heart.

Your eyes are a reflection of my own, your nose resembles the bridge on which mine is up held and your very smile sparkles with similar resemblance.

You have captured the inner depth of my innocence and displayed it with honour and grace.

I am in debt to you, for you show me better than I have shown myself.

The simple phrase form you, “I Love You Mommy”, melts icicles, climbs mountain and breaks barriers within myself for I would allow nothing to stand in place of me giving you my complete and undying love in return.

You allow me to rise and rise again each time I fall, until I stand so tall and firm that not even a hurricane could knock me down.

You remind me that I am not forgotten and that I am being counted on so that I never surrender or give up.

I know that you believe that I gave you life but to me you are my gift from GOD a gift so special and so necessary that you actually gave me life.

So thank you from my heart and my soul, Thank you my child for I could not have gotten a better gift from GOD.


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    • aykianink profile image


      6 years ago

      Awesome line: "...because your existence gave me life." Cool poem:-)

    • whonunuwho profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute to your child and what she has meant to you. Our children mean the world and all that is in it to each of us as parents. This is such a poignant and wonderful thank you to a dear heart and the love of your life.


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